Chris Webber chimes in re: M in his book/NCAA sanctions lifted tomorrow

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Just searching through the twitters to see if anyone was talking about the sanctions being lifted against Webber, Traylor (RIP), Bullock and Taylor. And I found this that Chris just tweeted a few minutes ago-



HELL YEAH! Its bout to get sooo real! RT @njmatt18: @realchriswebber Are you going to write much about Michigan?




Very interesting to see if anything happens tomorrow. Like if his pictures start to reappear in the recordbook and Michigan photo store starts putting up Fab Five pics for sale since they can sell whatever photos they have the rights to. 


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...if you have any doubt about whether Chris Webber did anything wrong.  And if you don't think he personally did great harm to the university.  And if you have any doubt about what a crook Ed Martin was.

And if you think that "the NCAA" is in any way, shape or form responsible for the depths of the Martin/Webber wrongdoing.

You're right.  If those are the terms, there is no point in any debate.

Michigan, alone in the mess, took full responsibility and aceepted full punishment in the matter.  If I never hear about Chris Webber again it will be too soon.  Buhbye.

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It was no mystery where Ed Martin's money came from.  He's mentioned in the book Fab Five as a "gambler who kept a wad of $100 bills in his sock" for goodness sakes.

Some of the willful ignorance displayed here is ridiculous.  Look, I enjoyed watching the Fab Five too.  But that shouldn't sugarcoat everything Webber did.  Somehow I doubt you're this forgiving of Terelle Pryor.

And no, I do not think that the average NCAA athlete is "exploited" by receiving a free education to play sports.  The vast majority of these guys are not marketable and are not going to make a living playing pro sports.  (Even those who do make it to the pros frequently end up broke anyway.)  Getting that free education is worth a lot.




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Picking numbers that are drawn. Except the profits don't go to the state, but guys like Ed Martin. Who then launders the money by giving it to basketball prospects, and getting it back later. So kid gets cash now, Martin gets paid back later with clean "loan" money, and maybe a little somethin' somethin', and gets to be a hanger on with big time athletes.


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worries as everyone else. however, i am generally very curious as to what he will say. i also believes he loves michigan and that this won't be a witch hunt type of book.

of huge interest, he met with the Hoop Dreams director and there is a plan to make this into a movie, going way back before UM. yep. as long as it is true and not too one~sided, i would like to see it.