College QB Passer Rating

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QB passer rating

Sorry, I don't know how to create a chart for this which would be useful. My disdain is with the formula for college QB rating or maybe even QB ratings in general. For example Tebow is ranked higher than Clausen, which really doesn't make sense to me based on stats and also it seems that Forcier should be very comparable to Tebow.

For example, overall QB ratings for Forcier is 161.7, Tebow 197.9, and Clausen 196.3.

However, Clausen has thrown for 7 TDs compared to Tebow's 5 and has a higher completion percentage, and has thrown for 651 yards versus Tebow's 425.

Forcier has a higher completion percentage than Tebow or Clausen at 67.9%, has only slighly less yards than Tebow 419 v 425, and same TDs, with the notable exception of one pick. (but even that one pick taken away would give Forcier a rating of 165.4.

Obviously the main contribution in the formula is being driven by yards per attempt (also TD/att). Though Clausen and Tebow are tied at 10.9, if you take it out more decimals it is 10.85 to 10.89 and Forcier lags at 7.9.

It just seems to me from a pure evaluation standpoint, Clausen should be rated higher than Tebow, and that Forcier and Tebow should be about the same.

On a side not, Mallet is the highest ranked and has the highest yards per attempt by far at 14.0, which is impressive considering he has thrown only 1 TD and only has a long of 58 and is completing 77.3 %

Can someone come up with a better formula that ranks Tate higher. Something that factor's in game winning TD drives, QB rushing TDs, wins over top rivals... might be a place to start.



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Comparing to last year and also to historical records is interesting.

If Tate keeps it up (161.7) he could finish in top 10 based on last years results he would have been at number 8 between Chase Clement (Rice) and Graham Harrell (Texas Tech)

Best Career passer rating in college: Ryan Dinwiddie - Boise State - 168.9.

Single Season Record - Colt Brennan Hawaii - 186 in 2006.

Freshman Record - Michael Vick - 180.4 in 1999.


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There are comments the have suggested refinements to the original suggestion in the OP. It accounts for rushing stats which bumps Tate up the list but he's still not top 10, which doesn't mean a damned thing especially so early in the season.

Relax, Forcier doesn't need any more validation than he's already garnered for himself. He's a stud. Case closed.


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QB rating = QB rating if QB does not play for Michigan
QB rating = QB rating x 1.5 if QB does play for Michigan
QB rating = QB rating x 1000000 if QB plays for Michigan and is named Tate