Columbus Nike NFTC Open Thread

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Several of Michigan's 2013 commits are participating in the Columbus Nike NFTC camp this morning.  Reported that Shane Morris (on the heels of his Elite11 Columbus regional MVP yesterday), David Dawson, Jourdan Lewis (EDIT: Lewis did not make it), Khalid Hill, Logan Tuley-Tillman, Taco Charlton, and Mike McCray will be competing against some of the Midwest's best prospects.  The best performers receive invitations to the national competition, The Opening, later this summer.  Should be interesting to see how MIchigan's commits stack up against Ohio's and others in the B1G.

Some previews:

Several reporters from the various recruiting sites will be covering the event.

247Sports has a free thread with updates from reporters:




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This is run by ESPN no? Haha, how cool would it be if even more of our commits into the UA All American game with solid performances here? We already have 7.

Leaders And Best

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247Sports has a live update thread on a free message board:

Allen Trieu (), Bob Lichtenfels (), and Sam Webb () will be there from Scout.

Josh Helmholdt () should be there from Rivals.

TomVH () and Chantel Jennings () will be there from WolverineNation ()

Not sure how well they will live tweet it.  The 247Sports board was pretty good yesterday for Elite11.


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Anyone else see Dawson making a strong move up in the rankings after the camp circuit ends?  He seems to be really holding his own thus far, and has the makings of another top-flight interior lineman for Coach Hoke.



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Yeah, I think this is just a weird optical illusion of a picture.  McCray's height might be normal but he still looks pretty skinny to me and Dawson looks like the smallest one other than Shane.  There's no way he's that little and is the number one guard to ESPN.  I'm pretty sure Khalid is 6 1" or 6 2", Shane is 6 3" and Dawson is 6 4" or 6 5" but they look like their heights are in the opposite order here. Mind blown.

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Jourdan Lewis didn't make it to NIKE today but Malik McDowell did even though I had heard he wasnt likely to come.

Ohio State commits Cam Burrows, Jalin Marshall, Jayme Thompson and Billy Price all made it in

Alex Anzalone was preregistered but isn't here as of now

Steve Wiltfong 247:

Penn State commit Ross Douglas is here decked out in Nittany Lions gear.

Michigan commits I've seen so far are Michael McCray, David Dawson, Logan Tuley-Tillman, Shane Morris and Taco Charlton.

Ohio State commits in the house are Jalin Marshall and Cam Burrows.

More guys expected.

According to Cass Tech coach Thomas Wilcher, the Detroit powerhouse has 18 players at the Columbus NFTC camp today.

spicy tuna

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Just curious - do these guys (or their families) have to pay to travel to all these camps or do the sponsors cover some of the costs? Seems like it would get pretty expensive to be flying all over the country every other weekend.

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I think the athletes have to cover their own travel expenses to the NFTC/Elite11, but the camp itself is free.  I think the Elite11 Finals and The Opening (the national finals of the NFTC) are all expenses paid, hence the competition to get invited besides the recognition of course.

As for the 7on7 camps, I think most of the kids travel and participate as a team so the travel expenses are probably a little less and similar to a soccer club team or AAU basketball.

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Drills going on first so not many updates so far

One OSU grad/coach said to Logan Tuley Tilman: keep using that bad form. Yeah, make sure you're doing that til November in the horseshoe.

Danny Etling, committed to , continues to look good. Really solid at yesterday's

He's not going to play QB but commit Jalin Marshall looks good at the position here at

Impressed with commit Billy Price physically. Thick kid, has an ideal frame to battle in the trenches

Three Cass Tech linebackers performing well - William White, Dein Drake, Gary Hosey. Cass Tech has 17 guys here today.

2014 RB Devine Redding looks good. Looked good in Ann arbor

MSU commit Jon Reschke looks stronger than Mich commit Mike McCray, McCray has more agility.

Watching the receivers right now- Damon Webb, Khalid Hill, Thaddeus Snodgrass all looking good.

Ivan Karamazov

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I would offer him right now based upon his name alone.  To hear that name coming from the big house speakers after a first down catch would be magic.


Oh and if he is talented that would be nice too...