Coach Mark Dantonio: On the Hot Seat?

Submitted by JonSnow54 on October 20th, 2018 at 5:40 PM

In his last 33 games, MSU coach Mark Dantonio has a less than impressive record with only 17 wins to show for his efforts, while racking up 16 losses.  One has to wonder if the game of football has passed him by, or if he has lost his team. 

For a program like MSU to scuffle to a record barely above .500 for running on three years now is, in a word, unacceptable.  With results like this, it is no wonder the media has latched on to this narrative and won't stop beating the drum about Dantonio's recent success, or lack thereof.  Can Coach Dantonio provide a consistent winning culture?  Are his methods outdated?  Is he over-rated?  When taken as a whole, it's a shock he hasn't been fired already.

With the prolonged stretch of mediocre results on the field, it is safe to assume Coach Dantonio has held on to his job only due to his integrity and the high level of mentorship he provides to the young men on his team.




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Maybe my satire was too subtle, or maybe I just completely failed in the execution - if so, I'll take the L. 

This was not a shot at Dantonio - this was a shot at all the garbage "9-9 in the last 18 games" hot takes and anti-Harbaugh pieces from earlier this year.  Of course Dantonio isn't on the hot seat, and Harbaugh never was either.


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With results like this, it is no wonder the media has latched on to this narrative and won't stop beating the drum about Dantonio's recent success, or lack thereof.

This line was when I realized what you were going for. :) There's no media narrative about D'antoni because MSU football is irrelevant.


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As the broadcast said during the game, he has the 2nd most wins behind Duffy Daughtery for MSU.  Hes probably there for life.  So if the game has passed him by, that's great for us.


I do think their O coordinator Warner is gone.  Lots of hate online about him


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Are you kidding me with this? The guy just went 10-3 last year.  And he beat Penn State last week.  Our defense was just that much better than any other unit on the field.  Let’s not pour dirt on the disrespekt grave just yet.  

Perkis-Size Me

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No way in hell. Best MSU coach in the last 50 years and he is the best chance for beating Michigan that they’ve got. There is no one they can hire who will match the intensity and focus he brings to that game. 

He’s not going anywhere until he retires. 


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LMAO. If 3-9 and more headlines in the police blotter than ESPN didn't do it, I don't think he will be after getting the team ranked with half of them injured and then using smoke and mirrors to make UMich nervous until the last couple minutes.

And with Davis going down, he'll get a pass on the rest of the season too.


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he's not getting the OSU hand me downs he used to get when Tressel was in Columbus.  Dantonio has to develop more players than he did before and its just harder to do, doubly hard when you suffer alot of injuries.  Truth be told I knew MSU was desperate when they brought Reschke back, kids a cancer but MSU needs him.

Dantonio's very safe


...unless they actually get serious about looking into some of "those incidents"


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I know this has been discussed here before, and time and time again, I am sure the consensus is that he is not - and indeed, he may never be. It always seems like they are so grateful for this time in East Lansing that they will allow him to retire on his own terms. Now, who comes after that and what MSU looks like after that, we have no clue, but I think for the purposes of MSU, Dantonio can write his own ticket.


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There is no way he is on the hot seat. Like dipshit valenti said...he needs to fire his friends and hire some coordinators. Some big name guys. Quit playing conservative all the time. 

His defense works. It’s not flashy but they do it soundly. They do it well. Hire yourself a stud OC or you will dwell in mediocrity. 


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NOW.... satire in the OP aside,  IF Dantonio has another loss beside the almost-certain one against Ohio State that's coming up, you MIGHT start hearing some rumblings from the fans.



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.500 is about right for MSU with Michigan, PSU, and OSU all being pretty decent every year. 

Mork made his name in a big 10 where Michigan and PSU both suck. It’s a different world. 


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Most people would have said yes in light of all the off field issues that sprung up last year and the school's culture of covering up... But people say all sorts of bullshit when they're in a good mood and want to appear magnanimous.

Yes he should be fired. Him and Izzo both. Losing is not a substitute for justice.


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He’s likely the second best coach in the history of MSU football. He’s also one of the better coaches in the country, as much as I hate to admit it. He’s not going anywhere. 


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Not on the hot seat but MSU peaked about 3-4 seasons ago. He and the program are on the downside or just a returning to average. They somehow won 9 games last season which has disguised this.