Coaches trying Magnuson out at LG

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I thought he did well last week. Presser Link Here

NN ARBOR—Redshirt freshman Erik Magnuson had a strong showing at right tackle when he came on the field Saturday at Penn State in place of Michael Schofield who took over at left tackle when Taylor Lewan went down in the first half.

Magnuson impressed enough in fact that Michigan coach Brady Hoke says the 6-foot-6, 285-pounder is firmly in the mix and getting reps at left guard in practice.

“A little bit,” Hoke said of Magnuson’s work at left guard. “He hasn’t done it a lot but he’s a really athletic guy and he did some good things the other night that warrant trying to get the best five on the field.”

Redshirting a year ago to add weight to his slender frame, Magnuson has made significant strides in adding enough weight to get on the football field.

But if Hoke has his way, Magnuson will be even stronger when it’s all said and done.

“He’s got a quickness to him,” Hoke said. “He’s got good feet. That’s why we recruited him as a left tackle, because of his athleticism.

“What has kept him away from it as much as anything is he needs strength gains and unlike some of the guys, a guy like Kyle Bosch, who’s been in the weight room a lot -- Kyle wasn’t exactly a three sport athlete. Mags played lacrosse also so the lifting and all that kind of stuff.”

Asked whether or not he envisions any changes to the starting lineup on the offensive line this week against Indiana, Hoke left open that possibility.

“We’ll see,” he said. “Guys are working hard.”



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How dare you voice oppostion to the groupthink that kids will play well with more experience, coaching, time in the weight room and scheme familiarity vs. kids who have at least two years less experience but had five stars from Rivals.

The Michigan O-Line is going to be a bitch for other teams to deal with in about two years (possibly one given the youth coming in and getting time this year) but to expect pedigree to carry the day is ridiculous.


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If Michigan is not Wisconsin, and we have very little probability of developing into a Wisconsin over the next 6 games, and whenever Michigan pretends to be Wisconsin on offense, it gets knocked back for no gain or TFLs in embarrassing fashion, is it a bad idea to change strategy?

I can read UM's roster and the experience gap easy enough (3 seniors 1 sophomore, and a crapton of freshmen).  The UM coaches must be convinced that OL experience doesn't matter much in terms of the head ramming approach.



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Did anyone else think Joey B made some nice blocks on Saturday?  We had two runs in a row with positive yardage that were due to his blocks alone.  Although hard to believe we had two runs of positive yardage at all, I thought he looked good.

Would love others to either confirm or shoot down my wishful thinking.


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Good, we can all stop panicking now. We should totally roll through the rest of the season. Gotta commend the coaches for taking a good, long look in the mirror and realizing that Saturdays debacle was solely the fault of our left guard. It's not easy to make big changes like this, so these guys clearly deserve our respect


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having to constantly swap OLiners, it deflates confidence and can ruin a guys future with a poor performance. I still wonder if its more of a design of the play failing and a qb who doesn't step up that's the problem. I also feel Fitz isn't the best option we have but Hoke seems overly obsessed with seniors on the field.


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technique.   What happened to evaluating talent?   How can we be in the middle of the season and still not have a strong grasp of who the best interior linemen are on the team?   That is not result of athletes' inexperience, that is simply poor performance evaluation and talent assessment by the coaches.

1 percent

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I read this and assumed Kalis would be going to RG if they do throw in Mag at LG. Am I wrong? Was there more about that said he'd be out or was that just others assumptions?

Durham Blue

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is irritating.  The problem is not the players, IMO, it's play calling and technique.  It's coaching.  It's like saying Fitz sucks.  But does he really?  There are no holes to run through!


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For 27 yards! I can fucking get more yards then that and I'm 40 years old. I've seen enough of Fitz as the workhorse, give if to Green and Rawls and lets them go


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seems like he lost a step each week, don't Blake him he's fresh off a broken leg but I was hoping for a 2 back system and eventually lead back not this one mediocre at best lately back system.


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It's Aaron Wellman's fault. He doesn't work the guys hard enough. They can't get ant push up front and are constantly getting blown 2 yards back into the LOS

So as long as we are placing blame on everyone I'll pick Wellman.


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Having Mags play Tackle. Line Lewan and Schofield up next to each other, which was really working on a few runs a couple games ago. Magnuson showed he can play tackle well. Rather than ask the young guy to play inside, make Lewan or Schofield switch. And give us somebody to run behind.



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Mags would basically be playing left tackle. Athleticism and footwork are at a premium blocking the backside, and if he shows he can hold down the blindside, then play action becomes a realistic possibility. Plus game experience playing next to Lewan could jump start a move to left tackle next year.


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Uncle fester is as creative as a jello mold and SOMEONE is too stubborn to utilize what we have. This Damn obsession with establishing the run game between the tackles vs using guys like funches and gallon on bubble screens, shotgun draw plays, for cripes sakes, Brian Griese, God love the kid, was one of the slowest kids I've met but managed to run bootleg pass plays like is our problem offensively that DCs can read our offense better than our own OC obviously can.
the staff is troubleshooting the electrical system when we were out of fuel the whole time...thats what this freakin feels like...bout ready to burn my tickets, spare myself the suffering and just say fuck it if this is the product I am paying an arm and a leg to watch....morons. stop being so damn stubborn and step back, see what you have and use it...and obvious as that seems it is that damn easy.


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We're on game seven and it still seems too akin to pressers from the Spring...

Idk guys. What I do know is I constantly think of how morbid this OL is and realize there's two future NFL draft picks on the bookends of the unit.

Next year's line will struggle even more if this season's line does not meet cohesion.

This year is it.

Cranky Dave

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I haven't focused on Funk's background and credentials until now but after doing a very quck search I wonder if he is really the guy to coach a power running O line.  He's only been coaching FBS O-lines since '04 and hasn't spent more than 3 years at any school.  This indicates to me that he's never really had to recruit and develop a line. 


Year Team Position
2011-present Michigan Offensive Line
2009-10 San Diego State Offensive Line
2008 Ball State Offensive Line
2004-07 Colorado State Offensive Line
2003 Colorado State Special Teams, Tight Ends
2002 Northern Illinois Tight Ends
2000-01 Rhode Island Def. Coordinator
1998-99 Rhode Island Offensive Line
1995-97 Mesa State College Off. Coordinator/OL
1993-94 Mesa State College Offensive Line
1991-92 Muskingum College Def. Coordinator/DL
1990 Muskingum College Defensive Line
1988-89 Illinois Graduate Assistant
1987 Colorado State Student Assistant 

Below is a highlight from his official bio on where there is no mention of the running game, only number of sacks allowed. 

"In 2010, Funk's line at San Diego State finished sixth in fewest sacks allowed, while Ball State ranked 10th in 2008. Funk helped the Aztecs finish the 2010 season ranked 12th nationally in passing offense, averaging just over 295 yards per game, and 16th in total offense (456.69 ypg). "

I couldn't find any reference to Colorado St. lineman being drafted or all conference-not saying there weren't any, I just didn't find anything.  In his only year at Ball State there were 3 all conference linemen, one of whom (Robert Brewster) was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2009 draft but is no longer in the NFL and there are no OL from San Diego St. in the NFL.   

Based purely on the resume is there any reason to believe that Funk is the right guy to be a long term line coach for a MANBALL offense?