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Submitted by HAILtoBO on February 29th, 2012 at 12:39 AM

@5thQuarterMatt The amazing #Michigan class of 2013 is about to get more amazinger. #youcanquotemeonthat


Before everyone goes to bed.... Be on watch alert. Hoke is out and pointing.

Edit: Mike McCray tweeted to Shane Morris "one of the top QB's in the nation"



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Is this guy the Ace Williams of 2013? It's not really going out on a limb to say Hoke will have another commit soon, given the way things have been going.  Also the last two articles on this 5th quarter sports you speak of are from Feb 2nd and Dec 30... Not really on top of the recruiting world.


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Who the hell is this guy? I went to the site and it looked like amateur hour on there. They have a Michigan Football page and a College Football page, but only one guy posting everything. He made a national ranking that had like 7 or 8 Michigan commits in like the Top 80 or so. I'm not sure this guy has any credibility.

He's certainly no Tremendous, Ace, or TomVH.


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I wonder who's next?


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OMG, my seat belt is so tight from being buckled so long that I am now chaffing!  It has become tattered and old from so much use that now it is essentially just strings that are pressed so tightly into my skin that they have now drawn blood.  The pain is becoming so unbearable that I think I may have to switch to chains or 5-point seatbelts to keep myself buckled for much longer.  That, or I'll pass out from lack of blood flow to my head and extremeties due to seat belt tightness, causing me to veer off the road and crash into a tree, and never letting me find out who the next high value commit is.   AAAAAHHHHHHHH

Like that?


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I was under the impression that "Raback-ing" something was used when you're staking your MGo-cred on something happening.  Because Raback was correct when predicting the Demar Dorsey commitment.  "BKfinest-ing" something is said tongue-in-cheek because he was adamant about the Jake Fisher (I think) commitment and was wrong and never heard from again.

"Raback-ing" = saying it's really going to happen.

"BKfinest-ing" = joking around about something that most likely won't happen.


Correct me if i'm wrong.


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Everyone who has predicted a commitment for the mighty Blue has been right so far. I guess this guy can be next!

BTW - I predict that we get two commits next weekend. I'm not saying who or anything, but who dares deny my sage-like prophecy ? ? ?

Also BTW - to those who prepare to call me THE KNOWLEDGE jr, you best be careful - look how often his sorcery proves true !

Also also BTW - I think I will soon have another glass of wine

Also also also BTW - My wife will probably disapprove of such additional wine . . . .


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No, I'm not advising you on hiding the booze... I'm telling you to mix in a water because it's 1:45am on a Tuesday and your obviously in that euphoric "I love everything, man" stage of drunkenness. Nothing good comes from surpassing that stage.

turd ferguson

February 29th, 2012 at 1:12 AM ^

I hate how easy it is to increase your page hits by pulling this shit.

If we get a commitment soon, this guy gets credibility and people will start paying attention to him (even if he didn't have any idea what was going on beyond what we all knew).

If we don't get a commitment, then everyone forgets his name, which no one knew in the first place.

It's a low risk, high reward way for blogs to get attention, and this really doesn't deserve a thread like it would if it came from Ace, Tom, Sam Webb, etc.