College football day that you will never forget

Submitted by MichFan1997 on July 7th, 2011 at 12:34 AM

Ok, this doesn't have to be a championship to be your memorable moment or anything like that. Maybe there were underlying factors that led to it being an incredible day of college football. Mine occurred on Sept 12, 2009.

I was rooming with my cousin at Central Michigan. CMU playing MSU in Spartan Stadium. When CMU recovered the onside kick it made our hearts race. Then MSU pulled a Sparty NOOOOOOOOOO and jumped offsides on a missed FG. CMU made the 2nd attempt and sent our campus into a frenzy.

Then we had to calm down, switch quickly to our Michigan gear, and watch another heart stopping thriller as Michigan pulled off the win over Notre Dame.

Later that night, Ohio State lost.

To recap, my school beat MSU, my favorite team beat Notre Dame, and OSU lost, meaning that the 3 schools I hate the most all lost, with 2 of the losses being in the dying seconds at the hands of my 2 favorite teams.

This is my favorite memory of college football thus far.

Let's hear yours.



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Waking up hungover on New Years Day and watching UM whip Florida in the Capital One Bowl.  I watched it again on the 4th, and can watch it 1000 more times without getting sick of it.


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football seperates itself from other sports. I have very specific memories of certain games. For this one, I remember it was basically a blizzard coming home from work on New Years Eve so I went to my cousins house and watched the game with him the next morning. We were well pleased.


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This was a good one as well. My brother and his roomates thought we would get killed, as many expected, and before the game I told them I wasn't sure why but I knew we would win this game. I love when I get that feeling. Got it for the 2008 Wisconsin game as well. Kinda crazy in retrospect.


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That was my first thought as well. I had been out partying the night before, apparently woke up at a friend's house just as the game was starting. So we're watching the game when he suddenly realizes he has to go to work, so I had to leave as well. I live about 30 miles away, and managed to make it home during halftime despite it still being a near blizzard outside. Didn't miss a down.

I think I felt happier at the end of that game than I had about a football game since the 1997 OSU game.


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and the fact that we had so many turn overs, and 2 mike hart goal line fumbles, made it that much more impressive.  tim tebow's only bowl loss.  the d was bizaare that game.  one play getting torched by percy harvin, the next, looking monstrous in shutting down and rushing tebow.

such a twilight zone game, but hell yeah, the result was great.

Evil Monkey

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My first Michigan game that i can clearly remember. When Henne threw the pass to Manningham, I went nuts. Love watching highlights of that game. It was an amazing first game and PSU's only loss. 


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I was a freshman at UM for that game.  I remember at the end there was a huge "riot" (not like in EL, but people jumping all over the place and going wild).  By the end of the celebration, I somehow ended up 4 sections and 20 rows away from my original seat.  It was like a mosh pit.

After the game I sat there for about 45 minutes, staring at the field, trying to comprehend what I just saw.  Cashmere, baby!


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I'll remember that day for the college football world being nuts.  

USC -ND epic game.

MSU raping OSU in the first half only to have a field goal messup lead to a blocked return TD for OSU before the half, resulting in John L Smith going apeshit.  

Lots of other games going down to the wire.


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I was front row in the student section for this one.  All of us looked at eachother debating a rush of the field when the team came running at us instead.  The first player to get to the wall jumped up and i caught him and helped him up onto the wall and he made a huge fist pump and the crowd behind me somehow got louder.  I'll never forget it.  I believe WolvinLA was next to me. 


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I was in big trouble with my girlfriend after that game. It was her senior homecoming and her and all her friends and their dates were getting ready to take pictures at her neighbors. I was too sucked into the game to leave her living room though. I kept telling her it was almost over. Long story short...I missed all of the pictures and was in the dog house all night. Didn't bother me one bit though as I was on cloud nine.


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Same day, except I was in Spartan Stadium and had to literally run as fast as I could to get home to watch the Michigan game. (I live in lansing) This day is the reason I still love Tate Forcier. No matter what happened, he gave us that great moment in Michigan football history.


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Jan 1, 1998. Currently wearing the shirt I bought in the rose bowl parking lot after watching the wolverines beat wsu. Great f'in day.


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The day we lost to App. State. I forgot the exact date, but I was sleep and my dad came in my room and said we lost to them. So I was said "yeah, right".  I turned my tv on and espn had upset alert at the bottom of the screen that No.5 Michigan has just lost to Appalachian St. 34-32. I was shocked and heartbroken.


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Yeah, I was AT the game...sitting in the end zone where the blocked field goal happened at the row 1, an up close look of the horror.  I've refused to ever go back and watch that footage, but I'm sure I could spot myself if I looked. 

I had always thought of myself as a good luck charm to the big house experience.  Blue was 19-0 when I was present at the game.  Then the horror happened, and my record at the big house since is just 2-5. 


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TD game winner vs. Indiana. How good is that? The only thing that rivals that was being at the Michigan-Texas Rose Bowl with my son. Come to think about it any of the many Michigan games I have been at with my kids. Priceless.


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This was almost my first game at Michigan Stadium too but after watching the first few weeks I wisely sold my tickets and never went. I waited until the UConn game last season, so that's my most memorable game. Nothing beats being in attendance of the largest Big House crowd of all time (which will surely be broken one day), watching Denard's coming out party, Mealer walking out of the tunnel to the banner, getting really drunk at the golf course tailgating before the game and having the best goosebumps of my life when I saw the stadium and walked through the gates.


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October 27, 1979. It wasn't my first game at Michigan Stadium, but probably my 5th (it was my freshman year and it was the 5th home game that season).

