Columbus, OH 2nd largest local market for UM-UW game

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Something, something, jerseys selling in Ohio, never thought I'd see the day, etc. Funny story nonetheless. I'm feeling better and better about The Game this year



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Yeah, that makes sense. If you spent 5 seconds reading message boards or Twitter of the OSU crowd, you'd know they all expected Wisconsin to blast us. They probably expected it to be a nice reprieve after the stress of the Minnesota game. They won't admit it now, because according to them, apparently Wisconsin sucks all of a sudden.


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to be honest, I wasn't all that impressed with Wisconsin, the BYU loss was a huge red flashing siren to me.  Washington kicked BYU's ass all over the field.  Utah State the team many Michigan fans use as the measuring stick for how much Sparty must suck then waltzed into Provo and whipped up BYU good again.

Frankly the Badgers might not actually be very good.


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Perhaps even more telling is the concern OSU fans are beginning to voice over whether their team is good enough to beat Michigan. Sentiment is taking root that their offense is too one-dimensional and their defense is not good. Hell, after the Minnesota game, many of them are worried about Purdue and MSU beating them, let alone us. They see Michigan improving every week and they aren’t seeing their team improve. 


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Michigan Monday is something I really look forward to. I will happily ignore the trailer trash that is 99.999999% of OSU fans in order to enjoy Gerdeman.

I kinda wish that MSU had something similar, but the smartest MSU grads (and yes, they exist) are smart enough to know that having a rational football discussion will lead to accusations of being a Michigan fan.

Goggles Paisano

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It makes sense to me.  It was the biggest game of the night, by far.  Columbus has a large number of football fans and Michigan is their biggest interest outside of their own team.  If OSU is playing a big night game, we are all watching it.  


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OSU-Minn was at noon, so people definitely chose it over UF-Vandy.  Kind of a no-brainer there, because Vandy....

But I wouldn't say it was 90-10 over UGa-LSU, because that was the 3:30 game.

Personally, I would've been watching UGa-LSU primarily over the other 3:30 games (flipping back and forth to MSU/PSU) ... were I not out tailgating in the greatest college town in America at that time!




CRISPed in the DIAG

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I made a similar point to this general issue on another board. It's a Red Sox focused site that has branched out over the years (Sons of Sam Horn). The Michigan Football page has a few regulars and an equal number of anti-Michigan types. Trolls, you might say. I don't understand - they continue saying that Michigan is overrated, Harbaugh is a blowhard, etc. 

If Michigan is irrelevant, why do they continue to troll?


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We make fun of Beano Cook for some very legitimate reasons, but he was the person who explained to the NFL back in the late 1970s that they could boost their ratings by understanding "hate watching" (He didn't call it that, but it's the same premise.)  It's why the Cowboys are so frequently a national game, because people will hate watch them, especially the other markets in the NFC East.  Similarly, it's why regional coverage now understand that people want to keep tabs on the other teams in their division.


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Columbus and Birmingham are the two best markets for CFB TV ratings in the country.

Last year's Fiesta Bowl (Washington-Penn State), had a better rating in Columbus than SEATTLE.

I'd expect Birmingham was in the top 10 markets for the Wisky-M game.