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I figured it would be kinda cool to discuss the Citrus Bowl, anything about it is welcome. From 2001-2014 it was known as the Capital One Citrus Bowl. Capital One moved their Sponsorship to the Orange Bowl and BDubs came from what is now the Cactus Bowl.

Last year's Capital One Citrus Bowl matchup was #16 Mizzou vs #25 Minnesota where the Tigers beat the Golden Goofs 33 - 17. The MVP was Mizzou DE Marcus Golden. Both teams finished the 2015 season (5-7). Minnesota was invited to the Quick Lane Bowl at Ford Field. Mizzou was not invited to a bowl.

Michigan is tied 3rd all time with Tennessee, Auburn and Penn State for most appearances in the game. Georgia is tied with Florida for first with 6. 

The last time Michigan played in the bowl game was 2007 in a 41-35 Victory over the Florida Gators. 

Last time Michigan State played Alabama, Bama was #16 and MSU was #9. The Crimson Tide crushed Staee 49-7. This matchup was the 2010 Captial One Citrus Bowl.

I think our first appearance in this game was 1999 where we played Arkansas and won 45-31. (1998 season) Jon Jansen was the Captain of the team. Michigan finished 3rd in the conference at #12 behind the Ohio State Buckeyes and Wisconsin Badgers in conference. Anthony Thomas was the Citrus Bowl MVP. 

The game began in 1947 in front of 9,000 fans and is one of the oldest non CFP bowl games along with the Gator Bowl and Sun Bowl. The 1991 game was considered a National Championship victory for Georgia Tech. 

The 1998 game had the largest crowd of 72,940 in a contest between Florida and Penn State. 

In 1958 Buffalo refused to play in the bowl game because they wouldn't allow intergrated sporting events. Buffalo was not bowl eligible again for 50 years. 

Due to construction in 1973, the game between Miami (OH) and Florida was moved to The Swamp under special permission from the NCAA and required special accommodations to be made. Near record low temps of 25 degrees occurred during this game, which nicknamed it the transplant bowl as the RedHawks found the cold to their liking in their 16-7 win. One of the Miami players was future Gators HC Ron Zook. 

Also, Capital One held a mascot challenge from 2001-2014 where the winner was honored at half time. This has moved to the orange bowl this season. 

Michigan takes on former Offensive Coordinator Doug Nussmeier, Go Blue!


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I actually have them as paragraphs but for some reason when I post on my phone it never comes out that way.

EDIT: I jumped on my computer to edit it as I really figured it would be nice to discuss the bowl itself amongst the game talk.


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Lots of M fans see an easy victory, but I think Florida has such a great defense that they will shut down our O as good or better than Ohio did. Also, while Treon Harris isn't the greatest passing QB, he is athletic and I expect their offense to run some midline read option, some veer, some power, and some traditional read option to try and exploit what Minny, IU, and OSU did against us.

We will not be able to run the ball whatsoever against this defense, so I hope Rudock is healthy and receives good pass protection.

10 wins is a damn solid season, and whether we get there or not will depend on how the linebacker group & DL plays for 60 minutes. UF is very likely going to be able to run up the middle regardless of scheme due to our injuries on the DL. If we want to win, we absolutely must put UF into 3rd and long situations. I would also like the defense to force a turnover or two.

All in all I think this will be a close, low scoring game won by whichever team makes fewest mistakes.

3 weeks ago I would've thought we would easily beat UF, now I'm. not so sure, and could even see us losing by a decent margin.

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FSU-UF game the other day.  Their defense is terrifying.  FSU eventually wore them down and scored two late TD's via the run but we simply don't have FSU's running game.  Going to be tough to move the ball if Jake isn't given good protection.


Fwiw, their offense is just woof.  I was reminded of Maryland.


December 10th, 2015 at 8:00 AM ^

Dalvin Cook is one of the best RB in the country. Michigan is going to need to pass the ball to win the game but Florida has good secondary with NFL players lining up in all positions.

It will be a defensive battle. Michigan offense is better than UF offense which will be the difference but Michigan cannot let Calloway get his yards in KR/PR.

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December 10th, 2015 at 8:26 AM ^

would not surprise me if they are significantly better offensively by the bowl game. They had a shake up midyear and had to change on the fly but a month to works things out can help quite a bit. Think of 07. Granted, we had more offensively talent that year then they do, but we were an absolute sludge-fart in The Game but looked like an angry death-viper in the Citrus. Urban Meyer was like "who the f are these guys?"


December 10th, 2015 at 9:21 AM ^

Maybe he's not. Has been around since 2013. But his posts seem to make a lot of backhanded compliments to Michigan, and he will occasionally throw in crap about how we'll never compete with Sparty again, OSU owns us, etc. BAMF if you're not a troll I apologize. But I still kind of think you are.

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December 10th, 2015 at 1:38 PM ^

Not a troll just a realist who is tired of the constant losing to our rivals. Apparently at this blog you need to a a homer void of the capability to criticize this team. I actually coach football and I just get so frustrated sometimes when the fan base just brushed a team like UF off. If Mi hogan loses, the same people that called for an easy win will be the first ones making 5,000 excuses.

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wasn't that bad while Rudock was in there.  They just stalled in the red zone.  Their drives with Rudock went:

10 plays 43 yds, punt from OSU 36

7 plays 28 yds, punt from UM 48

14 plays 72 yds, 25 yd FG

11 plays 92 yds, TD

6 plays 15 yds, punt from UM 41

7 plays 57 yds, 27 yd FG

Rudock left the game during UM's next possession.  


I agree that Florida's defense is going to be a stiff test.  The good news is Florida's offense so far this year isn't even close to OSU's.  


December 10th, 2015 at 4:52 AM ^

The highlite of that game was watching a coach, who was notorious for super passive play calling, wait until the final game of his career.  Then all of a sudden realize he had the athletes to destroy opposing defenses at will.  I missed Carr on the sidelines during the bad years but I will never miss his "prevent offenses".

Other Andrew

December 17th, 2015 at 11:05 AM ^

  • Kept fumbling snaps (one of which Mike Hart picked up and ran for a first down)
  • Was frequently fighting with the receivers and coaches on the sideliens
  • Didn't make any decent plays of note in the time he got

He was a freshman, so that stuff can be expected. But he would not have helped in the OSU game.


December 10th, 2015 at 5:12 AM ^

I think finishing with a win over a solid SEC opponent will really vault us into spring ball with positive momentum.

I like Jim Harbaugh to, with a month to prepare, have some nice wrinkles in the playbook. I think we will see Jabrill featured in a trick play. I really hope our guys show up and play with urgency. 9-4 certainly is not bad, but the momentum and positive attitude that surfaces from ending the season with a win could go a long way to how we come out as a team next year.

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Everyone Murders

December 10th, 2015 at 9:09 AM ^

I loved Spurrier as a head coach for his blistering quips as much as anything (although his Florida teams were really fun to watch, especially on offense).  He really had a great sense of humor.

But I always wondered why, in 2011 (2010 season) and 2013 (2012 season) someone prominent out there wasn't observing that you also can't spell "Citrus" without "USC".  It seemed like a high-hanging curve ball to me, but nobody was taking a swing.

/insert "that assumes someone affiliated with Tennessee can spell" joke here/