Coach Rod "Tate is the man now."

Submitted by Brother Mouzone on September 13th, 2009 at 1:44 PM

From his live interview on ESPN.

No surprise. He did add that Robinson has only been on campus a few weeks.

He said something about Death, which my ears tuned out.



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Not to nitpick, but that's not quite what he said. He was asked basically why Tate wasn't the man (starter). He said, "Well, I think there's a lot of people that think he's the man right now."

He then went on to say that they still have a lot of confidence in all three, and the season is early. Like you stated, Denard has only been in the program for 4 weeks, so he'll continue to learn and be a part of the offense.

He kind of avoided the question, like he has before.


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Trust me, RR has NO CONFIDENCE in Nick Sheridan. He's just giving Coachspeak.

Tate is the starter, DROB is the change of pace guy. RR must call plays designed for DRob to throw. He has to keep the defense honest.

Sheridan is there to signal in plays.

Tha Quiet Storm

September 13th, 2009 at 2:29 PM ^

looking over towards the sideline at the beginning of each of our possessions and expecting to see Sheridan coming in at some point. It was a great relief to see him with his red wristband and white ballcap each and every time. I think RR has the situation figured out - he knows who can play and who cannot.


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change of pace guy'. I think he'll get plenty of reps with the offense against both Eastern and Indiana, and if he passes his 'audition', he will continue to get snaps. I like what he brings to the table, hopefully he can continue to grow into the position.


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I was surprised the announcers let it go, but it became obvious that Forcier is the only QB RR trusts to play at a high level right now. You can definitely tell who RR holds in how much esteem by how much and when they play.

I have been on the "Sheridan for fast track to GA" bandwagon since last year, so I definitely agree with that sentiment in this thread. He could end up coaching UM in twenty years or so.