Commit Watch is on!

Submitted by jerseyblue on November 26th, 2018 at 1:44 PM

Evan Petzold from Wolverines Wire tweeted a few minutes ago that we are on commit watch and that this one is huge. My guess is Harrison is pulling the trigger.



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Joined 9 days ago.  Oh, buddy. 

I feel a certain sadness that you've drained these minutes off the counter-clock of your life to come here and kick people who are down.  Someday you'll be on your death bed, wishing you had just five more minutes to spend with your loved ones, to say a last goodbye, to hold their hands and tell them how much they meant to you, and... Those five minutes will be here.  Just sitting here, frozen in time; petty, and small, and misspent like so many others.   

Or is the joke on me?

Do you have no loved ones?

Man, I would have such egg on my face.


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Michigan needs a top 5 recruiting class. 

3 - 5 stars 

11 - 4 stars

best class for Michigan in a long time!

Hinton, Harrison, Perry and Hill on defense would be amazing! (Along with a healthy Solomon, Kemp, Uche, Paye...) could be special!



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I would recommend watching Chris Hinton's senior tape to anyone who hasnt. Yes he dropped out of 5* and fallen a good bit on 247 but the film is very good against good competition. Uses his hands really well, looks strong and has a decent motor. Def a DT in college.

I personally lost a bit of excitement over Chris' commitment because of the dip in rankings on top of commitments from Daxton Hill and Zach Harrison.


Now I hope Brohm leaves Purdue so Karliftis can join that line.


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Yes I do. OSU hit a couple big plays, yes.  Michigan sustained a couple nice drives that I thought looked like would make for a long day for osu. Nice runs, some good throws, some Patterson RPO, I also thought the big OSU plays would have stopped, like ND the second half or northwestern the second half.

Michigan Stalled out for a fg on the first drive. Gentry dropped the ball on second drive that was a TD.  That was a big momentum killer and a 4 point loss. (Which later added going for 2 points a couple times and failing).

Stopped OSU. 

Held OSU to a field goal when they got to the 10 yard line with some penalty help.

Michigan was up 1-0 in turnover battle due to the botched punt.



With that said...Michigan couldn’t continue in the second half. Lost the turnover battle 2-0 and had a blocked punt for a td.

osu did not stall and the plays did not turn out to be fluky, but were real. The third quarter is what got Michigan the most.


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I’d love for people to compare head to head, every starter for OSU and UM. There’s so much clueless blame on the star level of players, and so many times those clamors are for skill positions. Where was the head to head talent deficit match up? 2016 recruiting rankings: Top 5; 2017 rankings: Top 8.

DPJ is a 5; Tarik is a 4; Collins is a 4. Gentry is a 4-star. Evans is a 4-star who was part of a group that beat out a 5-star. Our WRs are as highly or more than there’s. Our DBs are highly ranked as there’s.

That Olave kid who scored twice on us in first half: a solid 3-star. 

Gary a 5. Bush a 4. Plenty of the back up LBs are 4 stars or were, but left. 

Long and Hill and Ambry, high 4s. 

It is coaching, not speed or lack of talent. 

Ruiz was the #1 center and a 4/5. Onwenu and Brederson are 4 stars. Winovich is a 4 star. 

It is coaching. It is the system they use to put talent in a position to succeed. It is year four and every damn position has either a 4 or 5 or a 3 who beat out a 4 or 5. It is bad playcalling and a lack of focus and intensity on The Game. 

But commence the circular debate because of the obvious that more talent means more chances for success at each position is genius and so new.

We have every position filled with a top 200 player in their year and people still whine about stars. 



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I do not disagree with you on the coaching. They are number 1 to blame in the OSU mess. 


But What were Gill, Watson, and Mettalus ranked? Then go see who OSU picked on. 

Why are we trotting out walk ons on offense? Why are we sitting our stud WR on 3rd and long? Why do we feel 3 middle of the road TEs are better receiving options


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Gentry was a 4 star QUARTERBACK not a damn tight end. Yeah he has size and speed but he also dropped a td in his hands (ripped out by a 5ft6, 170 lb guy mind you). He dropped a pass that led to the blocked punt instead of a first down. He also dropped another first down catch.

Gentry sucked. They picked on Gil, Metellus, Watson....all damn game. They didn’t even hardly get rushing yards till late 4th qtr. Throw towards Watson, sweep towards Metellus and cross by Gil.  Boom....osu offensive playbook.


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Since 2014 Michigan has a class ranked higher than OSU once. However, OSU has had an average of 3.88 per player compared to Michigan having a 3.48 avg(Bama has a 3.94avg). Osu has had 9 - 5 stars and Michigan has had 4. OSU has had 55 - 4 stars and Michigan has had 43. 

So since 2014 based on rankings from rivals...OSU has had 17 higher ranked players and has outranked Michigan in each class but one and has a higher overall avg for players. 


If people do not think recruiting matters, they are full of shit. Saban is not a great coach...look at his track record before recruiting south, sucked at MSU and sucked in the NFL.  Dabo Swinney had bad records of 7-5, 8-4, 7-5, 8-4 until he recruited better. Sometimes talent outweighs strategy.


Harbaugh needs to coach better by being more creative for college kids. I love Harbaugh and he is almost to a great point for sure! Go blue!


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The big turnaround for Saban, Meyer and Swinney is when they started paying more.   The Florida schools (Miami, FSU, Florida) got all the good players in the 80's and 90's and early 2000's.  Then all of a sudden Saban shows up at Bama in 2007 and they have had the #1 class for 11 straight years.   Georgia, with a Saban disciple, has now jumped into the top 5.  Ole Miss with Frieze tried to get into the club, but they booted him out.  As long as the NCAA allows this to happen, and they will because of the dollars involved, you will continue to see the same teams in the CFP.