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So I'm assuming Hoke is going to be giving a half-time speech at the basketball game. With that being said what do you want him to say?  I'd like to say I want him to say something like Tressel did but then it'd just be what Tressel did so I'm not really sure what to hope for other than something that gets me pumped and looking forward to our 2011 Football Squad and not just hoping we don't get blown out.


What about you guys? Is there anything Hoke could say at halftime that would quiet the non-believers (SHUN THE NON-BELIEVERS!, search YouTube for Charlie the Unicorn, I'd link but YT is blocked at work...)?  Either way, here's hoping it gets everyone pumped up and, fingers crossed, we start his tenure off with the BBall team beating tOSU.


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 I'd like to say I want him to say something like Tressel did but then it'd just be what Tressel did so I'm not really sure what to hope for other than something that gets me pumped and looking forward to our 2011 Football Squad and not just hoping we don't get blown out.


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No half-time speech? That's a bummer, I'd think that'd be a great time to get the student-body pumped up and excited and to do it when we're playing tOSU is just perfect timing IMO.


P.S. Isn't my sentence, while insanely long, still grammatically correct (probably missing a few commas according to modern English rules)?


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Ron English was a good D coordinator, the best we've had in years. I realize a lot of people on this blog like trashing former coaches and coordinators and take it as axiomatic that these people were failures, but their records while they were at Michigan indicate otherwise.

I think there's a good chance Hoke will work out, and I think M fans need to stop acting as if they're superior to this hire.


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I want to hear him talk about beating OSU and winning NCs.  I don't want to hear him dither on about tradition, history and all that other bullshit.  I just want to know he is here to win games.  Period.


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"Priority number one is getting to know the current players. We've started that, and it's great how they buy in to Michigan. I can't tell who loves this place more - me or them. Priority number two is recruiting - bringing in new freshmen to the Michigan family. Priority number three is getting the defense on track - I think we've got the personnel, we just need to suceed. Finally, I want to continue those things that Coach Rodriguez succeeded at here - offensively, and off the field. There's a reason we have the B1G POY.

And if we do all of that, we should succeed in our ultimate goal - beating Ohio State in 318 days. If we go 13-1 and win a National Title, but lose to Ohio State, I'll consider the season a failure. Our goal is to beat Ohio State. And that's how we're going to do it."


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As long as he throws the obligatory "if we do all those things" in there he's just saying if we're totally awesome and we're the best team on the field we should beat them.  As long as he doesn't say "We are going to beat OSU in 318 - write it down" he's fine. Tressel did the same kind of thing - just said they'd be proud of their young men in 300(ish) days. That's not saying they are going to win but it feeds into the emotion that is the UM-OSU rivalry.


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The Halftime Introduction of Brady Hoke should be emceed by Denard Robinson. I don't care what he says after that. He can go all " double rainbow guy" and play chariots of fire after that. I just want to know that the most dangerous player ( and obvious heisman front runner) is going to be wearing maize and blue. Imagine how much love and goodwill he could attract from that happening.

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"Brady Hoke's University of Michigan."

btw:  Did anybody check out this hire with Braylon Edwards?  Does Braylon get final approval?  Is it before or after the Regents vote?


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I'm not sure what he's going to say, but I feel a little better about him being hired after I looked up San diego State's team stats for this season.  His QB threw for over 3800 yards.  His RB ran for over 1500 yards.  He had two receivers with over 1200 yards..


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I did the same thing...looked up SDSU's record and Hoke's boys did well.  They put a heck of a lot more points on the board against TCU than did Wiscy at the Rose Bowl.  Their other losses against ranked opponents were very close, and I doubt they had the talent we have.

I for one, after the last three years, will definitely give him the benefit of the doubt.

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Chengelis said on twitter that they won't introduce him at the game due to potential pesky OSU fans. She doesn't make stuff up, though she also said they might change their mind.


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I would rather him not say anything at halftime.  It would seem too Tressel-like, but more so I fear he might say something 'wrong' or something the media or opposing fans could spin the wrong way (i.e. talking about beating OSU would lead to him "not being focused" or "creating too much hype without proving anything" or "giving OSU bulletin board material already" etc). 

I want things to go smoothly for him here and get off to a good start.  I wouldn't mind seeing him show up at the game and the crowd at Crisler giving him a standing ovation, but thats about it.