Commit Prediction Thread

Submitted by ish on July 2nd, 2018 at 12:07 PM

a number of sources including Sam Webb and WolverineWire (Isiah Hole's new gig) are stating that we will pick up another commitment today.  Sam says that he's a four-star.  it's unclear whether Sam means a four-star in his view, on 247, or on the composite.  make your predictions below.  my guess is Denver Warren, 2020 DT from Illinois.



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He's such an interesting recruitment. He's from Florida originally, he was living in Boston and going to Everett when we offered him, and just moved to Texas this year. He has 100% CBs to PSU, but they've already taken two safeties in this class and 10 of those 12 crystal balls came in February of this year or earlier. He's kind of a Don Brown special, we just got him on campus for the first time, and I think his recruitment has tipped away from PSU and towards us.


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Does anyone know what time this is supposed to happen?

I'd kind of like to get some things done today instead of sitting here 'refreshing' the day away. :)


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Data question/Nerd Alert.

Guys, its a little slow here at work so I've got time to look into recruiting stars, stats, etc.  I was wondering if anyone knows of any easy to use databases on basketball recruiting stars.  Right now, 247, rivals, ESPN, etc. all only have the data on stars in image format -- can't C&P, as it's an image -- would have to manually copy this over.

It'll end up in a nice off-season diary about correlations between Fr.-to-Soph. stats and recruiting rankings to (for instance) draft pick/position and pro stats. 

I know Seth has a data set for Michigan football, but was wondering if anyone knows of a good set for basketball.

Also, can't figure out how to create new posts.  Sorry for embedding here. :(


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Basketball?  We talkin' basketball?  We're a football school!!

(Am I doing this right?)

I'd say you won't find a spreadsheet of recruiting data from the recruiting services because they don't want to give away their IP.  They get paid money to compile and show that data - they don't want some nerd making better sense of it than they do.  However, feel free to manually copy all of that stuff so you can enlighten us with your knowledge!  I'd love to see your results...


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Hey - slightly different but along the same lines.

I am also on the hunt for some raw data.  From what I can tell around 2014 most of the open APIs that were available to grab this data closed up.  ESPN discontinued its API and I believe agreed to some sort of deal with Sports Radar.  Sports Radar has everything I want but they will not give me access.  

This market seems ripe for a disrupter for decentralization.  Make an open API and just charge for blocks of calls.  There are other services doing this but not play by play data.  At least not that I could find.  

Final rant - is there really more than 1 recruiting service at this time.  How many staff members does ESPN actually have dedicated to college recruiting?



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Any update on Quavaris Crouch? I know its a long shot, especially now that Michigan has two 4 star RB commits, but his high school tape is outrageous. 


Zach Harrison would be an incredible get too, just ran a 4.47 forty. 


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Giles Jackson.

Yeah, he's technically not a 4* but he seems to be a 4* talent, doing well at the Opening Finals.  You got Cade in his ear telling him to hurry up so that Wandale Robinson doesn't take his spot.  Cade and Giles have a history together playing on the same 7x7 team.  So, yeah, could be Giles.


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My guess is Keegan or Cine, probably Keegan.


Serious question though, how does one get to Isaiah's new site, the wolverine wire? I can't seem to find it for some reason