Class of 2018 Winter Commencement (Football Edition)

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August Graduates (walked today): - - Grant Andrews Newsome, BA - - Jared Wangler, BA - - Brandon Kyle Watson, Bachelor of General Studies (B of GS?) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - December Graduates: - - Karan Lamont Higdon Jr., B of GS - - Bryan Nathanheamasi Mone, B of GS - - Tyrone Wheatley Jr., BA - - Chase Cameron Winovich, BA - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Join me in congratulating these young men on their hard work on and off the field. Hockey bonus - - Anthony Calderone BA in the fall. I hope I didn't miss anyone, searched all thru the engineering pages looking for Noah Furbush since he missed the awards show last week to interview for a job. Guess he'll just be another footballer with a job all lined up before he graduates in the spring.


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Beleive you me I thought the same thing when he walked past me this afternoon. When the procession line stopped with him a few people in front of me I asked what he's doing here? " I had to come back for graduation", he replied. Pure assumption on my part but maybe he was practically done in August and maybe just had a paper to turn in? an independent study course he could finish while in Buffalo? He was definitely proud to be there and waved to famiy up in the stands at Crisler. (He was sitting next to Mone who was sporting a stylish lei.)

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Congratulations to the Graduates.

Way back when when I defended in Mid May, I had to get all my changes in pretty quickly in order to get my degree conferred in August. I want to say end of May or early June, and there were definitely still undergraduate classes going on in the Summer. Possibly, Wheatley finished up his coursework in June or July or even August.