I was sitting in the NW corner of the stadium (student section, probably section 28 or 29, row 60 - 70). We were all pretty bummed about the prospect of not getting a W against IU. The play was going to the south end-zone so we were watching it from behind.

When I watch the replays on youtube, it all happens so quickly. But, honestly, seeing it live,  it was one of those moments when time seemed to slow down immensely and everything went dead silent until AC stepped over the final IU defender and into the end-zone, then the place went wild.

You've all probably seen these, but, for those that have not, enjoy:


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My dad and I were sitting directly opposite you in  the seats I sat in for 15 years before a year at central and then the student seats at M.  Every part of the last few minutes of that game are memorable.The knowledge that a long play by IU could put the game in doubt (M wasn't use to close games with teams like IU in those days).  Then  IU completing the bomb.  Then the short pass/nice run by Ried and his lateral  toss out of bounds that landed in Corso's hands (we had a timeout left so it didn't matter too much.)  Then AC, almost caught as he made his cut upfield after the crossing pattern, then almost caught again around the 10, then highstepping it into our endzone.  It seemed Sec 10, Row 70, Seats 21 and 22 had been transported to field level.  Absolute bedlam and damn near an out of body experience for a 6th grader.  Dad (a pretty reserved guy) going apeshit.  Back to the Golf and Outing club for the usual 3 hours of postgame tailgate with the same four carloads of people I grew up with in the Fall, but with a completely different vibe listing to "Johnny Anthony Carter....will be heard....until another 100 of Michigan Football is played" over and over on WJR's extended wrapup.  Then home and staying up with mom waiting for the local sports and flipping between 2, 4, and 7doing our best to hit the highlight all three times.  This isn't only  my most memorable sporting experience.  Dad died before my marriage and the birth of his grandkids.  This was the best single moment we ever had amongt lots of good ones.  


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This was one of my earliest memories that is clear as a bell. My dad and I had been raking leaves most of the day, he was listening to the game on a small transistor radio and we were a bit down. I went inside as we were almost done and I was ready to go see some friends when my dad comes rushing into the house practically dancing. He told me what happened and I think I jumped for joy. I remember the smell of the burning leaves, the crisp fall air, it is a very clear memory.


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yardwork with leaves and winterizing the screened in porch. I came inside to listen to the end of the game that my mom had on the transistor radio in the kitchen. Ufer went nuts on the radio and all you could hear was screaming. Awesome.

Bill in Birmingham

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This was mine as well. Seemed like a not very important game before it started. AC's play was unbelievable, but the play before where L.P. Reid  threw the ball to Corso's from the middle of the field was priceless. I thought Corso was going to spontaneously combust on the spot. I hugged people I din't even like after AC scored. And Ufer's call, which I did not hear until Michigan Replay the next day was beyond awesome.


July 7th, 2011 at 12:54 AM ^

Edwards domination. Had a friend leave the game because he thought it was over. Will never forget the sound of his voice when he found out we pulled it off!

Abe Froman

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yessir, same for me.


nothing quite like watching edwards climb a ghost ladder 10 feet into the air, plucking balls like apples in a tree, all while sparty corners watched in awe.  beautiful.

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That was my Sophomore year, and as an out-of-state student who didn't really grow up in a football family or in a place where football was culturally significant, this was a huge game for me.  I will forever be ingrained with the idea that Michigan does not lose home games, and that game really nailed it home with the 4th quarter comeback, the triple overtime victory, and Edwards' epic performance. 

Obviously recent history has not been kind to my stubborn idealism, but I'd say this game was what really made me believe that Michigan could absolutely do anything they felt like.


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Remember when we were playing on a Friday night at Minnesota because the Twins made the playoffs?  We were down a lot of points and it was the fourth quarter.  I had started a century club/power hour at a friends kegger.  Garret Rivas hit the game winner with 40 some seconds left, and then the cops came knocking on the door.  We all ran.  I was lost in a neighborhood far from home, and I stumbled across a car with a michigan liscense plate.  Thinking I was clever, I snuck up to a window of the house.  As I peered through the somewhat foggy window, I could see they were watching the game too!  It had already ended, but I got a chance to catch a glimpse of Michigan players celebrating.  The two hour walk home in the cold was the longest, most fun walk I've ever partaken.


July 7th, 2011 at 1:19 AM ^

In 1997 I was in my first year of law school at Louisville.  Most of the UM games were on ABC but every now and then I would have to scramble to find a place to watch it.  For the big showdown that year at Penn State, ABC was showing Nebraska-Mizzou, so I had to go find a bar that was showing UM-Penn St.  I must have gone into half a dozen bars before I finally found one: a place called Dutch's Tavern, where the "Penn State Club of Kentucky" had its weekly meetings.  They had a cardboard cut-out of JoPa next to the screen and completely dominated the place.  There must have been 60 or 80 of them in the bar, which had a capacity of probably around that.

They were not very happy once the game started.  I loved every minute of it.



July 7th, 2011 at 1:23 AM ^

Nov. 8, 1997 - my first trip to State College.  Michigan had lost three years in a row to Penn State and both teams were in the top 5 going into the late-afternoon game.  I spent the morning at the Rathskeller, then the afternoon at our tailgate.  Somehow Jamie Morris ended up hanging out with us for a while.  Best of all, Michigan absolutely destroyed the Nittany Lions that day, 34-8, and we took over the #1 AP rating as a result.

Coach Kyle

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I kinda feel like my games so far will never go down as the greatest because they happened under RR. I kept telling myself "this is going to be the game I remember as the moment they turn it around". Saddly that's not going to happen :(

My favorites (that I have attended) are last year's ND game and this year's Illinois game.