Come On Coaches (Coach's Poll Update)

Submitted by jamiemac on September 13th, 2009 at 5:07 PM

If you're into these things, its worth noting the poll that matters is out and Michigan is not in it. For now, this is the only link I have. Well, its the first one I found. Then I stopped.

We are #26 with 84 points, 21 off of #25 Mizzou. You'll see Houston right behind us. Wow, cant crack the top 25 after beating the #5 team on the road? Tough graders.

Anyway, soak in the poll. Do not get worked up about it. If UM takes care of business, they will crack and perhaps debut in the top 20. But, here's why...... week alone we see, according to this poll, #13 GT at #22 Miami; #21 Cincy at #24 Oregon State; #28 Nebraska at #14 Va Tech; #20 UGA travels to Arky to play Mallett; #16 Utah is going to Oregon; and #12 BYU hosts Florida State

There is going to be a lot of carnage at the bottom of the poll a week from now and Michigan will make its splash as long as takes care of business against Ronny Jonathan English's boys.



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I am not too worried about the polls for two reasons:

1) Michigan's (logical) aspirations for this season will not be affected by the polls. Although possible, I doubt Michigan will be contending for a BCS at-large bid this year or anything like that. Therefore if we win the Big Ten we go to the Rose, 2nd to the Capital One/Outback and so on from there. The polls will more than likely have very little effect on where Michigan ends up this Winter.

2) I like the idea of this team continuing to feel disrespected. I want our boys to keep playing like a team that has been backed into a corner by all its detractors. Keeping us low in the polls or unranked only feeds into that. We need to stay hungry the whole season in order to prove that Michigan is truly back.


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...BYU is ranked below LSU. BYU dominated the Oklahoma offense and has a blowout win over Tulane. LSU has lackluster performances against Washington and Vanderbilt.


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(provided the team continues to win).

And I would think that any bowl would love to host Michigan in an expectations-beating year.

I don't think the polls will get in the way, so I wouldn't worry too much about them.

The King of Belch

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That although there is love aplenty for ND in the media, his fellow coaches have their doubts, and they may not yet be as impressed with the victory. There is still plenty to prove and plenty of time to do it.


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The rankings at this point only matter at this point for bragging rights. At the end of the season the number by the side of our name should mean something. Now that being said, We cracked the top 25 on the AP Poll WOOOOOOOT.