Clearing the way for helmet stickers?

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The announcement that helmet numbers would only be used for the Alabama game has got me thinking that helmet stickers are an inevitability.  In week 2 against Air Force I bet we see the roll out of the first helmet stickers for good plays made in week 1 against Bama.  Coach Hoke has used helmet stickers before and hasn't ruled out the possibility of bringing them back to Michigan.  I was meh on helmet numbers and I personally abhor helmet stickers.  I don't like the focus on individual accomplishments.  Also, if you've got a Ferrari for a helmet you don't need to clutter it up with "my child made the honor roll" bumper stickers.  Someone talk me off the ledge.



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Is there any basis for this speculation, other than Hoke has used stickers in the past? Maybe they're just going back to a clean helmet look. Then again, they've been trying out a lot of different things the last couple years, so I wouldn't put it past them.


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Coach Hoke has said if the players want them, then he would try them. I say if the players want them so be it, they are the team.


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Why do you think they will have helmet stickers this season?  Not sure I get the reasoning for your fear, other than Hoke has used them in the past.  Has Michigan used them in the past?

Maize.Blue Wagner

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If you're not sure if they ever had helmet stickers, you may not have heard of this guy, but his name is Desmond Howard.  This is a famous picture of him. 

You can see helmet stickers in many of the photos from the Bo/Moeller era (obviously, depending on how much the player contributed).

Edit: Or I suppose it also depends on the time of year the picture was taken. Hopefully, the helmet was fairly full by the end of November. 


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I think the helmet stickers really take away from the design of the helmets, whereas the numbers of the helmet I think really complimented the overall look.  I am surprised and dissapointed that the numbers will not be around going forward but I don't think you will see the "big play" stickers coming back anytime soon.  That is just sooooooo Ohio.


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Also, most teams hand out the stickers for units (not players) that perform well and have big plays. Its not necessarily a "best player gets the most stickers" situation.


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There was a great article in one of the old versions of HTTV on what qualified for stickers with Bo. If memory serves, it was unit specific. I'm probably in the minority but I kind of like them. My first Michigan football memories were Desmond, and those stickers were very prominent in my memories.


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Or maybe we're clearing the way for no helmets at all.  Think about it. Alabama game we have everything on them. AF game, take off the numbers. Umass game, no middle stripe. Notre Dame, take the other two stripes. Purdue game, take away the wings, now we're at plain blue. Illinois game, no blue, just unpainted helmets. Michigan state we have neon yellow "alternate" helmets with cartoon wolverines and arby's logos. Nebraska, back to the progression by taking the chinstrap. Minnesota, no face mask. Northwestern, no padding. Iowa we play in leather helmets. That way, by the time the Ohio game comes we have no helmets at all, the ultimate throwback.

/if you're going to speculate go all in


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Honestly, if the helmet numbers were the exact same shade of maize as the wings, then I wouldn't mind them at all. As for the helmet stickers, they just make the best helmet design in college football appear cluttered.


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The fact that the numbers will be gone after week 1 lead me to believe there was a strong push from alumni/donors to get rid of them despite the players liking them. I doubt helmet stickers will come back. Gut feeling. Seems the trend is toward simple elegant yet badass helmet, no frills needed.


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to use them for the Bama game then quit. What makes sense to me would be to have them through the "pre-season" them dump them before the Big Ten games start. Not that that is how I or the team prefers it, I have no idea. What the team may decide is anyones guess, I am just speculating.

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Because it just isn't enough to have a manufacturer warning, an American flag and uniform numbers on the helmets, plus an adidas logo, a Big Ten patch and the rare "Legends" patch, plus a bowl patch...  there's probably room somewhere for some more.

I got it.  Let's put "spoilers" on some of the speedier players; we can put more stuff there:

And we can put plows on the linemen, which will create many more branding opportunities.  You know, to help monetize the brand platform:

And since we are concerned about recruits and their desire to place their own identity-stamp on various iterations of Michigan football uniforms, the extra space could be used by individual players to, perhaps, place a decal of their astrological symbol, or to pay tribute to their family:

The University might naturally want to use space on the football uniforms to promote worthy causes, like animal cruelty prevention, recycling, climate change, or the LGBT community:

Anyway, I just see lots and lots of opportunity here.  It is why we have someone at the Senior Associate Athletic Director-level, to act as a "Chief Marketing Officer." 

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to have the coolest helmet stickers in college football, why wouldn't we want to, uh, copy? 

(An internet search to find "the 10 best college football helmet stickers" will usually also turn up Michigan, on top of a list of the "10 best college football helmet designs which should never, ever be changed and we are talking to you Dave Brandon hey didn't you hear us we said NEVER changed okay?")


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Speaking of putting stickers on nice cars.  I saw a Tesla the other day with a car pool access OK sticker.  It made an awesome car look kind of stupid.

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Helmet stickers are for pee wee football and yes, the OP is correct when he says something to the effect of, "We have the best looking helmet, why cover it with stupid stickers." I also don't like the focus on individual accomplishments, as this is a team sport. High school football is the last stop for helmet stickers and even that is pushing it.

Feat of Clay

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I would hate them, but I think this is a thing for the coach to decide; it's a thing between him and his players.

I also hate jeggings, in case anyone wondered how I stood on those.


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I find nothing wrong with the idea of helmet stickers. When they introduced the numbers on the helmets last season I thought it was a nice addition to the helmet. If they decide to take the numbers off this season I hope they put something like helmet stickers on the helmets. It's really not that big of a deal to change things up with the uniforms every once in a while. As far as the jerserys go, it's kinda nice having different jerserys for big games, it adds another element to game and it makes it more fun.


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I like the clean, crisp look of our helmets as-is (though I did think the numbers on them were a great addition, very "classic" feeling and sad to see them go after the Alabama game).  That being said, my preference probably means nothing to the players or coaches.  If they want it, let 'em have it.

I'll still watch them every Saturday (or Thursday).


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The M helmet is iconic and looks best when it's pristine in all it's sublime maize and blue glory.

Say it ain't so, Brady! Stickers suck grandma's bunions!