College Basketball 1-26-13 Open Thread

Submitted by aiglick on January 26th, 2013 at 10:50 AM
Lots of ranked teams in action today. Some games of note: Kansas State @ Iowa State 1:45 ET? Minnesota @ Wisconsin 2:00 ET Ohio @ PSU 12:00 High Noon ET North Carolina @ NC State 7:00 ET Bradley @ Wichita State 8:00 ET Northwestern @ Nebraska 3:00 ET Syracuse @ Villanova 11:00 AM ET Maryland @ Duke 1:00 PM ET Oklahoma @ Kansas 4:00 PM ET Temple @ Butler 6:00 PM ET Alla discuss.



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I think we want Minnesota to win this game to further validate our win over them on the road.  Because we only play them that one time, we have the tiebreaker.  Wisconsin we also only play once, but they don't have the cachet of the Gophers (deserved or not, I guess only time will tell) so I think we want Minnesota to continue to look strong.

If you have an argument for the other side I'm all ears.


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This one is definitely debatable, as a Minnesota win would make both Wisky and the Golden Gophers 4-3 in the conference. My general thought process, however, is to root for the home team in these kind of games. Doing well on the road is really hard in the B1G, so the team who is able to steal more road games will likely come out on top...hence my reason for saying I said, though, I could see a case for rooting for Minnesota as well. 


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College Game Day for B-Ball, is kinda weird to me.  Kinda funny we have another Michigan guy on it, I kinda wish it was outdoors though.  Something weird about the indoor aspect.


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He's probably said as much before but I'll admit I don't ever remember hearing it, but Jalen just let everyone know in the bluntest of the ways how he feels about Steve Fisher's exit from Michigan.

"My former coach, Steve Fisher, who was erroneously fired by the University of Michigan..."


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In some ways I like when ranked teams play non ranked teams since that means more of them can fall. Can also provide a stiffer test in terms of who is a focused team and who is not one.

Lot of game left to play but Villanova is currently taking it to Syracuse 18-9.

I will say the comment about Denard's last college game being today was particularly astute. Hope he has an amazing game.

Blue boy johnson

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Damn, watching Louisville and Syracuse go down today, makes me realize just how difficult a win in Champaign will be for Michigan. I won't be expecting anything less than a last second buzzer beater. College basketball doesn't lack for drama



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Illinois is falling apart and Georgetown and Villanova are not so the circumstances aren't the same- but it is very hard to win on the road in conference- that's why conference championships are determined by who wins big road conference games more than anythings else.  To be honest right now Illinois seems like a must-win road game with them falling apart more than a road win that puts you in a competitive advantage for the conference championship like Indiana, MSU, Ohio, or Minnesota.


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Right now New Orleans is playing a school called "Champion Baptist College" which is a member of the ACCA and does not even have a wikipedia page. It's like NAIA-level. I guess you can do whatever you want when you're moving up to D-I


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I happened to catch a little bit of the first half of Alabama-Tennessee, and although Alabama is outpacing Tennessee by a good 18% in the area of field goal percentage, the Tide is only up by six points right now.In other news, the Volunteers' perimeter shooting and three point shooting is virtually non-existent, but then if you're shooting 32% from the field and keep running the shot clock down to almost zero on every other possession, I guess it takes everything you have just to get 19 points in one half. 


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Eastern Michigan is up 18-4 on Northern Illinois at the half.  NIU has tied the record for least points in a half.  1-31 from the field and 0-17 from 3.  NIU had more free throws (5), offensive rebounds (10), steals (5),  and turnovers (5) than points in the first half.  They also only scored 5 points in the first half earlier in the year against dayton.


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Anyone ever get the feeling that besides four teams the big ten is a little overrated? Minnesota is not a top 25 team and Wisconsin can't shoot, at all. Iowa and northwestern give teams like ohio and state all they can handle. I know it's all about home court but it's tough to watch sometimes.