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guy I taught with, legendary dry humor and he tells the story far morning, he walked around his classroom handing out papers and smelled a particularly rank/foul odor. It's normal(in context) for a middle school kid to smell it the bell curve of odiferous stink. As he moved around the room after handing out papers, trying to pin down the origin and possibly suggest deodorant,  soap, cologne, gargle something for God's sake!!, the smell just hung in the air. For a few seconds, he just concluded that a number of kids smelled that day, and it was a cumulative and pungent whiff of ammonia stink.

So he sat back at his desk, propped his feet up, and the smell intensified. He investigated, took off one shoe, nothing but toe cheese stink, that wasn't it. But painful none the less. Took off the other shoe, and per the OP, what I would assume to be the equivalent of cat urine waterboarding... he located the smell. His cat had apparently marked his shoe with urine. Said it nearly knocked him out of his chair it was so strong. He had to go home at lunch to get a different pair of shoes.


That story was only topped by his 'gift' from a young sixth grader, proudly delivering a piece of Mackinaw fudge, brought all the way home to his favorite teacher. It was warm, and packed with all the pocket lint imaginable...the kid kept it in his jeans the whole day until the last class to make sure he wouldn't forget it. Sadly there was a fumbling of the fudge as it where, right over the top of the trash can JUST as the teacher was about to enjoy the fudge...darn.

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On a side note, I'm watching the latest Luke Cage on Amazon and for some reason I think the guy who plays BUSHMASTER looks like Chris. Not exactly, but I kept saying, "that dude could play Chris Webber!"


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To be fair, the cat urine thing only came into being when we ran out of bleach for the waterboarding equipment one day, and the problem has since been corrected - by the health department in Bolivia, of course. Apparently, expired milk or GTFO.