Coaching Rumors: James Franklin to USC, Brady Hoke to Charlotte

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This story LINK details some interesting rumors out there. There's a lot of buzz this week about Franklin to USC, but this is the first I've heard that Hoke could be a leading candidate for the Charlotte job. I'd forgotten that Hoke is the DL coach for the Carolina Panthers. I'm sure he'll write the Charlotte AD a letter in all capital letters saying how much he'd like the job.



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Franklin to USC is perfect.  He is a good recruiter(although USC recruits well itself in a great area for talent), and will falter when it comes to utilizing that talent to produce important wins.  They will be calling for his head in three years and I already can't wait.

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He did that with Moorehead and Shoop but they were hired away.  Their current DC has been good, keeping them as a top 15 unit but the OC after Moorehead has not.  Will be interesting to see what he does with the offense after this season.  But he also needs to give up game management, the weird time out usage and punts from inside the 45 will continue to cost them close games like the OSU/MSU games this year. 


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LSA2000 has to make fun of Hoke because he’s a better coach and person. That’s why LSA gets a blue star by his name so he can feel special.  

Hoke gave everything to UM and all people do on this site is trash the guy.   And if you look at the records Hoke and Harbaugh were about even their first three years.  

4th phase

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The fact that Hoke refused to wear a headset is something that still baffles me to this day. It's not wonder the team was a disorganized clusterfuck when the head coach insists on playing a game of telephone with this coordinators. 

All that said, he seems like a fine guy and I wish him well if he does indeed get the Charlotte job. Hopefully he's learned from his Michigan experience.


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I cannot explain the headsets but I am open-minded enough to wonder how much better Hoke would have looked if Rich Rod left him a real QB beyond D. Robinson.  We can blame Hoke for not hiring a QB coach to go get a real QB recruit to throw to WR D. Gardner but that could theoretially  be chalked up to a one-time mistake.  I love the Mattison hire.  Given Hoke's recruiting classes and Harbaugh's success with putting those recruits in the NFL I just cannot conclude that "Hoke was in over his head."  Just one QB, just one, my kingdom for a QB in Hoke's last two years.


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Actually, he could take the street car which now stops outside the university campus from the uptown area. He would have to walk from Bank of America Stadium to get there but then ride it on up.

Don't have a real good feel for whether Hoke is making a difference as the Panther's Dline coach. Team defense isn't as stout as in years past. They are rated 12th in the NFL in total defense. They have solid players at every level. But the Dlne isn't pressuring the qb with as many sacks in years past. Though Hoke has the likes of Kawan Short and Julius Peppers to work with.

Find it interesting, that Devin Funchess is now playing on the same pro team as his college head coach.

UNC-Charlotte's football program is practically brand new and just getting its head above water. The 49ers have a nice little campus stadium and Hoke would be a step-up hire for them.

Mr. Owl

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Unless there is something on the horizon in Happy Valley, Franklin to USC would be a career mistake.  Leave the job you said was a dream, when you have it in a good place?  Unless it's a move to get Penn State to open up the wallet.

Good for Brady.  I always liked him and wish him the best.  He made mistakes, but he was a decent guy who loved Michigan and wanted to do it the right way.


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Franklin says a lot of things (a fair bit of it is nonsense).  And he flirted with Texas A&M last year - that move was sold as "a move to get PSU to open up the wallet" but you can't play it every year.

I think he's gone if USC offers.  And I don't think the PSU admins and big-money boosters are overly distraught about it either.  He's lost A LOT of goodwill since the 4th quarter of that Ohio State game.


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USC might be stupid enough to go after him too. His one real value add is recruiting, which USC doesn’t require. Yet he sucks tactically, which is exactly what USC needs in a coach. 

PSU would do well to get rid of him, if they can do so without paying him to go away. That’s a good job - someone better than Franklin would step up.