Class of the Nebraska Team

Submitted by LJ on November 22nd, 2011 at 6:47 PM

I know it's Ohio week and Nebraska is in the rearview mirror, but after re-watching the every snap videos, I'm once again very impressed by the class of the Nebraska team.  I can't recall any other team in the last few years we've played that so frequently helped our players off the ground after a tackle, acknowledged our good plays, and generally carried themselves in a way that the B1G should be proud off.  When our players ran out of bounds on the Nebraska sideline, they would get a tap on the helmet from one of the Nebraska coaches.  It's especially impressive in a game in which I'm sure the entire team was very frustrated.  I've had the same experience with Nebraska fans I've met.  After the MSU game, it was quite a breath of fresh air.  Thanks, Huskers, for doing it the right way.  I look forward to a long and competitve rivalry.



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I thought the same thing. On one play in particular, the tackler lent a hand to our downed player. Really nice to see that level of conduct from players. Glad the B1G can be represented by fine people like that.


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Getting to Lincoln from anywhere else in civilization is a real pain in the ass.  Flights into Omaha are limited and often cost through the roof when big games are approaching.  The rest of the conference needs to chip in and build a landing strip in Lincoln so the rest of us can put some dent in their home field advantage.


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Delta flies out of Omaha/uses it as a commuter stop, and I know another major airline (can't recall if it's Delta or another) definitely flies through Lincoln--but I think you're right re: the connectors for Lincoln. I have very recently flown there (past year) and I have had visitors coming from both airports to my local, albeit relatively regional airport. The flights aren't incredibly well priced, but they're not too unreasonable considering the price of airfare these days.


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I know Michigan fans are supposed to be "arrogant" - but I think we, as a fanbase, are quite reasonable and well behaved. Although I am sure there are enough stupid sentient beings as well.

Just based on my casual interaction with people, Ohio fans come across as abrasive/drugged/drunk, Spartans always behave true to the inferiority complex, Badgers are quite self absorbed (in a good way, don't much care for the rest of the world, except Minnesota), Northwestern behaves true to a superiority complex (academics). Have not come across enough of other fan bases in Chicagoland area. Just my personal impressions.


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From my experience walking around, the Iowa fans hitting up the Iowa bar in San Diego are fairly laid back. Very non-confrontational.

Illinois fans (a few of my friends are Illinois alums) are basically harmless. They know their place in the Big 10 pecking order and like Cubs fans (unfortunately, I'm one of those), they are pessimistic about their chances in big games.

Does Indiana or Purdue have any fans? I don't know.

And I'm shocked you haven't met either a) overconfident Notre Dame fan who thinks they should win every game and the other teams/refs cheat or b) angry Notre Dame fan who bemoans the fact they don't win the NC every year and blames the coach/players/etc.


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Both have "fans."  At Purdue and Indiana the students generally get up tailgate/drink then head to nap once the game starts.  The adults drink and go to the game.  They obviously want to win, but hardly notice, pay attention when they lose.  If they beat your team (especially if you're a Michigan/OSU)  they'll let you know it as if you've been talking smack to them for ages.  They only really seem to get up for a game when they play each other.  This is more so due to the fact that each fanbase has many friends/family that went to the other school.


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Car broke down in North Platte on my way to Steamboat when I was young and poor.  Made it to the exit and put on my flashers.  Three folks stopped to help before I could pop the hood. 

On another note, It's an interesting contrast between the way Pellini and Dantonio operate their squads.  They have more or less the same heritage, but one of these things is not like the other.

da shiz

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During the game I noticed Alfonzo Dennard (cb #15) helping our players up a few times. Something I would not expect from the opposing team's "star" player.

turd ferguson

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We have room on our plate for a mutually respectful but highly competitive Big Ten rivalry, and Nebraska seems perfect for this.  I'm thrilled to have them in the conference.


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I noticed one play where a Nebraska guy seemed to shove Denard after they were out of bounds. He may have said something to Denard, not sure about that, but Denard patted him on the helmet as if to say no problem it's cool. Very unusual given some of our other rivalries.

Also there was a post here after the game from a Nebraska fan that was one of the classiest, nicest things I've ever seen. She said she was at the game and it was a great experience, the ushers were nice, Denard and Fitz were phenomenal, the defense shut down Nebraska like no one else has, and wished us luck beating Ohio.

Welcome aboard Nebraska!


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You mean they did not try to turn our quarterback into a quadrapalegic?  Or maybe they did but they were very nice about it.  I just assume that is normal behavior based on the actions of our existing rivals.



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That's the point: it's totally abnormal behavior, given our rivals. The guy gave Denard a shove (and not much of one at that) and he seemed… actually… apologetic?! I could be reading too much into it but as the OP and others have noted it seemed to be going on throughout the game. When we've been dealing with Ohio and MSU for decades, decent sportsmanship is shocking.


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I actually went onto Big Red Network and commented on how classy the fans were.  I didn't mention the players but should have because you are right.  This can stay as classy as we make it.  I would love to see a team act like total dicks with us and have our players be the total opposite.  My job sometimes puts me in a position where some people can be totally obnoxious asses.  The calmer and nicer I "act", the more pissed off they's kind of fun.


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...and it seems that the behavior of the players has improved quite a bit since the Icognito/Callahan era and the Missouri spitting allegations.  But then again, it's not going to be that friendly.  Pellini obliquely accused us of faking injuries in order to control the tempo of the game, and the Cornhusker media is all over it (

Nacho Mama

November 22nd, 2011 at 8:57 PM ^

Going from MSU and OSU couldn't be more different.  No Whiskey tango, Nebraska fans are polite and smart about football. I was very impressed with their fans. 


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They had a guy on the sidelines whom everyone was calling "Sue." I don't know why you'd name a boy "Sue" but he seemed like quite a gentleman. I saw him again the next day and he was trying to give bear hugs to the visiting team every 20 to 40 seconds or so. What a nice guy, that boy named Sue.


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Every fan we encountered at the game was very nice as well..  I did get one report from someone who's father played on Nebraska's team and is now in NU's hall of fame.  He generally didn't like michigan before hand, and his report of his trip to the stadium was that we are the most disgusting classless fans he has ever encountered.. 


I lol'ed quite a bit, when his biggest complaint was that we were classless for booing the team as Nebraska entered the stadium...


Not sure how many sporting events he has attended, but just about every away team get's booed..


Then he says tons of people kept saying "fuck you" to him and his friends which i doubt