Coach Hoke Releases Statement on Frank Clark Arrest

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S/O to Maizenbrew for the report. Hoke has not yet spoken with Clark and will do so "at the appropriate time", presumably when he's out of jail. Assuming that this is it for his time in the program. Link below.



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Wait a minute. Where's the apology to Dantonio?

ETA: I posted that before I read the statement. Fortunately I don't have to revise it... In all seriousness, I hope the allegations prove false, for everyone's sake. But if FC committed another crime...ugh, see ya.


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Also, it's funny how people turn on a dime on jokes. For a long time, any joke about being fully aware or having a good practice was upvoted like crazy, and then all of a sudden everyone starts downvoting them and talking about how stale and unoriginal they are. Obviously jokes do get old, but it's pretty amazing how it seems that the change is almost instantaneous.

I should try to really experiment with it, but I swear people are more likely to upvote something with upvotes already and likewise for downvoting


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Michigan coach Brady Hoke has not spoken with Frank Clark but plans on doing it at the appropriate time.


The same thing can also be said for Clark's future with the program.

Literally what the hell does that even mean?



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Will probably wait until he has spoken with Frank before booting him from the team. It's important to follow The Process, after all.



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Is the sarcasm having to do with Hoke not booting him now, discussion of the "Process", or something else?  Because I'd kinda hope the head coach would talk to a player and find out what actually happened before he kicked him off the team.  But again, I'm a slave to due process.


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I completely agree, and remember that we don't even know what Clark is alleged to have done yet, let alone whether he'll be convicted of it/plea to it. I think even more caution than usual is the right path, compared to cases where there are witness accounts/photos/video that come out before the case ever sees the inside of a courtroom.

Bando Calrissian

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I mean, if Clark is in jail over a weekend without bond, there's very little chance Hoke can get in touch with him over the phone, much less hoof it down to Ohio to visit him (if that's even allowed). Heck, since it's a bye weekend, isn't Hoke out recruiting? This is a completely reasonable response, though given its brevity, I'm not sure why it couldn't have been released at approximately noon instead of 8PM. 

We'll know more tomorrow, and as of right now, we probably know just as much as Hoke does given the nature and timing of the case.


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That many (most) see Brady Hoke as Fired Man Walking and thus anything and everything he says or does is open to the most deragotory interpretations, so he must be mocked, mocked, mocked.  This isn't to imply all of those that believe Hoke is just biding time until he's fired are mocking him, merely that a few vile haterz have rubbed a couple of neurons together to form snark and mock.


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I don't think you can bail him out until Monday. I've had some friends arrested on weekends and I'm pretty sure they have to sit until business hours resume, normally Monday 9am but if Mon is a holiday (like my buddy who got arrested Memorial Day weekend one time) the accused sits until Tues at 9am.

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This article and a few others confirm that Clark is being held without bond at the moment and that the hearing to determine it will be tomorrow morning at 9 AM. I assume we'll probably know much more by lunchtime tomorrow as it seems this is all we're going to hear for the the remainder of the evening.