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Tremendous just retweeted this twitter diatribe by former player Chris Floyd. I am going to reserve judgment until the full story comes out, but I just don't get this.  In the last couple years, we've had similar rants demanding a job for Corwin Brown on the new staff (clearly the AD knew what they were doing), scholarships for relatives (i.e. Braylon Edwards), and ex-players injecting themselves into the head coach search process. I appreciate everything these guys did for the program and university, but this just seems a bit much.

Chris Floyd @cmikeflo

Moved back to Ann Arbor from DC 3months ago because I was promised a job in the Athletic Department.....

Chris Floyd @cmikeflo

I am a former student athlete and National Champion

Chris Floyd @cmikeflo

After a promise and 3 months of waiting and interviewing and waiting more, they go and hire someone else....Leaders and Best? SMH

Chris Floyd @cmikeflo

Still, My loyalty is with Michigan. I'll always support one of my favorite people, Coach Hoke any way I can....

Chris Floyd @cmikeflo

There is a serious disconnect between the athletic department and the athletic alumni and they wonder why we don't come back or give back!




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Just another problem with social media... This is something that should be taken care of behind closed doors.  Not knowing the whole story I won't try and determine who is right and who is wrong but this stuff needs to stay private.  I hate twitter


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I like Twitter, and the internet in general, because it gives a public voice to those who might not otherwise have one.  In "the old days," this would have been buried.  I know it's "dirty laundry that should be kept private" to some, but I'm all for transparency in any state organization, no matter where it gets its funding.


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How many things in our country are illegal because they're "dangerous" when not used correctly?  Problem is, the people who abuse these things often do more damage than the good people do who use them correctly.  I would argue Twitter is one of those things.

Now, I'm not saying it should be illegal, but I do believe that it brings more harm than good.


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Social media can be good in this regard just as it can be bad. If everyone has a press release machine, they are liable to be treated better and institutions can be held more accountable.

Not assuming Floyd was genuinely done wrong, but maybe he did try to handle things behind closed doors first and Brandon didn't give him the time just like he reportedly didn't with Denard.



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Aww, he was promised a job before the hiring process was actually done and they wound up going with someone else?  I feel so bad for him.  I guess being a national champion qualifies you for all kinds of jobs.  Without knowing the whole background, I hope the university did its due diligence and went with the best candidate rather than just giving a wink and a nod to someone.  

No one should have "promised" him the job in the first place of course, but still.  I have been passed over for a lot of jobs and no one should be gifted one.


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I know Chris personally, and he is a great guy.  No ordinary schmoe gets to marry Gabrielle Union for a while after all.  Your comments completely disregard any concept of Michigan "FAMILY."  Chris Floyd was a leading cog in the '97 championship team, and is revered, or should be, in Ann Arbor.  Does that mean insta-job?  No.  But if he's told he was promised a job, one can understand his disappointment, tempered by his Tweetting a confirmed continued allegiance to Michigan.

The man was venting steam.  I would too if I felt I was promised a job and it wasn't delivered.


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If you think you have a job ( especially a job in such a high profile area) because you were promised it and not because you signed a contract, then you probably don't deserve the job.

Moving before you even know if you have the job? Wow. There's many qualified people in the world and not all of them went to UM. You get the job if ypu're the best candidate, not if you have the most past relationships. Geez, this is Life 101.


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I wasn't clear. I meant you shouldn't move before you know something for sure - that's life 101.

I agree relationships are crucial in getting a foot in the door - both my jobs I was hired for I got interviewed because of a UM connection at the employer. Yet, I still had to beat other qualified candidates for the positions. And even when one person told me I was a shoe-in I didn't assume anything until an offer was made.

But really the guy proved he wasn't the right guy for the job by his Twitter actions. No employer is going to tolerate that.

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I just realized these are the only tweets he has sent out from his account, and he has changed his profile pictures twice. I guess maybe he just started the account to put this out there.

turd ferguson

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Sorry, but there's not nearly enough information available for people to be commenting on the legitimacy of his frustration (one way or another). Complaints about his public venting might be fair, but again, there's a ton that we don't know.

Hell, I think the most newsworthy thing here is that even when someone is infuriated with the Michigan AD, he still manages to express his love and appreciation for Brady Hoke.

Leaders And Best

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but either way, definitely not the forum for it and won't help you in the future even if he was wronged.  I'm just trying to figure out what job he was even looking for. The only opening on the football staff I can even think of is Roy Manning (graduate assistant), but I thought you actually have to be in graduate school to have that job.


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Regardless of what happened, best thing is to just keep it to yourself, especially when it comes to social media. No one ever got ahead putting their unhappiness out for all to see. 


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Hoke is a great guy and looks like he was the right choice, but an anti-cronyism policy doesn't jibe with Brandon's apparent disinterest in non-Michigan candidates and his "we won't have to teach him the words to The Victors" line at the hiring press conference. DB is hard to get a read on. Sometimes I'm not sure if even he knows where his image ends and his reality begins.


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Why would you move to a state without a job? I was told I would get multiple jobs in life if I applied. I didn't get some, and never moved until human resources had my offer in my email. This isn't high school where everyone passes, or sports where nobody is a loser. Our society better toughen up on kids. We are always politically correct and we don't prepare kids for work. Life doesn't work on promises, only action.


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As others have noted, I'm going to withhold full judgment until knowing the whole story, but don't complain on twitter about not getting a job if it wasn't in writing.  But my guess is the  "we'd love to have you come in and interview for the position" part that was said was interpretted as "you'll get the job because you used to play for UM", which obviously didn't turn out to be the case.  But this little diatribe will certainly burn bridges at the University, and seems foolish for a guy who is a couple of years older than me and should know better.  

I've been passed over for jobs that I thought should be mine, and I certainly didn't publicly bitch about it.  Sucks to move and all, but that's on him, and his complaints just make him sound like a whiny kid.


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This is the internet - show me one person who has displayed restraint and I'll show you someone who hasn't been to a message board.

That said, duly noted.  I will remain steadfast in my belief, though, that bitching on twitter about a missed job opportunity isn't the best course of action for anyone.

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All the people he was asking to follow him back were players who he likely wants to interview.  He's probably asking them to follow back, because if they follow him back, then he can send a private 'direct message' on twitter (who you can only send to people who follow you) in order to organize the interview (phone number/email/time of interview etc).