Colin Cowherd: "Michigan not a raucous environment"

Submitted by lukepanici on September 8th, 2011 at 12:36 PM

He says ND will come into the big house and win, citing Michigan's lack of a rowdy environment and basically saying Michigan Stadium is not much of a home field advantage.

For everyone that will be there, we finna bring it..

Go Blue! Lets kick some Irish Ass and leave 'em looking like..

maybe I was wrong about their fans



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So this wont be popular around here, but what about Michigan Stadium not being that loud is so egregious ?  I've been going to games for 10 years (5 as a student) and there have been loud moments but this place is just not consistently rambunctious.  There are a bevy of reasons for this that are well known, it is what it is.  Would I love it to be louder?  Absoulutely but until we all decide to take out an ad in or something and tell people to loosen their vocal chords we are preaching to the wrong choir.


Also, I dont understand why Cowherd gets such a bad rap around here...  For the most part, the guy just tells it like it is and whenever we get any criticism from anyone (constructive or not) we just blow up and start crying about what a loser the guy is.  I am not talking about real baffoons like Rosenberg, Valenti or Sharp who are obviously just begging for attention and limelight.  Cowherd & Van Pelt are two of just a small handful of radio personalities who aren't turrible and actually make rational points.  .


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He had Schlereth and another ESPN guy on. From what I can tell, he is the laughingstock at ESPN. I don't worry about Cowherd, he's made his hay taking contrarian stances and voicing incendiary opinions. If he says we aren't a raucious crowd, it's only because we actually are and will make it known that we are unhappy with his statements.


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I'm not going to say I always love the atmosphere at the Big House, but sometimes it's amazing.  Check out these blue hairs getting into it:


Unfortunately this clip cuts short the mayhem, but the student section on that play - only difference to your clip is a lack a towels and an excess of people jumping like its a basketball game.


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aloooot of people listen to Cowherd including myself so just not listening to him is kind of a lame answer....we do need to bring the noise, you cant say that you havent heard that shit before.....we have a chance on primetime to shut him the fuk up and bring everything we got. Because like I said alot of people listen to him so if we can be loud as hell we will prove him wrong to aloooot of people......

Bando Calrissian

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I'm not complaining about standing up at a sporting event.  I can, and I do when it's appropriate to do so.

I'm complaining about people who are so inconsiderate that they completely ignore everyone around them, feign deafness when asked to sit down, and then get confrontational about their "right" to stand up and block those behind them.  I've seen it happen at almost every game I've attended over the last three years, almost concurrently with the "Up in back!" phenomenon emerging in the blogosphere.

If you are in row 25 and no one in front of you or behind you is standing, yet you are, you're doing it wrong.  A little consideration is a good thing.  It's called being an adult.


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And treating the event you are at like a football game and not a Norah Jones concert is called being a fan.

I've never had a "down in front" catcall aimed at me, but I would imagine that if I ever did, I'd be inclined to ignore it. If blue hairs can disregard the pleas of "MAKE SOME NOISE!" others are entitled to not act on catcalls of "Down in front!"



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It's useless though.  Last week, I tried talking to a blue haired fellow next to me and he just stared at me and didn't say a word.  I don't understand how that makes going to a game exciting.  I understand if you don't want to stand or yell but at least enjoy the game and converse about what is going on.

Me:  Oh man, nice block by Lewan (talking it) -- did you see him?

That guy: .......(crickets).......

Me:  Ok, cool.  Nice talk.


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It remains a mystery why Michigan has such a disproportionate number of these people that go to the games and you have to wonder if it will ever end or if the the baby boomers will just slide right into the role of old people who go to the games, show no passion and make everyone wonder what the hell they are doing there to begin wth.


Feat of Clay

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Rats, you sussed me out.  All these years I've attended the U, donated to the U, gone to non-revenue sports games, married into a U-M family, bought U-M swag, imbued wolverine fandom into my offspring . . . finally, the truth comes out, you have discovered my ugly secret.  Yes, I am not a true fan, because I have been known to sit down within U-M stadium. 

I thought I was keeping the charade up, but I blew it the moment ass met bleacher. Can't get one past you.


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and understand what you mean by that. If your blatinly standing by yourself like a jackass sit down. I mean when there are groups of people standing everyone else should feel they should stand too. I can see how my comment would make you think I am that jackass lol. But I can assure you I don't and get irritated by those people your taking about as well..


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and this is why the argument i had last night about florida (not the school part but the fan part) is correct and the other guy was wrong.  you don't have this happening at other colleges, at least not to this extent.  people who sit at other college games are in the minority, and guess what, being in the majority makes you right.  the correct way to view a football game is to stand the entire time, the majority does it that way and the majority always wins


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Man Crush on Brady! So I naturally assumed he also had some respect for Brady's Alma Mater. Cowherd appears to like traditional powerhouses (Yes, we've been down a few years, not that bad tho) and he seems like a conservative kind of guy that would appreciate the 'Michigan Way's'. That being said - I NEVER hear him say anything positive about Michigan's Football program.

Today was even more ridiculous. I listen to him at work on the radio everyday, and I've never called in or tried contacting him, but I almost did. He said all the things mass media pundits do when its apparent they only read 'snippets' of info about teams and really never take the time to even watch the first game without throwing out there 'expert analysis'. Cowheard said DRob will struggle because he's still getting used to Al Borges 'Pro Style' Offense and being under center will be tough for him. Hu?? Clearly Cowheard wasn't interested in finding out that we ran 70% of offensive plays from shotgun and DRob will still run, run, run when he wants to.


Then the ususal garbage stuff: Stadium is big, not loud, our D still sucks, etc...