Coach Bobby WIlliams Visits Warren DeLaSalle Today

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From reliable sources coach Bobby Williams of Alabama visited Warren DeLaSalle.  Not sure who he was there to see or speak to, but one can deduce it might have something to do with some left handed quarterback you may have heard of.  I seriously doubt anything will come from it, but still interesting that Alabama is sending coaches. 



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This is what happens when you get early, elite recruits: everyone else still wants them. If I remember correctly from twitter, USC has been in to see the Cass Tech duo, and Florida has been up to see Dawson as well. USC continues to pursue Tuley-Tillman, and Kugler has been receiving calls but refusing to speak to other schools. Teams still want our shiny new toys when it's 10 months away from signing day.

I do find it interesting though, because if you're dumb enough to say, "Well Lewis only had offers from Michigan and Toledo" or something like that, that would be a perfectly relevant statement next December, but not now. An elite college football program like USC wants Lewis, they just didn't have enough time to even get on him because our coaching staff is working ahead of the curve.


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I don't know if this article was posted on the board or not, but WN did an interview with Shane at the 7v7 event in Pittsburgh and he said this ($, link):

Morris said he's received more scholarship offers but he's not telling anyone which schools so as not to create any sort of buzz that he could be rethinking his commitment.

“Thanks for the interest,” Morris said when asked what he tells recruiters that come calling. “I'm committed to Michigan 100 percent. If anything drastic happens I'll let you know.”

In case there was any confusion, Shane's going nowhere other than Michigan.

Ben from SF

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Shane:  If you read this blog, here is a side project for you...

Recruit Kate Upton to attend the U of M, convince her to spend the next four years as Coach Hoke's "headset holder" during games, and the recruiting hostess.  Then spend the next 50+ years populating the US with smart, beautiful, and loyal Michigan fans.


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Doesn't recruit quarterbacks.  I swear it seems that way at times.  He get's 5 stars for every positon. 1st round draft picks at almost every position but the Elite quarterback seems to evade him for some reason.


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Bama fans must not be the sharpest tools in the shed then. I'll spell it out in language they might understand, just in case there are any Bama fans a-peekin' in the winder.  There's this new-fangled thingy in football called the forward pass.  I know it don't seem natural to see the pigskin flung all about, but most QB's, 'specially the gooduns, are happier than a dog with two peters when they heave the ball. Now Bama QB's throw the ball pertnear as often as a yellow dog votes Republican, so ain't no good QB goin' ter be a-comin' t' Bama 'till they get ta chuck the  ball down the field.


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Williams this is your one warning to step away from this particular Michigan man. You've been warned.

In all seriousness though, I don't understand why this coach would waste his time coming up here unless they are going after someone else. Maybe he is just a fan of the southeastern Michigan this time of year, but if it is to talk to Shane he probably could've had a phone conversation with him to sure up his commitment to Michigan.


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Haven't seen any of the 3rd season yet. I have to wait for them to come out on DVD, but i heard that the start of the 3rd season was pretty good. I never did hear anything about it after the first few episodes. After the 2nd season I am hoping that the final season could redeem the last season, but from what you are saying it sounds like I'm just getting my hopes up.


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It was a 3 season series, so I don't think you can really expect too much from it as far as content. The thing I like about the show the most is the funny one liners and stupid situations and ridiculous things Kenny does throughout the entire show. Not one of the greatest shows, but it will give you some laughs. I'm interested to see how they are going to end it. I have already heard some things about the 3rd season, but have yet to watch it at all so as long as there is enough one liners to keep me laughing I will get my $30 worth from the DVD's.


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That he was there to see Shane Morris. This is just Saban doing his due dilligence. This is standard practice in the SEC, where there are no "committed" players. Saban thinks Shane Morris is the best QB in the country, through sources I can tell you that is true.


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throws a football at him and knocks his cafeteria lunch to the floor and all the cool kids laugh at him and he gets coleslaw and ketchup all over himself.