Coach Montgomery gives Craft the staredown

Submitted by drewro02 on February 6th, 2013 at 1:48 AM

Did anyone else notice Coach Montgomery giving Craft the staredown when he dribbled the ball out of bounds in OT. Chris Singletary gives him some staredown action to go along with it too. Those are two scary dudes, and you gotta love the football staff getting involved in the basketball program too!




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I would have liked to give Craft a "stare-down" when he was laying on floor at the end of the game with an entitled look on his face.


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He hit a three like a second and a half after the shot clock expired.  He can take his look and shove it, that game should never have gone to OT. Oh and while we're on the subject, he was hammering everybody all night and had carte blanche (plus he raked THJ across the face).  Ohio got every single break last night, Craft and his look can blow me.

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All ball?  You be the judge.  This photo's even more damning than the first one I posted.  I'll admit that last night, at first I didn't think it was such a terrible call.  But the video and the stills (yes I know all about how stills can be misleading as to live action) show that there was a foul.


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The play was a no call based on the previous Craft foul on GRIII.  The refs (correctly) decided not to call a flagrant and instead let the players determine the outcome of the game.  After not calling what could have been a flagrant by Craft for contact above the shoulders, they had to be consistent and let Timmy have an opportunity to make his defensive play.

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"It was a make-up no-call"?  I don't expect that will ever be an official explanation.

I think the no-call on Craft's foul of GRIII was a good call.  Clearly no intent to get Robinson in the face, though he certainly did.

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get a still shot of the foul that Craft gave to GRIII and explain to me how his intention was not to absolutely smash him with that foul.  He was pissed that he got blocked from behind by Burke and took it out on GRIII.  


 You are disecting this with still shots and again my point is its not a blatantly obvious foul real time...eveyone on tv and in the stadium thought it was a clean block.  I am sure if the refs are looking at your still shots then maybe they would say ya thats a foul.  The game was at high speed at that point.  

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If anything, that picture is exculpatory.  There is no visible illegal contact in that picture.  Hardaway's long arm reaches around Craft's head and gets all ball (plus fingers that are  "
partofthe ball".  Prior or subsequent frames in the sequence might tell a different story, but from this picture we get evidence of THJ making an amazing play.


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Holy shit man, are you aware that every last post of yours is absolutely moronic? I've seen nothing but -1 posts from you for the past couple weeks, whenever it was that you made that shitty ass thread declaring yourself a late-80s Michigan grad and how our sports in general weren't up to snuff these days.

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Tonight was a classic, but I would argue that IU-Butler was a pretty darn amazing game. Even IU-MSU, Butler-Zaga, and Zona-Florida are right there. IU-UM was big because of the teams, but the game was always just out of reach for us so it didn't have that drama at the end. I thought about including a couple Wisconsin games as well, but even nail biters with them are unwatchable.


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I love this team and love up and down high energy games, but I also loved watching the Bad Boys and appreciate games where each possession is "valuable".

I don't mind watching teams get after it on defense.  OT in this last game didn't have a ton of baskets, but I wouldn't call it "unwatchable", yeah?


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Good to see football and basketball supporting one another. It's better than KU, where the hoops team and football team started brawling. It's funny, they only fought when Turner Gill was the coach. When Mark Mangino was the coach, no one wanted to fight that football team. Now they have Charlie Weis - that hire makes much more sense now.


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I want all our coaches to be polite on the outside but secretly hate the living eff bomb out of the Buckeyes like I do.  We need that instensity in recruiting, scheming, practice and game time.



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Hell yeah i saw that...Also saw Hoke, D Rob, J Kovaks, D Brandon, Jake Ryan....Hell, even Big Dog showed up... GO BLUE

Great Fucking Day

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(actually, I could -- I could disagree with the statement that Craft is a great player).  He played textbook defense, moving his feet and darting his hands in and out.  He was a nightmare to play against, but that is, when the final whistle blows, to his credit only.

The only play that might be called dirty was the foul at the end of OT.  There, however, I think the refs got it right:  Craft was going for the ball, albeit a bit recklessly.  And even that was a smart play.  You make sure you get the foul instead of letting that ball go down to the Michigan side of the court for the last 8 seconds.



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..but I hate him and I wish someone would punch him square in the face.  I know, that is horrible.  I don't care.  He's probably the most annoying player in the country currently. 


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I wonder how your team/players' reputation impacts the reffing.  For example, Craft is known for his "excellent defense" which I interpret as "he can throw people to the floor and not get called for it".  Similarly with teams like MSU who are known to "play tough", it seems like more no-calls because of that "tough" reputation.

Versus Michigan which is more finesse (for lack of a better word), and gets called ticky tack fouls frequently when there's little/no contact.

Of course, maybe I'm making the whole thing up.

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He's frustrating to watch because he's good.  Was also impressed by what he showed on offense -- only 1 assist but not afraid to score.

Bottom line, though: after three tough outings, Burke finally half-solved him:  15 points with 8:2 assist-to-turnovers against one of the best defenders in college ball is a VERY good night.


February 6th, 2013 at 1:03 PM ^

Actually, he is frustrating to watch because he is only half good and gets blown by every announcer on tv. His offense is atrocious and his defense is above average. He is known as a great on-ball defender, so he gets away with using his hands instead of an arm bar, which makes him an even better defender. He is short and quick, which is why he isn't nearly as effective against taller point guards. He matches up well with Burke, but overall he is an average college basketball player who is a good defender. Also, he has a punchable face.


February 6th, 2013 at 2:38 PM ^

He moves well, stays low and doesn't try to block shots, instead he tries to swipe the ball below the waist.  But, a great player?  Could he start for us?  Who would he replace in our line up?