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Submitted by HAILtoBO on February 29th, 2012 at 12:39 AM

@5thQuarterMatt The amazing #Michigan class of 2013 is about to get more amazinger. #youcanquotemeonthat


Before everyone goes to bed.... Be on watch alert. Hoke is out and pointing.

Edit: Mike McCray tweeted to Shane Morris "one of the top QB's in the nation"


turd ferguson

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My point isn't that this guy is an attention whore - or that people here can't figure out how to sort credible information from junk.  I'm making a more general point that there's a structural incentive problem now that anyone gets to be a reporter/analyst. 

Blogs are great in a lot of ways.  There are downsides, though, to moving away from getting news from journalists whose editors work to protect their employers' reputations.  If you don't have an established reputation, it's rational to blindly take some shots.  Hell, I think Brian is a very responsible voice, but I was first drawn to MGoBlog by a report suggesting that Kirk Ferentz was about to be hired by Michigan.


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How so?  He's right.  He'd rather have people build a reputation with solid work and information rather than random people creating blogs, making blind guesses, and gaining reputation, money, and credit from something that was a guess.  He wants educationed opinions and admits to falling for an internet opinion, this time it happened to be a knowledge and credible source though, which isn't the usual (though I don't believe Brian has an "inside" sources in the AD, especially about a coaching search).

Really though, how does complaining about modern reporting and journalism, make him an attention whore?


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making his announcement on the 8th.  He gave shout-outs to Dymonte Thomas and Shane Morris on twitter. Taco Charlton said the class is about to get even better, and he's good friends with McCray. Mike Farrel at Rivals also believes that McCray is a Michigan lock. I BKFinest it.


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Yeah, I agree McCray seems to be the most likely commit, but it would seem kind of asinine to say 'a commit is about to come' when the guy is going to commit in a week.  This makes me think one of three things (I ranked them in order of what I believe is most likely):

  1. McCray is going to commit, but the guy is jumping the gun by a week by saying he's "about" to commit.
  2. The guy is just making stuff up.
  3. McCray is going to commit earlier than anticipated
  4. Someone else is going to commit.
  5. ?????
  6. Profit.


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The two have been chatting on twitter. And like the above mentioned McCray was giving a s/o to sugar Shane and Dymonte via twitter last night. McCrays closing speed on the QB in his highlight tape is sick. Just speculation.


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This quote was included in Ace's recruiting post earlier ...

"Another player with U-M in his top three is Rancho Cucamonga (CA) CB Chris Hawkins, along with Stanford and Notre Dame ($, info in header); Hawkins said he grew up idolizing Charles Woodson, so he's obviously got good taste."

I think the poster above thought the player's name was Rancho Cucamonga, when it's actually Chris Hawkins.  I'm not suggesting Hawkins is the commit. 


February 29th, 2012 at 10:14 PM ^

Ok guys, I live here in Rancho Cucamonga and all 4 of Rancho High secondary all have huge offers. I hope we pull this kid as I watch him play yearly. It would be tuff because Stanford loves him too. We have offered a few kids in the last 2 weeks in this area. It's a hot bed for talent. If anyone needs anything out here or info o a certain kid hit me up.


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I could perhaps tell you if they've been on the phone jumping up and down and hollering. But alas, I don't. I also don't watch SM's tweets. Good thing I've finally found a real sage.


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is that this guy went and saw the ridiculous list of top prospects that have high interest in michigan and figured he couldn't be wrong in saying that. it's kind of like saying "I gaurantee with 100% accuracy that this class will end up being better than it is right now by signing day!!!"


ps. i always spell gaurantee(garauntee?) wrong. apologies to the grammar nazis.


February 29th, 2012 at 3:40 PM ^

I doubt these things are connected, he just posted that today, so a title like that isn't really that cryptic. If he had made that post a month ago, and just linked to it today, then that might mean something.