Commit watch?

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Tweet from Commit Giles Jackson heralds good news...


Oh yeah.. #Goonsquad19 ? We adding to that on Saturday 🤣〽️🕺🏽... Commit watch ⚠️ 



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That's much better than a guy having just Kansas and Kansas State offers with low P5 offers. I guarantee you they love him and waited awhile on offering to avoid people taking notice. He's a legit 6'3, has incredibly fluidity in his movements, and is strong as hell. I could be wrong, but I would guess he's being recruited as a receiver.


Nevermind, I soured on the kid. Poor character and decision making as displayed by the first sentence of his Basketball recruiting profile being: "My goal is to attend Michigan State.". Do not want. /s


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Interesting. I think he'd be a very interesting receiver prospect, but I see why they like him as a safety. With his speed, size and physicality, it wouldn't shock me if he was a guy they could move to linebacker if need be. He's got subtle and quick changes of direction, so I don't necessarily think it's a negative. 

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It is surprising this kid did not get noticed by any other schools. His HS football team has other Division I prospects (the QB is a Wisconsin commit ranked in the top 100) so it's not like he hasn't been scouted or his film not seen. He must have had a huge senior year. I think this may have been his first year playing football as well.

This coaching staff has a good hit rate on prospects other schools don't even sniff so I have faith this kid can play. Especially with the season Michigan is having and the other potential prospects on the board.


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Looks like Diagonal Blue is right, 3 Crystal Balls for Amauri Pesek-Hickson to UM today by Sam Webb, Steve Lorenz and Allen Trieu. 

I trust this staff obviously, but it is funny just today we were speculating on how they were going to fit a couple more of the elite kids we are in on for this class. Now they would need to find another space to fit Pesek-Hickson. 


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Pure speculation here but I think as far as Michigan goes the recruitment of Crouch and Peseck-Hickson are tied together...meaning that they are similar players and expected to play similar positions albeit that the talent level may not be the same.  This has me wondering with the 3 more crystal balls going in for Crouch to Clemson that Peseck-Hickson got the green light to commit from the staff as Michigan has been informed that Crouch will not be commiting...but feel free to change my mind.


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I just checked out Michigan's 247 site and saw a post by Brice Marich called "Trevor Keegan visit notes" which was posted just 2 hours ago and already has 72 up votes.

I'm not a member there so I can't actually read the post, but any post about a recruit that gets that kind of response is usually a precursor to something good.


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I also do not have premium access....BUT one of the teasers I saw for that story was “One main question about/to Warner for Keegan was answered this trip.”

The only question that makes sense in that context is “Will you still be here to be my coach if I commit?” And if he liked the answer that is good news on TWO fronts for M.  #glasshalffullguy


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What about this for a finish: 


Zach Harrison, 5* DE

George Karlaftis, 4/5* DE

Trevor Keegan, 4* OT 

Jalen Perry, 4* CB

Cornelius Johnson, 4* WR 

Quavaris Crouch, 4* ATH


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If guys are transferring under those circumstances it's because they weren't going to play or someone better is coming in after them. That shouldn't hurt the team performance. 

This is way better than Brady "promise the starting QB job to a high school sophomore" Hoke who only recruits one QB in a 2 year period. Guys never transferred under Hoke.