Coach Harbaugh Tweets Congratulations to UM Bball

Submitted by Indy Pete - Go Blue on March 25th, 2018 at 12:16 PM

Coach Harbaugh sent out a classy tweet congratulating the Men's basketball team and Coach Beilein.  He did this knowing that many bitter and mean-spirited people would respond with cutting remarks on Twitter (which they did in grand fashion).  He sent the tweet any way, at substantial personal cost, because he is proud of the team and proud of Coach Beilein.  Beilein and Harbaugh have stated in interviews that they communicate in texts.  Harbaugh has certainly reached out to Beilein multiple times during this incredible season.  However, he made this public statement to show his support for all to see.  I have always had great respect for Coach Harbaugh, but this is a whole new level of humility and leadership that increased my affinity for him.  We have some incredible coaches at Michigan.  In my mind, I hear James Earl Jones saying, "The greatest university in the world.'  I am proud of Coach Harbaugh, and of course - proud of Coach Beilein.  Go blue!


Congratulations on the big 〽️ win & trip to the Final Four! Fun to watch our team, expertly coached, extremely talented & great Team chemistry! Familar territory for Michigan teams coached by @johnbeilein. Proud of the way the fans & the team represented our great university.

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Took any less flack his first few years? Some day we will look back and laugh at Coach Harbaugh haters a lot like we do at Coach B haters. Both turned around struggling programs. Both had some stumbles and rough seasons. Let it play out and see what you think after his first decade. 8 years from now we may be wishing the new Bball coach could keep up with Harbaugh. Last year was a stink fest but Coach B has had some stretches like that.


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We are suppose to all be fans of Michigan .... that is just a poor statement.

JH wants to win and is a winner (no losing records here) and Coach B has had his ups and downs as well but is putting it together this year.  No one is perfect ..... it was a nice tweet by JH.  Your comment is just not worth making.   Just terrible.


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Yeah if only Harbaugh could have went 46-53 his first 3 years at Michigan! Everyone would love him like we love Belein I just know it.  You can eat a bag of dicks


I will say that Harbaugh congratulating the bball team and Belein is not really brave or even thread worthy. If he didnt tweet that, then we might have something to talk about.


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However, he made this public statement to show his support for all to see.  I have always had great respect for Coach Harbaugh, but this is a whole new level of humility and leadership that increased my affinity for him.  

I love Harbaugh and absolutely believe he will win a national champioship in the next few years, but yeah, he tweeted congratulations.  Why would we be surprised?  The op is acting like he saved a kid from a burning building.   

Indy Pete - Go Blue

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I think it would be pretty painful to send a very kind-hearted tweet glorifying the head coach of the team that is stealing your thunder and causing many people to say, 'Michigan is a basketball school'.  He has been getting heat from the media and the fanbase relentlessly.  Most people would have trouble putting themself into this vulnerable position welcoming further insult and scrutiny on twitter.  Maybe you don't consider that substantial, and I respect your opion.  But I personally would consider that to be a painful burden to take for tweeting, and I think many other would as well.  Just b/c he makes > $7 million and is famous does not mean that he does not have feelings.


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My sense of Harbaugh is that he’s not some insecure little milquetoast who would take umbrage at some media member calling Michigan a “basketball school.” He knows he has to improve the team’s performance. You must think he’s so insecure that tweeting out congratulations to a colleague is some sort of huge burden on hiim. From all that we’ve seen and heard and read about Harbaugh, I think it’s part of his DNA to be supportive of fellow Michigan coaches. I’d be more surprised if he didn’t congratulate Beilein publicly.

Indy Pete - Go Blue

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Maybe I did not give him enough credit in that regard.  He handled this situation beautifully - giving specific praise to Beilein in a way that no one is giving Harbaugh right now.  That is first class humility and leadership in my book.  It is good to see that most people agree.  Michigan has a great culture and mostly great fans.  It is just a few outspoken bitter people who give us a black eye (not unlike the board here).


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Sometimes you get the feeling that coaches in that situation are just giving lip service. “Expertly” and “familiar territory” are statements made by someone who is not insecure about his fan base favoring another coach/sport.


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It's a tweet. Harbaugh does not sit on Twitter all day measuring himself by the retweets and likes he gets. He's supporting his school and a fellow coach. He'll do the same if hockey wins today. 


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Please Jim please take notes. Theres nothing more i would love than to watch you and coach Beilein kick MSU and OSU ass and bring home championships. 


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Why would we be surprised that our Football coach congratulated our basketball team? Why would he worry about snark? Why would there be any personal cost? Why does this post seem so much more dramatic than it needs to be? I have so many questions. Harbaugh congratulated the team just like Beilein would have done for our football team if we were going to the playoffs. It is a nice thing for him to do, but far from some huge statement. 


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At the end of the day when it comes to football I’m not sure who else we go get. Harbaugh has proven himself a good coach at other places and did have great success here his first two years. The current trajectory is not great but let’s see what happens over the next two years. If we go 8-5 or something similar over the next two years then Harbaugh probably deserves whatever criticism he gets. At the end of the day our coaches’ success or failures is not something we can control. If people want to voice their displeasure it’s a free country but not sure what good it does.

I hope Harbaugh gets us to where we want to go just like I wish success for all our leaders.


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Back when Beilein was hired ppl wanted Pitino here. Yet Beilein is still coaching and Pitino has had scandal after scandal at Louisville that led to his ousting. Moral of the story...the popular obvious pick sometimes may not be the correct one. I think Harbaugh can and will win here, but if he doesn’t our Beilein in football may be out there waiting for that call.


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You must take Twitter and people’s responses to your tweets really seriously. I mean, what else is Harbaugh going to do? Harbaugh has always shown support for other Michigan coaches and sports. Weren’t there sightings of him just showing up at random practices and greeting other players in the past? He’s just being gracious and supporting a fellow U of M coach. That’s what he’s supposed to do. In fact, I’d be more disappointed if he didn’t publicly tweet something in support.


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Jeez, ease up on the hyperbole. I would definitely have no problem tweeting about a school I love even it meant braving the "harsh" comments of internet randos. And I don't have the years of experience Harbaugh has and the millions of dollars to keep me warm at night (proof that I actually know what I'm doing).