Christian LaCouture to Nebraska

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The twitterverse is reporting that Christian LaCouture has committed in a bit of a surprise to Nebraska today.  Most people had been reporting he had been down to LSU and Michigan with Nebraska running third.



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Sucks that he's not coming up to Ann Arbor, but good for him and Nebraska. I like seeing talent from non-Big Ten states coming to the Big Ten. It'll make the league better, and if Michigan makes it through their schedule, Michigan better nationally. So yeah, I'm not gonna cry over this one.


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While I wasn't overly excited about LaCouture, it still sucks because we haven't landed any DTs and Poggi is not a sure thing.


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Keep in mind the coaches have a really solid safety option in Kenton Gibbs, the cass tech project who's been tearing it up at camps.

While not as high-profile as some of our other targets, he's a continuation of the CT pipeline, a good athlete (6'2 290), and either has an offer or interest from all the major schools in the midwest.

If all of our other prospects head elsewhere, he'd be a great person to throw a scholly to late in the process

MN Go Blue

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I asked this in the other thread also.  Does anyone know how many D-Line/Ends that Nebraska plans on taking.  I think LaCouture could move inside, but they do have another DE already committed.  Anyone?


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a very similar player? And he'll be on campus in a few weeks

Plus Wormley and Godin, and we're very much fine at SDE for the future. Need moar 3T!


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Godin and Wormely might move to 3T. But yes, Strobel is a similar player. Always nice to get reinforcements at positions, especially since Taco seems like a high risk/high reward type recruit. Never know who is going to pan out and who isn't. Nonetheless, I would like some more 3T also, like Poggi....


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Sometimes i just don't understand why a kid picks a certain school............Assuming he had commitable offers to LSU and UofM I just don't understand why you would pick Nebraska.    However good luck to Christian, except of course when he plays Michigan.


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Don't have enough points to start a thread, but as a result of multiple sources claiming Ty Isaac will possibly come off the board very soon, I thought this was noteworthy.  Not sure about the credibility (edit: Ace Williams blows), and if somebody would like to start a speculation thread on this slow saturday I'm all for it.  

According to the other Ace, Michigan no longer leads for Isaac, and is now tied with Alabama at #2 behind USC.  Isaac is slightly deterred by our RB commits from 2012/13 and Bama is telling him he will be their next great RB/Heisman.  Also, on USC's 247sports, there is a Ty Isaac update with a generous number of upvotes, and I'm guessing it has something to do with this.  RDT, where you at?  I'd like your opinion on this.…

I personally have become less and less optimistic as his recruiting progresses, and whether this source is credible or not, I'm a firm believer in the smoke/fire analogy.  Really hoping this is not the case, and Hoke can close on him in the coming weeks.  He is still the #1 recruit I want in this class alongside Treadwell.

Because this is LaCouture's thread and I should comment on him to remain relevant - Damn.  Here's to hoping we land Poggi before summer.


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Good ole Ace is at it again eh? His credibility has been turrible so I'll take it with a grain of salt until somebody else reports it.