College Football Imperialism Week 4

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Here is the week to week gif

Here is the explanation per the reddit OP - What if College Football games were actually battles for land? This map answers this question. The original map is my closest FBS team to every county, but if a team is beaten their land is taken by the team that beat them. Teams will keep their land until beaten by another team and then all land will be passed to the new winner. For example Oregon State lost to Colorado State in week 0. Colorado State then lost to Colorado in week 1. Therefore Colorado owns Colorado State's land and Oregon State's land.



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In all the times I've played Risk in my life, which is more than I care to recall, I've never really gone the Greenland route, although now that I think about it, in the game it is attached to North America and I do like to consolidate my forces in Canada to make that push through the eastern US and into Mexico. Maybe that's a good jumping point for Europe.

Anyhow, I like the Imperialism graphics actually. Good to see Michigan forming a little base along and around the I-70 / I-74 belts. 


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Whoever did this knows nothing about college football fanbases.

Giving Michigan one or two tiny squares in Michigan is beyond stupid.

It helps us in Colorado though.


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if you did this in 1997 ---- who do you think owned Miami, Arizona State and BYU's land at the end of the year?

The answer isn't Michigan.  Or Nebraska.  Or Florida, Florida State, Washington, or any of the other teams that were good that year.

The answer is TCU.  The finished the regular season with a 1-10 record Horned Frogs.

Their 1 win was in the finale against a rather decent (6-4 record at the time) SMU team.  Timing means more than anything here.


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Did Purdue not get anything for beating Missouri?  Seems like we didnt pick up anything but I guess if Missouri lost the week before, they would have nothing.  And maybe Ohio had nothing or it is down there with our Cincinnati conquest.  So conquering the conquerors of nothing doesnt get you much.......


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Mizzou lost their territory to South Carolina the week before, so Purdue didn't get anything for that win. Purdue did have Ohio U's territory, but had lost its own to Louisville. That's why we have two sections of Ohio (Ohio U [via Purdue] and Cincinnati).

Unfortunately, MSU plays Iowa next week, and since neither team has any territory right now, MSU is guaranteed to not have anything the week after either. So we're playing for "nothing" against MSU.


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In fact, we can say for a fact that U-M's territory --- no matter what happens --- will not have expanded 2 weeks from now.

Iowa and MSU both lost Saturday.  As such, they lost their land.  Even if MSU beats Iowa Saturday, there would be nothing for U-M to gain (at least as a part of this exercise) by beating MSU in 12 days.

Assuming PSU beats Indiana Saturday --- it will be the same thing after the U-M/Indiana game on 7-October.  And if Northwestern beats PSU on 7-October --- the same thing for the U-M/PSU game on 21-October.  

I suppose it's actually theoretically possible for U-M to go undefeated through the regular season and gain no land.


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Iteration #1 --- if you're undefeated, you still own your own land (obviously).  If you lost a game, your land goes to the team that beat you that has the least overall losses.  In case of a tie in that metric, the team that won first gets your land.  Notre Dame loses South Bend to Georgia but does gain East Lansing.

Iteration #2 --- do the same thing amongst all the teams that now own land.  Georgia and Notre Dame are amongst the teams that own land --- East Lansing now transfers to Georgia in this iteration.

Multiple more iterations until we reach a point where no more land swaps occur.

With that algorithm: Michigan would own places like Purdue, Georgia Tech, NC State, Kansas, Eastern Michigan (SE Michigan!), both Cincinnati and Miami in SW Ohio, and the entire SEC East except Georgia and Vanderbilt.  

(1) EMU's land 1st goes to Ohio - then to Purdue - then to Michigan.  (2) Miami University's land 1st goes to Marshall, then NC State, then South Carolina, then Kentucky, then Florida, then Michigan.  You can get some very long chains here.,

When you won still matters to a degree, but beating teams with good records matters more. With the current algorithm, you can beat teams with good records but you're SOL if they happened to lose the very week before.

Negative to my algorithm is it's obviously considerably more complicated and less intuitive.  Possiblity for infinite loops also exists.  I guess you call it "unclaimed" then.  :-) 


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multiple undefeated teams.  By season's end, everything would have consolidated as being either Michigan land or Nebraska land.  But who has more?

My algorithm could definitely have some weird stuff.  For instance, Florida goes on a 3-game losing streak while U-M keeps winning.  U-M would still own Gainesville, but a lot of the other land U-M lands that "routes through Florida" (e.g., Lexington or Knoxville) gets lost to other teams.  U-M loses land as Florida loses, though not because of anything U-M did themselves.

Years with no undefeated teams would be problematic too.  In 2016: Clemson's only loss to Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh gets their land, but loses it on the next iteration to OK State, who loses it to Oklahoma, who loses it to Ohio State, who loses it to Clemson.  Infinite loop!


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I just clicked the little image icon and pasted the url in there. if you want to use the plain text editor try

img src="paste_url_here" style="width: 500px; height: 500px;"

(surrounded with the tag. set the height and width to whatever you want)


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Not much land to gain in the next few weeks:


Bye - none

MSU - just lost to ND, next is Iowa, who lost all their land to PSU.

IND - on a win streak, but against terrible teams that don't have any land to give.  Play @PSU this week anyway, then a bye.


But, that 10/21 showdown in Happy Valley will be quite the land grab if the Maize and Blue can pull it off.  


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Although the Fatherland has fallen they control much of Montana with its ICBMs and are in position to cut off Long Island and New York City from the rest of the country.

Looks like Navy's "blockade" of New Orleans has borne fruit as well.


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As someone pointed out last week, this map would be much more interesting if all original territories were assigned to power 5 teams, rather than the closest division 1 football team, regardless of quality of conference affiliation, which is how the above map is made. 

I think I'm going to play around with GIS a little bit to see if I can make something better.

Entitled Millennial

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We need to play more southern teams so we can gain control of important ports by the Gulf of Mexico. We can dominate trading and cut off supplies for other schools, thus rendering their programs helpless.