Coaching Carousel: Moorehead to Mississippi St, who replaces him at PSU?

Submitted by Brian Griese on November 29th, 2017 at 11:17 AM
Whom does Franklin get to replace him? Personally, not sad to see him go; PSU offense was a shit show before he showed up. Do they stick with the spread? Edit: New title for discussion about PSU replacing him.



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Mcsorely is the machine that makes them go. That kid is a lot tougher than I thought and he can throw the ball. Still is pretty arrogant to think D. Brown is going to follow him to msu over Michigan. I doubt that has ever happened. A lateral to Mississippi state.............hmmmmm ah no. Fuck off More head!!.

Franklin FRANKLIN who is calling your plays next year franklin. Better kick a field goal franklin.


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At what point in the season did the Oline improve? Was it when we ran for 58 yards (1.6 YPC) against Wisconsin or when we ran for 100 yards (2.8 YPC) against OSU?  Maybe it was the PSU game where we ran for 103 yds (2.5 YPC) and 7 sacks?

Mich OC

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In the OSU game, Evans had 11 carries for 67 yards (6.1 YPC) and Higdon had 11 carries for 55 yards (5.0 YPC), so I'd say they did pretty well in that game.  It's important to remove atrocious O'korn self inflicted sacks and FB dives only really needing to get 2 yards (which they did) when assessing the line's performance.


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The offensive line improved at run blocking. The reason teams like OSU and Wisconsin were able to hold M’s running game down was because M was one-dimensional and unable to present a consistent threat in the passing game, not because the run blocking was bad.


November 30th, 2017 at 11:03 AM ^

He also has to be evaluated as an OC since that is his job title.  Michigan ranked 84th in the country in scoring offense. If you are content with that then Drevno is the guy.  We had many close games, and some losses that happened because we couldn't score points.  If you are the OC of a team that cannot score points you shouldn't have a job.  It's as simple as that.


That is tied with Kentucky, Duke, and Nebraska BTW.


We were also ranked 101 out of 129 teams in total offense.


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Moorhead didn't call his own plays when he was the Fordham HC.  Breider was his OC for all 4 years at Fordham. 

If I had to bet on the new PSU OC, it's an interal promotion of Ricky Rahne. 

Rahne's been w/ Franklin for many years - K-State, Vandy and PSU.  Lot of specualtion he's being groomed for the role - the Moorhead departure wasn't unpredicted, after all.  Rahne called the plays in the 2016 Gator Bowl - the game where PSU did nothing in the first half with Hackenberg at the helm, then was fairly successful (though didn't come back to win) in the second half with McSorley in there.