Coach Harbaugh in favor of new satellite camp rule

Submitted by Amaizing Blue on October 6th, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Pretty self-explanatory title.  His reasoning is that if everyone does 10, then the total number being done will be more than if a few schools do a lot more than 10 and everyone else does zero.

Brilliant PR move, as it takes the focus off recruiting and puts it on teaching kids.  That's not to say he isn't 100% sincere in his reasoning, as I think he is.…



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Chess move by Harbaugh. While the NCAA is focusing on our queen, Harbaugh has his sites on the king. The fact that the NCAA is playing this game at all is astonding.


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Everyone won't do 10 and Michigan will probably do 20 in those 10 days. Then Harbaugh gets to call out every other coach for being lazy and denying the "youngsters" the chance to play football and get noticed.


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He's gotten his advantage out of camps by being first to do it, but everyone else is pretty much catching on. The limit works in his favor now, removes the need to kill himself and staff doing a ton of them because everyone is limited to the same number.

I'm not sure how the "must be a sponsored by an NCAA entity" thing will play out. That might keep him out of areas he wants to go.  


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is that most of the other schools are just going to do recruiting camps, while Harbaugh actually does, you know teaching football camps.  

This will give other schools a short term advantage (recruiting exposure) until word gets around that they don't teach you shit at these other camps.

Then Michigan (& it's credibility) should pull ahead for good.


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I read last year where other head coaches attending the same camps as Harbaugh would just make an appearance.  Kids recognize Jim's passion for the game and his love.  I'd guess that Harbaugh camps are still some of the top in attendance.  I believe he can also spread out across the nation with coaches attending different camps.  That means Michigan could be in 30-50 camps, yet each individual coach would only be at 10-15, depending if they hit up 2 in a day. 

I'm sure Harbaugh has read through the new rules and knows exactly how far he can push them to be within the rules.  I expect another revision next year too. 


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thats exactly what i was referring to and I was even going to use the "real recognize real" quote.

It's amazing how lazy some of these coaches are.  They come in with a preconceived notion about Harbaugh eploiting the system to cash in on recruiting; they show up, find out it's real work and bail like a bunch of pussies.

I guess I'm just slightly concerned that Harbaugh's "real" camps are going to get lost in the shuffle of everybody else's money-grab.  His good work may still get legislated away to "protect the  children".


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Wouldn't it require an NCAA school to "put on" the camp? Then Harbaugh and his staff help at the camp? They would just have to find some smaller level schools in the areas they want to recruit to put it on. Those schools will because they will get exposure to kids there for Michigan that normally wouldn't care about that school. 

This is a win for Harbaugh as he gets his camps...doesn't have to do 20 a year and still has access to hot beds. 


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I don't understand why the SEC coaches, Finebaum and the other haters keep spinning it as if Harbaugh was somehow breaking rules or getting away with something that they couldn't have also done, if they had half his EUTM and work ethic.

So why not agree with whatever guidelines the NCAA comes up with, after having none?

The benefit to the kids has already been demonstrated and kids, their families and smaller program coaches have all stated as much.  The only ones who bitch are the ones Harbaugh is putting to shame by working harder than they wanted to.




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I'm not sure I follow his logic. How will limiting the timeframe inspire more schools to hold camps? Can't they hold as many as they want under the current rules? If he's just saying this to flip the script and screw w/ the NCAA and SEC that's great but if he really feels this way I don't understand the reasoning.


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is talking about limiting the number of camps a school can do, not the time frame they can do them in, maybe it's both, I'm not sure. Harbaugh's point if that if Michigan by itself did 30 camps, then it's only 30 camps. If 10 schools each did 10 camps, that's 100 camps. I think Harbaugh makes a great point, and just continues to mess with the NCAA during the process.

Everyone Murders

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Put your resources into a smaller number of outstanding camps.  Last year's blitz was probably a bit much for the program anyway.

From afar, it seemslike a classic negotiation result.  Sometimes when you want a dollar, you ask for a dollar.  Sometimes when you want a dollar, you ask for ten dollars.

In any event, Michigan can do plenty for the program with 10 camps. 


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whether he's been at Michigan or not. He coached at summer camps while a pro.  He held clinics for high school and younger kids to learn the basics of quarterbacking while he was at San Diego coaching. He does the camps because he loves the game and teachig it. Now, because he's at Michigan there are other reasons to do the camps across the country, but if you don't believe he's sincere in his motitation, he's got an entire resume on You Tube to prove otherwise.

I get it that he's about one upman'sship and putting it to the NCAA trying to protect the recruiting interests and territory of the deep South for the SEC and ACC, but while folks at Rutgers produce podcasts complaining about Harbaugh setting up rival camps in NJ to lure the state's best players, our coach inherited Jabrill Peppers who was always a Michigan fan regardless of the Jersey view that he was somehow stolen away. Rashan Gary and teammates came to Michigan because they fell in love with the school not just because a former teammate and coach are there as well. Obviously, our coach knows how the recruiting game is played and works. But there is no doubt that he has a sincere approach about teaching that goes way beyond it. And if you can't see it, just look up the record because his off-season work ethic is plainly visible to those who do.


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think Harbaugh is over the whole satellite camp bit. It was a great idea but the time and effort that goes into it is probably not sustainable over the long haul. I read an article where his wife was talking about how exhausted he was this summer during these camps, he is human afterall. He has Michigan rolling now, and he is going to be able to draw top recruits without the  need to find a bunch of hidden gems.


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I honestly don't think it was needed at all. Hoke had two straight top 5 recruiting classes and it's not that hard to recruit at Michigan. We still have a hard time landing top level kids from Ohio, but I don't see that changing until we start winning games against them. 


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There's an article about a DT that plays at OSU that you guys might find interesting. The only reason they took a look at him is because like 3 different Ohio high school coaches matched up with him in the state playoffs and called the osu staff and said "you have to look at this kid".

That's what I call a measurable in-state advantage