Classic Brian Kelly

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Brian Kelly's response to questions about his sideline demeanor in nd's loss to SFU on saturday:


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Asked innocuously enough about his fits of rage on the sideline in last weekend's loss to South Florida, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly immediately sought clarification.

"Did I hit somebody, did I strike somebody?" Kelly asked during his regular Tuesday news conference. "Is that what you're referring to?"

Also this:

"I've got to do a better job of understanding when that camera is on me, and it seems like that camera is on me more than I'm used to. I'll have to do a better job of controlling my emotions."


I knew there would be a thoughtful response if we just waited for it.,0,1824323.story


True Blue Grit

September 6th, 2011 at 6:49 PM ^

he opens his mouth.  He may be a good coach - I don't know.  But, but from the standpoint of character, I would think Notre Dame could do and would want to do much better. 


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These threads are highly amusing.

Everyone I have talked to has had the same reaction that I did during the game. We didn't need to be angry, because we could see the exact same expectations and demands, that we have from the HC.

Maybe its something that grows in you after so many previous coaches but we could care less who has hurt feelings or who gets cused out.  Though the ND fanbase can be a fickle thing to measure this has been pretty unanimous.


September 6th, 2011 at 7:49 PM ^

I'm not surprised that the Irish fanbase has a "Kelly can do no wrong" outlook regarding this outburst, but the rest of the country who's not so biased thinks Brian Kelly is a crazy asshole.  This includes a lot of potential recruits and their parents. 

Remember, USC fans don't think Lane Kiffin is an asshole either.


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sounds like............

"Not everybody's the perfect person in the world. I mean everyone kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me, whatever. I think that people need a second chance."


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Don Shula, early in his career... dropped some F bombs on a player during a game and it was caught on the TV cameras.  That week, he received a letter from a woman who scolded him and asked him how he would feel if his own children were swore at by a coach and embarrassed on TV.  Shula read that, thought about it...and vowed to never swear at one of his players during a game again...  and that never affected his winning record ...



September 7th, 2011 at 4:49 AM ^

Coach Hoke in the spring practice film that was on ESPN...was demonstrating to Jake Ryan how to properly use his hands and he says something like "keep your hands are like a big pincher bug".... meaning that Ryan was reaching from the outside like pinchers and not inside like he should have been doing...

Hence the name "No Mo Pincher Bug" in honor of Coach Hoke and the new emphasis on proper technique.




September 6th, 2011 at 11:59 PM ^

Blow up during a game, I couldn't imagine how this guy is at a closed door practice. Way too many alumni, parents and hopeful recruits watched this dude yell at a kid like a maniac dad. I'm thinking quite a few people lost respect for Kelly after this public meltdown. I remember seeing Lloyd come unglued, but never like Kelly.


September 7th, 2011 at 12:44 AM ^

I used to be a huge Kelly I think he's a total douche bag.  Spewing F'ing G-D's on the sideline at a player is as anti ND as it gets.  If we somehow manage to whip these fools, Kelly will be clearly on the hot seat with the ND alums.  Not saying he'll get the ax, or that he won't eventually succeed there, but he'll start to feel the wrath of the ND base.  

Blue in Yarmouth

September 7th, 2011 at 8:09 AM ^

Reading this thread, I find it funny that some people think these antics won't be tolerated by ND, as if they are the pillar of moral high ground. They currently have a WR playing without any suspension at all, who has been convicted of a DUI and has two other alcohol related offenses. 

Now I know that he is not in the same boat as Stonum, but not even getting a game or two for that is beyond insane, especially given his other offenses as well. Hagerup was suspended for the most important game of the year last year for his first offense, that left us without a punter. He has been suspended four games for his second strike. 

We have to be more realistic and understand that other programs just don't seem to value morals and the shaping of young men more than wins. We seem to be in that catergory, but we're in it alone. If ND is fine with Floyd not missing time for three alcohol related offenses, I am sure they could care less that their coach curses at players on the sidelines providing they win in the end.