Christian LaCouture Decommits from Texas A&M

Submitted by Steve Lorenz on March 2nd, 2012 at 9:39 AM

Texas SDE and Michigan offer Christian LaCouture (3*, has offers from LSU and Mizzou also) has decommitted from Texas A&M and plans on visiting Michigan sometime in the relatively near future. I'm at work now so can't go further into detail, but that's the important part. 



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Why does someone commit on 1/29, then decommit a month later, despite no news or coaching changes?  

Kids these days...

... also, get off my lawn.

Edit:  I guess he comitted last year.  Not sure if that makes things more or less weird.  Still, stay off my lawn.



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Becasue they are 17-18-19 year old kids making arguably the biggest decision of their lives and are being constantly hounded by analysts, media, coaches, and teams' fanbases.  I'm guessing they probably feel a ton of pressure.  When I was that age picking a college to study at was a tough decision, and these kids are giving up pretty much the next four years of their lives to do something.  They don't always have the best influences around them, either.


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Okay, right.  But you didn't send a check to Northwestern for first semester's tuition, then go, oh hey, actually I'm going to go to Stanford.  Oh no, wait, now I want to go to Michigan.  You keep your deliberations internal until you settle on your school of choice, and you go there.  We all know this is a tough decision for these kids, but it's ridiculous to commit to a school if you're not sure that it's where you want to be.  When you commit, you should be done pending serious shake-ups at the school.


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If you disappear, I'll be sure to remind the internet that you existed and maybe someone should search for you.

Either way, comment of the year so far; I'd be shocked if there was a better one from 2012 (Aquaman/Ace do not count).


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No, that's Aquaman 2342.   You don't think he actually does any of the background work into these recruiting interviews, do you?   He just takes others' R.P.S. (Recruit Personal Statistics) Reports and then asks 5 pre-determined questions.

But, he does work on Saturdays...


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Good interview but not a lot of highlights.  You have to love a kid whose leadership is being highlighted.  Seems very well spoken and level headed.  The reporter isn't bad either.


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You need to get your priorities straight.  Just go tell your boss it's important recruiting information that needs to get out.  I'm sure he'll give you a few hours off. 

Leaders And Best

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Originally from Maine.  Father was on the 1993 NCAA Championship Maine hockey team and now a hockey executive.  Don't think he has any real ties to Texas.  May explain why he decommitted and reevaluating options.  I have to think a kid with a hockey background from the Northeast would be very interested in Michigan.

Here is a good read on him from his Maine hometown paper:


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I wouldn't get your hopes up.  Christian LaCouture lives in College Station and goes to A&M Consolidated HS.  

Getting him to commit to Michigan would be like getting a kid from an Ann Arbor HS with an offer from U-M to commit somewhere else. 


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My mistake then. You're correct, his dad took a job with the hockey team in Odessa so his son could play Texas 5A ball. I imagine they were pretty frustrated when after moving again (to College Station) A&M fired Sherman.

Sumlin actually retained the old DL coach (Williams) who was an ace recruiter, but Williams has since moved on to the Raiders. That hasn't helped matters with LaCouture either.


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Sounds like it would be more like getting kid from Ann Arbor, who held a UofM offer for months, who then decommitted from UofM after a coaching change, to go elsewhere.  

We certainly suffered recruiting losses as a result of coaching changes in the past, so it doesn't sound to implausible to me.  I'm not saying probably, but certainly possible.


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This kid's been a soft verbal since A&M switched from Sherman to Sumlin.  When LSU offered, he began to waffle a bit and looked like he would take some visits, but this is the first I've heard of a full-on decommitment.  If this is true, you've managed to scoop TexAgs, which is fairly impressive.