Clinton-Dix received payment from Bama coach

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Via the Tuscaloosa News:


Alabama assistant strength coach placed on administrative leave for providing money to HaHa Clinton-Dix

Harris found to have connection with a representative of a sports agent

Harris made a short-term loan to Clinton-Dix in an amount less than $500 at some point in the summer, an apparently violation of NCAA Bylaw, which states that “an institutional employee or representative of the institution's athletics interests may not provide a student-athlete with extra benefits or services, including, but not limited to ... a loan of money.”

Clinton-Dix has provided bank records to UA athletic compliance department representatives that show a withdrawal in the amount he said he repaid to Harris, The Tuscaloosa News has learned.


While minor, still a big no-no. What will the NCAA do?



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Former Michigan lean/recruit found to have taken impermissable benefits from a coach, of a team that beat us last year and won the MNC?

This is a much bigger deal than "indefinite suspension" and this info would get buried in an old thread. If you think it's not worth a thread, why was it worth clicking and a comment?


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Just so everyone is aware, the initiation is very similar to the one that the prospective Omegas had to go through in "Animal House", except instead of a paddle, you have to watch the entire Appalachian State game, then say, "Thank you, sir. May I have another?"


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Profit and BiSB told me it would be a toga party. Ended up giving myself a concussion crushing empties when I found out they were watching something called Most Amazing 58 Games in Football History: Down Go the Buckeyes in the room next door. At least Brian tossed me a bottle of Jack afterwards, that hit the spot.


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I don't understand why nick Sabah goes through the task of even lying about it, like he did following the fluker article. We all know that NCAA won't do anything to punish Bama.


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Hoke is selling something different than Rodriguez was.

Hoke isn't gonna get the guys that want to get paid any more than Rodriguez is.  But those aren't the guys he is going after.  I think Hoke makes it a priority to find the guys that aren't looking for that s***, and if they are, Hoke forgets about them and moves on to his next target.

I'm guess Treadwell is the exception.  I wonder how much Ole Miss paid him?  Mississippi has to be in the top 5 dirtiest programs in the country right now.

Two Hearted Ale

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I'm surprised a football player would choose a pilot program. Its a pretty big time commitment on top of his already packed schedule. Its also very expensive and I doubt the school picks up his flight fees which are probably north of $200/hour for the 200+ hours required. Flight hours probably count for 15-20 credit hours.

His Dudeness

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Winning is one thing Bama can sell, but you would have ot be an idiot to believe Bama is the way to the NFL. Look at any NFL roster and see where the kids went to school. I will take the Giant just off the top of my head:

Bama: 0 (!) I'm actually shocked by this...


Grambling: 1

CMU: 1

Ole MIss: 2

Illinois: 2

If you can play, the NFL will find you. Kids have to understand that by now.

The one thing UMASS probably can't do is pay you like Bama can... just sayin'  


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  • Alabama 34
  • UMass 8
  • Grambling 2
  • CMU 8
  • Mississippi 21
  • Illinois 24

Alabama's not quite top of the heap but they do OK. Other schools of note:

  • Michigan 25
  • Miami 41
  • LSU 40
  • Ohio State 32
  • Oklahoma 24
  • Oregon 27
  • Notre Dame 27
  • USC 43
  • Florida 33
  • Florida State 33
  • Georgia 40
  • California 31
  • Texas 33