C.J. Lee Spotted in Commercial - Life After Basketball

Submitted by mgokev on October 13th, 2010 at 10:00 PM

If anyone was watching ESPN in Michigan tonight, C.J. Lee was featured in a "Rick Snyder for Governor" commercial as the 2010 Ann Arbor SPARK Manager.  He was not mentioned as a former Michigan basketball player (only as the SPARK Manager).  He was always a dedicated student and earned his Master's degree from the Ford School of Public Policy.

Anyway, leaving the politics of it aside, it's always good to see former athletes making progress and using their Michigan education and leadership from athletics to accomplish great things outside of sports.  Take note recruits, there really is a "Michigan Difference".

SPARK profile of C.J. Lee can be found here.



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I knew CJ while he was at school here, and knew that he always took academics seriously.  That's why he walked away from a scholarship at Manhattan to walk on here.

I'm very happy for CJ.  Hopefully his career at Spark will flourish, or he will be able to gain a job in a potential Snyder administration (this is in no way a political endorsement or statement0.  He's got a great attitude and is a great person to be around.


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The above post should be construed as complete farce and not religious commentary or opinion, and does not attempt to accurately portray the views of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints, whose members seem, by and large, to be fine upstanding citizens, and occasionally, Michigan Men and Women.

Nor should the above post indicate to one that Denard Robinson is a member of the Republican party, or any political party for that matter; nor should it be taken as commentary on the merits of theObama administration or the possible campaign of Mit Romney for national office.

Additionally, the above post should not indicate to anyone that Denard Robinsons value lies only or primarily in rushing yards, or that Robinson is not a skilled passer. It should also be noted that the author, in no way, wishes to infringe in UM copyrights or attempts to profit off the notoriety of an amateur athlete. The above message was in no way endorsed by Mit Romney or any PAC that operates in his behalf.


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True Story:

I was looking through a book about Christian history, and came across a picture of a bunch of prisoners in black and white stripes... as I was about to turn the page my Dad happened to catch a glance at the page. He pointed to one of the prisoners and said "That's you're great grandfather"...

Turns out he was arrested for poligamy

Mitch Cumstein

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That is really an odd add.  Usually when ads bring in "cameo" appearances, they have multiple or they bring them in, in the middle of the commercial.  That was just an odd way to end the commercial for me.  And it was quick.