CNNSI Over & Underated recruits:

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Not sure how they are came up with this, but here goes:


Jabrill Peppers, CB (Michigan): "He's probably the best overall player in the country. He can play running back, safety, cornerback, probably linebacker. There ain't nothing he can't do.


Da'Shawn Hand, DE (Alabama): "I don't see him make the same plays that all the great ones make. He'll make some plays, but he'll get lost at times."






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Shoot we could've told them that.  I mean it was common knowledge on both players around here about 30 seconds after they made their respective school choices.


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Malik McDowell, DE, Detroit: It's become a soap opera for this elite pass-rusher whose parents publicly said this week they want him to go out-of-state, not to Michigan State. McDowell's mother became turned off by the Spartans after she overheard her son have a conversation with current players about not going to class, according to a source close to the situation. McDowell took an official visit to Ohio State last weekend, but if he makes his own decision, Michigan State is still very much in the hunt. Should McDowell's parents have the final say, watch out for the Florida State, which believes it has won over both mom and dad.

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James Burrill Angell

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We all heard mom wasn't happy because of something that happened during the visit but:

"McDowell's mother became turned off by the Spartans after she overheard her son have a conversation with current players about not going to class, according to a source close to the situation."

That's pretty bad. You'd think maybe someone would have at least TOLD the players to IXNEY ON THE NO CLASSESNE and that perhaps advertising their academic failure isn't the best selling point.

James Burrill Angell

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Considering he didn't announce yet I'm guessing we're having a little Kid versus Parents feud right now with the old:

KID/Malik: Mom, Dad I know what I'm doing! I know how to handle fireworks.

MOM & DAD: Son, you don't know what you're doing, you could blow a finger off.

KID: Awww C'Mon....when are you going to trust me, the other guys all get to shoot off fireworks.

MOM & DAD: You mean Four Fingered Rickey and Boom Boom. I don't think so.

Obviously we're not getting this kid. At this point I'm just interested in the human drama of parents versus kid. I mean, they've made their point 100% clear but what do you do if your kid picks up that Sparty hat and chucks it on his head when he announces. How do you deal with that going forward when your kid basically slaps his parents in the face.


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Who cares about that hat. The NLI is the only thing that matters. For that to be approved, requires at least one legal gaurdian's signature as well as the kids. That is when it get's interesting. 

Kid: I signed my NLI, I need your signature Mom.

Mom: Which one did you sign..

Kid: MS..I mean..FSU. Yeah, that's it. 

Mom: Tear that up and bring me the next one!

Kid: Awwwwww, Mom!

Blue Since B.C.

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His parents have appeared pretty reasonable throughout the whole process, IMO, in regards to consistently stressing academics (or at the very least, their desire for him to actually attend classes).  What I don't get is them being totally OK with Ohio (where they aren't there to "play school") and FSU, where, coming off the MNC, it'll most definitely be a giant party everywhere all year in Tallahassee.  Seems like he could very easily get mixed up with the wrong crew again.

But...whatever, man.  Analysis meet paralysis.

Personally, of the Southfield kids, I'm more excited for Marshall.  It was huge flip to get him from the Nuts, and he looks like more of a beast on film to me.


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I don't get the seeming disinterest in listening to his parents. He wants to go to MSU, for whatever reason(s). And by the way, it wouldn't be a terrible choice football-wise, considering he's a defensive player and they have the #1 defense. His parents don't want him to go there. So far he has not made a choice.

If he picks MSU tomorrow, I would say that he's going against his parents' wishes. As of right now, there's no clear indication that he's not willing to listen to his parents. I often disagreed with my parents growing up, but that doesn't mean that I defied them every time.

Randy Marsh

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"There's nothing wrong with Michigan. I'm not worried they went 7-6 or about anything else anyone has written. The future is bright for Michigan football. Don't count us out just yet. It's Michigan for God's sake."


