CMU Lady Chips knock off Buckeyes posbang!

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because any time OSU loses is a good time!


in Columbus - knocked off #3 seed as an 11 seed!!!


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March 19th, 2018 at 8:56 PM ^

Former U-M coach Sue Guevara. 

Who knows what would've happened had the administration not stupidly given up on her and fired her. The articles during the time say the players didn't like her and she didn't care about the players yada yada. 

Well then the players said the same thing about the next coach who was successful elsewhere but bombed here. 

Seems more and more as she piles up wins at CMU that it was the players who were the issue. 


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Kelsey Mitchell of OSU ended up second only to Washington's Kelsey Plum in career scoring. And that wipes out the Big Ten in the NCAAs (three are left in the WNIT).

But... Buckeyes. And I'm really happy for CMU. They probably don't have an answer for Oregon's amazing point guard, Sabrina Ionescu, but they deserve their chance.

Going into this season, Guevara was the career wins leader at two Division I universities - her only two head coaching jobs in basketball. KiBA passed her this year.

Fire up Chips!


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Watched the whole thing. Fam on the squad. Congrats to Sue G and the Chips! They just shot the lights out and played at a tempo that JB would appreciate.

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but he still had the greatest NCAA game I ever saw when he went shot something like 21 out of 22 FG's in the 1973 Championship game against Memphis.  It was amazing !

Go Blue!


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Everyone in my family except for me went to Central.  I also attended MPHS for three years so I was watching this last night!!  Great victory for the Chippewas!!  Blew the Buckeyes right off the court!

One of my best memories (and KOK Law can confirm the veracity of this tidbit):  CMU played the Spartans at noon before the famous Desmond Howard game vs Notre Dame at 3:30 in 1991.

Because I am a CMU fan, I wore a CMU t-shirt (September game and it was warm) to the tailgate.  After CMU upset the Spartans, I wore it all day and got numerous high fives all around Michigan Stadium  (I did have my M hat on though!)  One of the greatest college football days ever!!