Coach Nussmeier Speech and Q&A in Ann Arbor Last Week

Submitted by MGoUberBlue on March 28th, 2014 at 10:09 AM

New Offensive Coordinator Doug Nussmeier appeared at a private dinner that was attended by about 100 men in Ann Arbor.  He gave a short speech and then participated in a Q&A session.  Overall, I was very impressed with Nussmeier during the entire evening. 

He looks and talks like a former quarterback who has had success coaching QB’s and the offense.  He looks as if he could put on the pads and play at his current age.  He speech pattern is quick; he was in constant motion moving around the podium as he spoke.

Coach Nuss played it close to the vest and obviously did not provide any confidential information.  He explained that he spoke with a number of other coaches prior to taking the Michigan position and feels honored to be at Michigan working with Brady Hoke, who he says is universally well liked and respected in the NCAA coaching community.  He mentioned the tradition, academic reputation and all of the other positive aspects of the university as attractive factors in his decision to come north.

He is very enthusiastic about being at Michigan and living in Ann Arbor.  Regarding the current team, he noted that they are extremely young and inexperienced on the offense.  He stated that the two most important things he is trying to convey to the offense is to contain the line of scrimmage and protect the quarterback, quoting some statistics of how the ability to score decreases substantially when a quarterback is sacked in any offensive series.  He emphasized that QB is the most difficult position to play on a football team.  He was very positive about what Devin Gardner brings to the team.  In response to a specific question Coach Nuss stated that Shane Morris “has all the talent in the world and only lacks experience, as he has played only one game during his short career at Michigan.”  Further, he was very complimentary of freshman quarterback Speight.

Audience members posed questions about the comparison of recruiting in the SEC versus the B1G; Coach Saban compared to Hoke; and his intent to stay at UM over the long haul.  He adroitly dodged those with a splendid sense of humor.  The crowd was really enthusiastic about Coach Nussmeier in control of our offense.



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amazing how far off my radar football is.  Not just right now, this minute, but it is becoming the norm.  I do not await the end of August in the same way I await the end of October.  Bizarro world.


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I love basketball. I love all the success michigan is having. The tourney is unique and unlike all other sporting events.

That being said, at least in my mind football trumps all. It is my first true love (athletics wise) and it takes precedent. I currently coach both sports at the HS level. I probably spend three times the amount of energy on football as opposed to BBall.

Just can't bare myself to be more excited about BBall then football.

That being said, Go Blue! Beat TN

no joke its hoke

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i agree. I noticed last year I didn't even really care it was getting close to football season. then after the season started I REALLY didn't care it started lol. hopefully I'll be more into it this year. after the last 7-8 years of college football I just lose more and more interests


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I was there as well and enjoyed what Coach Nussmeier had to say.  His response to the difference in recruiting between the Big Ten and the SEC was pretty funny.  He also said his ultimate goal is to be a head coach with the caveat that he would always rather be the OC of a champion than the HC of a mediocre team.  Overall, I left optimistic with the direction the offense appears to be heading.  


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At a local golf & CC trying to get members to generate cash flow during the winter.

Not elite at all, just guys who pay the dues line after the join line and their guests.

There were also a bunch of former players, most who played for Bump Elliott and then Bo.


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I am optimistic about the offense this upcoming season. But not overly optimistic though.

Nussmeier really only has to figure out how to get the RBs positive yards and this offense will be pretty good.

He has inhertied really good and deep WR, RB and TE groups. QBs aren't too bad either. I don't know if there are other groups in the BIG that I would trade for.



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I'm not sure I agree with the TEs.  Until Butt comes back, we have a guy who has caught one ball ever and a guy who played DE last fall.  And a true frosh, if he plays.  And walk ons.  Once Butt comes back, things look better, but they'll still be led by a sophomore coming off ACL sugery.  WR and RB I agree with though.


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I am disappointed that Nussmeier doesn't know about Morris's playing time in other games last year. He must not be doing his homework. Fire Nussmeier!!!!!!!!!1!!!!1