Blue Mike

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Growing up in Detroit, Damon Webb was a Michigan fan and idolized Wolverines legend Charles Woodson. But on Wednesday, Webb will sign with rival Ohio State, a monumental win for Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer. Webb attends Cass Technical High in Detroit, a traditional pipeline for Michigan players, but the Wolverines' prowess at the football powerhouse backfired in the case of Webb, who committed to Ohio State last January. Webb is quick to recite the names of former Cass Technical teammates who chose Michigan such as sophomore cornerback Terry Richardson, who did not play last season and is expected to transfer, and junior linebacker Royce Jenkins-Stone, who has rarely played.

"They're not getting better," Webb says. "The coaches aren't developing their talent."

Wolverine 73

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Also there is a world of difference between "not developing" and "being beaten out by other, better players."  Royce had to compete with Ross and Bolden and Morgan.  Apparently, their talents developed more fully than his.  Richardson seemed a reach given his size; nor is it reasonable for anyone to expect him to beat out players ahead of him in experience who played generally well this year.  And again, Lewis and Stribling apparently moved ahead of him in practice, because they got first dibs on back-up roles.  You go to a big time program--whichever one--and you have to compete against other big time players.  Not everyone comes out on top.


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He selectively chose the players that would make Michigan look bad.  He just didn;t want to come here and in doing so swallowed Urban's lines hook line and sinker.  I'm getting the feeling we're getting a look behind the curtain at Urban's recruiting tactics and it is all the more reason to show some major improvement next year and show players who have gotten better.

I am a little concerned about the implication from the article that Richardson and Jenkins-Stone are bitching about the coaching which could torch the relationship with Cass, which would be a bad thing.

This year is a millstone hanging around the programs neck and the recent history isn't that great.  Something has to change and while I hope it comes from the young talent growing up, that seems like a bridge too far.


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with that statement.  I think that we would all (mostly) agree that this staff has a lot to prove when it comes to coaching and developing players.  Of course there are examples of unheralded kids turning into decent starters or contributors, but the overall trend hasn't been great.  As far as rationale for chosing one school over another, Mr. Webb's seems to be a lot more logical than many others.


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Big indictment of the program - especially considering Webb committed HOW long ago?  Well before any of the comments played out with Richardson or Jenkins-Stone.  Seems like his comments are self-affirming behavior.

"I made this choice xx months ago...but SEE!  I made my decision based on FORESIGHT that they weren't going to develop Cass Tech guys..."

Sounds like classic Urbz spin.  


EDIT: Why was this downvoted?  Guy makes a comment about lack of development affecting why he committed to OSU...but he committed WAY before this season and the perceived lack of development.  Garbage comments.


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Well whatever the reasons are we can all agree that it's:


1. Not good to have in-state kids going to OSU

2. Not good to have tradiional U of M "pipeline" schools sending kids elsewhare

3. Not good to have players already in the program complaining to their friends and ex-teammates at said pipeline school about the quality of their coaching (allegedly).

Edit:  I downvoted Boliver for bitching about being downvoted.  



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No more bitching about being downvoted.

I will however, reassert my opinion about his comments which have no basis in fact.  He had no way of knowing of the "lack of development" of his Cass Tech buddies when he committed to OSU.  Therefore, his comments are disingenuous and directed as a slam against UM vs. basis of fact.


February 4th, 2014 at 3:44 PM ^

I downvoted you.

He picked OSU and gave the reason (one that isn't all that crazy). And you're calling it "garbage" and "classic Urbz spin," which I think is kind of ridiculous and petty sounding.


February 4th, 2014 at 3:58 PM ^

maybe you missed it...the point is his comments about the relative development of two players was WELL AFTER he committed - so therefore, he had no possible way of knowing those two Cass Tech players would NOT be developed when he committed.  So his comment is misleading at best, deceitful at worst.  

He is using knowledge (or his now perception) of lack of development for explaining a decision he made in the PAST.  


February 4th, 2014 at 4:10 PM ^

And I think you're reading way too much into two names he probably just named off the top of his head in response to a reporter's question. Two guys he probably knows and talks to, given they were teammates at Cass Tech, and were therefore the first two names he thought of.