Coaches tell McCray 2 LBs in this class

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This from McCray's commitment article on 247 (Free). Interesting to hear, and definitely negates what a lot of people think. I'm still not sure that if Gedeon committed, the coaches would not take Levenberry. It will be interesting for sure.

“I just told them how I’ve been feeling and that I was committing to the University of Michigan and they got really excited,” McCray said, adding that the coaching staff told him they’re only taking two linebackers.…



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Well according to Ace's Tuesday Recruiting post the coaches told E.J. Levenberry that he has a spot no matter what if he wants to commit. So this sounds like there is a final spot between Gedeon, O'Daniel and Levenberry with only one to commit and we only reach three if Gedeon or O'Daniel commit before Levenberry and he still wants to come here.


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I think its a sensitive situation.  For instance, if the coaches planned on reserving a spot for Levenberry and taking two more linebackers, what do they tell recruits?  Do they tell them that they are taking three, but only if they get Levenberry, and if they don't get Levenberry, they are only taking 2? I doubt it.

Alternatively, If they say they are taking three and then they get two early and start pulling every other offeree's offer except for Levenberry's, then they look like liars and A-holes. 

I think they take two and still honor Levenberry's offer.  Doesn't guarantee that we get him, but I think we'll take him if he wants to come. Same thing that happened with J. Ross last year.


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I wouldn't take an off-hand comment, that isn't even directly quoted, in 247 too seriously. I wouldn't be surprised if Hoke told him that the plan is to take 2 LBs, but that there are also spaces open for the best available athlete regardless of position.


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the coaches are clearly holding spots open for 1 other LB (Gedeon, Odaniel, etc) plus Levenberry.  So assuming Levenberry is in this class they will take 3.  Otherwise they may just take 2 total.


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staff makes to a recruit/commit.  11 months until NLOI Day -- nothing can be set in stone, and even the best laid plans are subject to change.


Just sit back and enjoy the ride.


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because the staff has apparently told at least one recruit that there's only room for two LBs but told Levenberry that he'll have a spot no matter what.  The only way that makes obvious sense is if the staff pulls all of its LB offers now that McCray has committed (thereby leaving Levenberry w/ the chance to be the 2nd).   There may be a very good explanation for this, but, like I said, it's interesting.


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You're still not accounting for the fact that this is not a direct quote from the coaches.  They could have easily said, we "need to take 2 LBs in this class," meaning they would take a third as a luxury, or that they "plan on taking 2 LBs," meaning it is only March.  If they indeed said what you say, that "there is only room for 2,"  then your assessment holds, but no one knows if they said that or not.


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The fact that it is only March and even if they only want two LB's this class regardless of Levenberry and any other commits that may or may not happen, we still haven't seen anything in regards to what attrition does to a team over a long off season and through a season with injuries and issues that college aged kids often have.  By the time signing day comes around who is to say we don't have a need for four LB's?


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I don't understand why we speculate the target numbers at each position for the recruiting staff instead of just asking? Didn't mgoblog have an audience with Hoke, Borges, the OL coaches...why not just ask how many of what the staff needs to take? I'd imagine recruiting needs change up a little with recruiting momentum, but for the most part our needs aren't changing.

Feels like when a new pledge provides any info on the staff's intent for filling out the class, it's hot news. As if the pledge is telling us something we're not supposed to know. But this isn't really inside information off the table to anyone, is it? It makes me think the staff just tells the pledges things it wants repeated, possibly to light a fire under other recruits to accept their offers or make one top recruit feel very special.

As in, "We're only taking two LBs..." so days later when Gedeon commits, Levenberry can be told, "But for you, we'll make an acception". Boom. 3 top LBs.


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As Sam Webb has said, you have a potential problem if you tell kids that you only have two spots, get two of the guys to commit w/out taking visits that they might like to have taken, etc., and then add a third guy.  The first two guys may well say, "Hey, why was I told I had to rush when this guy was able to jump on board at the last minute?"


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This is exactly the point. If they are telling McCray that they are taking two, then take three, how do they look as far as honesty goes. One big reason many of the 2013 recruits have said they committed was how honest and real the staff is with recruits. Again, McCray's comment could have been taken out of context, but it still is a pretty interesting quote.


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How does MGoBlog have an audience with the coaching staff? Other than Brian attending some coaching clinics (which aren't about Michigan's recruiting strategy) and Heiko going to press conferences (which are never about recruiting), when are they going to talk to the staff? It's not like they have Hoke on speedial. And I doubt Hoke and Co would let any of the information on their recruiting out. If other coaching staffs got wind of it, they'd have info that they could possibly use to negative recruit.


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Oh, just a little word I made up to get called out on. It's a combination of "exception" and "acceptance", as in, Michigan would make an exception for a top athlete's acceptance of a scholly offer at a position in excess of the intended number.


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The problem with asking the coaches is that they don't really know.  They don't know that they'll have any more than 16 spots to fill at this point.  But they might have 24.  That's a big swing and it will have a big impact on how many guys they take at each spot. 

A lot of this is speculation and estimation at this point. 

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Maybe the coaches have told kids in essence "here is the class breakdown as we see it," and that includes two linebackers.  But they may also have said they are holding a couple "wild card" slots that will go to the best available players even though that may exceed the projected number for a given spot.  Like if a top OL wanted to come and we had the five we want already.  Or a top LB wanted to commit and we had our two already.


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if Levenberry wants to commit to UM at the Army game, and there's still a spot, the coaches will call McCray and say "we're going to take a 3rd LB."  i doubt that they will hide it from him.

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Maybe did a run down of their plan and had 2 spots for best available.  Him saying the coaches said only 2 LBs may be true, but not the full story.  Sometimes you have to ask the right questions to get the right info.

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It'd be a shame to turn away either Gedeon or O'Daniel.  Gedeon is going to eb a stud, but O'Daniel is just so fast on tape and looks to have a ton of potential.  What has been said above is what I was thinking, 2 LBs, but they'd take a 3rd if it was Levenberry and Levenberry only.


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After seeing Dorian O'Daniels highlight tape, he would be my #1 pick at linebacker. Kid looks like Tyrone Wheatley running the ball also. (Maybe not as fast.)


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Didnt  Sam say in the recruiting roundup that the reason he took back his quote on twitter about the caoches taking more than 2 LB's was because the kids didnt know.  And he said this morning that all the kids were understanding if they took more than 2 LB's.  Also, Mccray technically committed yesterday, so this 247 quote was from yesterday before he talked to the coaches.


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Let's prolong this discussion and see how many more ways we can find to say the same thing. I do think the OP was worthwhile, but basically most everyone is saying we may take 3 if #3 is a stud -- which I agree with. Like someone said, it's very early. Relax and enjoy.


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would be if one of our linebackers in a current class ends his career by medical hardship or moves positions. That would add a spot right? dont ask me who this would be but just a scenario that could happen by the end of the year.


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I guess this counts as a good problem but I couldn't help but feel disappointed if we didn't get O'Daniel or Levenberry (though he's been told he has a reserved spot) because of the number crunch.