Columbus Nike NFTC Open Thread

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Several of Michigan's 2013 commits are participating in the Columbus Nike NFTC camp this morning.  Reported that Shane Morris (on the heels of his Elite11 Columbus regional MVP yesterday), David Dawson, Jourdan Lewis (EDIT: Lewis did not make it), Khalid Hill, Logan Tuley-Tillman, Taco Charlton, and Mike McCray will be competing against some of the Midwest's best prospects.  The best performers receive invitations to the national competition, The Opening, later this summer.  Should be interesting to see how MIchigan's commits stack up against Ohio's and others in the B1G.

Some previews:

Several reporters from the various recruiting sites will be covering the event.

247Sports has a free thread with updates from reporters:




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I'm not surprised that Tillman is struggling. One look at that picture will tell you that he is carrying a ton of bad weight. Sure fire red-shirt canidate imo as he's going to need to work his body.

Hands Free

May 5th, 2012 at 1:04 PM ^

When I saw that picture, I wasn't sure if LTT looked too big or Dawson too small.  It does seem that LTT needs to shed some bad weight.

Leaders And Best

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Steve Wiltfong 247:

7on7 is underway and Notre Dame commit just threw a beautiful deep ball.

Top247 QB Mitch Trubisky just hit 2014 WR Dominique Booth on a deep corner route.

Penn State CB Ross Douglas is smooth, nice backpedal. Good hips.

Shane Morris continues to show good touch, hitting WRs in stride.

Dwayne Brown beats Billy Price in tug of war

Couple guys who have done very well today: Csonte York, Darrien Howard and Damon Webb.

Leaders And Best

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David Dawson just absolutely stoned someone after the coaches put a Michigan hat on the QB dummy and said it was Denard Robinson

Then OSU commit Billy Price got to the QB and screamed that he wanted to stomp the Michigan hat

Steve Wiltfong 247:

Michigan OG commit David Dawson is a nasty offensive guard! Good feet and punch too!

Top100 DE Darius Latham blows by Dennis Finley, a Cass Tech OT with BCS offers.

Indianapolis (IN) North Central Top100 DL Darius Latham with another impressive rep.

Michigan DE commit Taco Charlton and Indianapolis Warren Central DE Anthony Winbush with quick speed rushes off the end.

Ohio State DT commit Billy Price with an explosive first step, plays low.

2014 DE Malik McDowell continues to impress as a pass rusher in this setting.

Lovell Peterson has been among the best OLs

Illinois DE commit Jarrod Clements has had a nice afternoon. Looks good on the hoof, variety of pass rush moves.



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"Michigan LB commit Michael McCray and Michigan State LB commit Jon Reschke bottling up RBs in 1on1s. Darrien Howard also performing well." -Wiltfong

Leaders And Best

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Steve Wiltfong 247:

Louisville TE commit Keith Towbridge moves to OT, perhaps his future position and has performed well.

Michigan LB commit Michael McCray and Michigan State LB commit Jon Reschke bottling up RBs in 1on1s. Darrien Howard also performing well.

Iowa commit Delano Hill with a few INTs today.

David Dawson just stoned Billy Price to end one on ones.

Taco Charlton just bull rushed and got to the QB twice in a row


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Yeah, same. Dawson has gotten rave reviews from every source I can find, especially Wiltfong. The only other person on the OL he has seemed high on is Lovell Peterson.

Overall, it seems like every Michigan committ mentioned has had a good day. Only positive stuff coming out.

Didn't find anything great on LTT, but Hill, Morris, McCray, Charlton, and especially Dawson all got good reviews. Maybe it means a bump coming up for all of them. The only stuff on LTT was the technique stuff from the OSU coach, so I'll take that with a grain.

It also seemed like Price struggled. Lost in a tug of war with a 2/3 star OL Dwayne Brown, and got stuffed by Dawson. I want to see the reaction to that by scouts.

I also wonder if the good reviews on Peterson mean an OSU offer might be coming his way.


May 5th, 2012 at 6:13 PM ^

Don't exactly see the parallel to him as a recruit. Kalis was stud from the get-go; he was the top player in Ohio and a 5 star to several sites. Dawson will move up the rankings but doubtful he gets to 5 star range. Maybe he is that type of talent but he has to jump all the kids ranked and the sites are at least a little conservative when it comes to massively adjusting their rankings (don't want to be seen as being wrong). If your comparison is to him as being an impact kid from day one at Michigan, mainly on the interior of the line, then I think you are right since our interior line depth (line depth in general also) will be bad next season. We will have Kalis and Bryant in there then freshman, thus, Dawson might get on the two deep immediately. That is also assuming Lewan stays.


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If he continues to dominate the camp circuit like he has been it's a definite possibility. Keep in mind 2 months ago he was regarded as our lowest rated O-line recruit. It's nuts to think that it's a possibility that we could have like 3 borderline 5 star guys coming in on our line this year (Kugler (Scout), Dawson, and Fox (top 50 player on Rivals I believe)) and add that to Kalis and Magnuson. Shane will have time to make and eat a sandwich in the pocket.

Magnum P.I.

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The impressive thing about Dawon is that he's dominating in an environment that vastly favors the defensive player. He's a beast. I love that he's competing so much and has the confidence of a great one.

Magnum P.I.

May 5th, 2012 at 2:30 PM ^

With the major caveat of not saving seen the event, it wouldn't surprise me at all if they gave an MVP to Price just to appease the local Buckeye fans. There probably would've been a riot if Taco, Dawson, and McCray all took honors and all the Ohio commits were shut out.

Leaders And Best

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Cass Tech representing even with Jourdan Lewis missing.  Impressive beating out Cameron Burrows and Ross Douglas.

Cass Tech is going to be stacked with talent next year: David Dawson, Jourdan Lewis, Delano Hill, Kenton Gibbs, DeJuan Rogers, Dennis Finley, Damon Webb, William White, Deon Drake, Gary Hosey, & Jayru Campbell.  All those guys are going to have D-1 BCS offers.