College Game Day Open Thread

Submitted by M-Dog on September 15th, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Go Horned Frogs! 

Piss on the Buckeyes until they grow warts and can't get put their helmets on.

Something like that.



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There will be an uptick next week when he's off suspension, but as a general rule we as a society, especially in sports, don't care all that much about domestic abuse or sexual assaults.  We have decades of evidence that if you are still good at the sport, you'll get another chance as long as you didn't cheat within a very precise set of rules.  Honestly, the only offense that seems to stick is, apparently, protesting systemic violence against minorities.


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Do you think the public outrage is greater thereby forcing action? Or there’s more sensitivity toward that issue by decision makers because it’s a more culturally recognized issue in academic spheres?

It shocks me that OSU could lower their institution from the image of principle and morality that universities try to uphold to protecting a coach they found complicit for football wins. 


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Is it really shocking ?


I know an MD from OSU and tbh , while I am obviously critical, even he as an OSU grad is embarrassed that OSU chose football over academic standards here. Sad. 

Moeller left for public intoxication. At M I am sure the coach would he gone. 


OSU cares about football not academics. This proved it. 


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I am surprised the “George Perles-covers-up-rape” issue was mostly a one-day story. Maybe that will be talked about again when/if it gets to trial. That story seems worse than the Nasser story itself because it is basically Nasser plus a multi-institutional cover-up of Nasser. But it barely moved the needle nationally.

George got lucky there was a major hurricane this week to occupy the media. 


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I checked RCMB on that but didn’t spend too much time.  There were a few threads about “fire all of the BOT” but later in the thread I think they cited sources from ESPN (the enemy) bashing the Freep — that this was a BS story - Nassar wasn’t even on staff at the time this was claimed...  

Not sure if that is true but it would explain why the coverage disappeared so quickly...


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This is exactly what OSU was counting on when they glossed over whatever that 'investigation' was supposed to be.  Honestly, I don't understand how people are so surprised about it - the news cycle forgot about it by Friday afternoon, not two days after they released the 'punishment '.  With nobody telling us what to think about, we moved on.  It's pretty sad, really.  We care about whatever the talking points are for the day, then leave it behind when the points change.  


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The news cycle always moves on until it doesn't like a slow-moving hurricane hammering your credibility and character as the highest-paid representative of a major public institution.

And, of course, for The Ohio State, the bottom line is playing to win. And that means retaining your coach no matter what. So, winning with character now becomes the issue for the school as a whole.

Urban faces one more major challenge, a stickler of an interview as he returns from suspension to the sideline this week. And he will be challenged. The change in his status will be the story itself and that will then morph into how he handles himself the rest of the season, clearly with a big target on his back whenever his team plays away from Columbus.

But he's had plenty of time to focus on any issue he's asked about, and we'll see whether he attacks the scandal head-on or tries to deflect in a way that all coaches know how to with the media.