Clark, Willingham, & McClure Overview

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Of the eight visitors this weekend only three remain uncommitted to Michigan, Frank Clark, Leilon Willingham, and Stefan McClure.

I thought I would provide some information on each so that we can assess our chances.

 Frank Clark, TE/LB, Glenville HS, Ohio - Things to consider: Glenville is well known for not sending players to Michigan.  He is 6'3" 205 which is a bit undersized for a TE, so Michigan is recruiting him for LB.  Our competition is North Carolina (visited 12/10), MSU (visited 1/15), and Penn St. (visit scheduled 1/28, no offer yet).  Assuming the other schools are recruiting him as a TE, North Carolina already has 2 in the class (including former Michigan recruit Jack Tabb), MSU also has 2 in the class, and Penn St. has one.  I suspect it is between us and State since Carolina has signed 2 since the visit and Penn State hasn't offered.

Leilon Willingham, LB, Mullen HS, Colorado - Things to consider: Mullen is one of the top football powers in the country, with D1 players every year.  Mullen will have five players this year receive D1 scholarships.  Current Wolverine Steve Watson is a Mullen alum.  Our competition is Texas A&M verbal commitment (no visit), Arizona St. (9/24 visit), Washington (10/29 visit), and Colorado (1/15 visit).   I believe our top competition is Colorado since they are local and a recent visit.  Texas A&M received his verbal without a campus visit because his best friend is a RB there, but he canceled his visit there to visit us.  The other visits are too far in the past to be considered strong competition.

Stefan McClure, CB, Vista HS, California - Things to consider: One of the few Army All-American players still uncommitted.  One of the top players in San Diego county, Brady Hoke has been recruiting him for two years.  McClure is good friends with former Vista great and Michigan star Leon Hall. Our competition is Washington (9/10), Colorado (10/2 visit), Oregon St (11/21 visit), Boise St. (12/15 visit), UCLA (unofficial visit 1/15), California (no visit), and San Diego St (no official visit).  Top competition seems to be California and UCLA despite the fact that McClure replaced an official visit to UCLA with his visit to Michigan.  He has unofficially visited both UCLA & Cal. 

What do you guys think?



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your overview and information is helpful and outstanding and we appreciate the effort.  The post previous to this discusses our chances with these players somewhat thoroughly so I'm not sure there is much to say aside from, "lets wait to hear what Tom says."


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Honest question.  While i would love an "in" at Glenville-i have never been excited about Clark-unless we are recruiting him for tight end (which i dont think we are)


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It's not out of the question that we are recruiting Clark as a TE.  No reason he can't redshirt and add 25-30 lbs; that would give him the ideal measurables to be a TE.  You can't have too many guys in that 225-240 lb range (run stopping LBs, TEs, FBs) especially with the move towards a more power offense.


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I wolud not underestimate the importance of giving a schollie to a Glenville alum no matter what the talent level. (that's not a comment on Clark's talent level or any particular recruit)  I'm  really interested in getting an in road to Ohio talent pool, it also aligns with some of the goals that DB and Hoke alluded to.


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My thoughts are-

If we want him on TE, then take him no questions asked. We need a TE.

If we want him for LB- I feel if we get willingham we should perhaps hit the brakes on 2011 LB recruiting and worry about the two instate studs for 2012.  Do we really need 4 linebacker recruits this year?

Just my opinion.

Does anyone know Willingham's timeframe?


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Really do appreciate the work. I've been watching some of McClure's highlights. The kid is good. I mean I think he might even be just slightly better than Coutless ( I think been highly of Coutless as well. But to have those two in three years would be very nice.) I know we are recuirting the back seven very hard, but a good defense keeps you in an every game. Been a while since our back seven has been great. Even in 06, they got exposed a little in the OSU and USC game. 


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Good work about the three, although theyre just your opinions. We never know how these 17, 18 yr old kids think until you develop a relationship and talk to them frequently. All three are great athletes and I want all of them....McClure seems to be our best chance out of the three. We seem solid for Willingham, but im not sure our chances are the best for Clark as the other two


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Rivals has Willingham visiting UCF next weekend with teammate Rayshon Williams. Williams happens to be Brandon Marshall's cousin, who went to UCF.  I hope the nice Florida weather isn't to enticing.  Since he is from Colorado, I doubt he was deterred by the cold Michigan weather.  I know O'Leary is turning things around but we can't possibly lose a recruit to UCF can we?


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A couple years ago a corner named Josh Robinson was pretty high on Michigan but committed to UCF in what I remember being a bit of a surprise move.  I think he had a teammate that had also committed there.

Hmmm, I don't like what I just wrote.


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I hate what I write too.

I remember Josh Robinson. He plays CB there but was a WR/CB recruit. I also remember Jeffrey Godfrey, their freshman All American QB who we recruited but never offered.  Oh well, I am more than pleased with Denard and Devin.

physics guy

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Recruit: "Coach, I really like here but it's so damn cold.  UCF wants me and I might go there because the weather is a lot nicer."

Coach: "I hear you.  Let me put it htis way.  There are two sort of important games this afternoon.  One is in Chicago where it's 15 degrees.  The other is in Pittsburgh where it's 18 degrees.  By the way, former Wolverines will be all over both fields.  Now if you want to go to college to have fun and spend time at the beach, go to UCF.  If you want to get prepared to play in those games in Chicago and Pittsburgh and play for the former DC of the Baltimore Ravens, we've got a spot for you here."

Recruit: "Actually, it's not too bad here in the sun..."

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fellas...   we also need to mention brandon alexander... and also i need to get pos-banged for i got neg banged to bolivia when i suggested  we must go back to our roots after the penn st game.