Chris Bryant is taking Official Visit at Pitt this weekend

Submitted by Dreisbach1817 on January 14th, 2011 at 6:58 PM

Clearly a poaching effort from the former assistants.  Maghee and Dews are there, right?

Chris Pool- "You gotta love January recruiting! 2011 OG Chris Bryant (Chicago/Simeon) is in Pitsburgh on an official visit this weekend."

Chris Pool- "After Pittsburgh official visit, OG Chris Bryant (Chicago/Simeon) will be driving to Michigan to meet with new Wolverines coach Brady Hoke."

EDIT: Not really a "poaching" because Bryant isn't committed anywhere obviously.  I used that in reference to the coaches having ties with a player and then using those in their new position.  Obviously completely legitimate.  Let's just hope that the drop of snake oil left doesn't end up lasting for 8 days.



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I wouldn't be overly worried about Pitt. Michigan is still his leader even with the coaching change, so if he gets on well with Coach Hoke on his return trip, then expect Bryant to commit to Michigan later in the month


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Is it not possible to get a message about who he is and what he stands for out to more recruits through media outlets than picking up the phone and calling one at a time? Yes recruiting is important, but so is building his identity. Really, who cares if Brady Hoke is sitting in your living room if you know nothing about him?


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I am in no way suggesting that Brady should not go and visit recruits in home. I am simply stating that a radio interview reaches many more recruits, both directly and indirectly, and so the criticism for doing interviews is a bit silly. Isn't possible to do both? We do not know what is going on in the back ground as far as setting up visits and calling recruits. In his letter Hoke stated that he would get on the recruiting trail this coming up week and that he has been focused on retention. So far, so good.


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Well I am sure he took the visit because some of the Michigan coaches who recruited them are there, so it is a little worry. I think we are in good shape with him though.


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I think we're in good shape, too.

I know Hoke isn't supposed to recruit guys from SDSU, but I'm perfectly okay with the fired coaches at Pitt trying to seduce Chris Bryant.


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How dare the coaches we fired try to recruit uncommitted prospects that are considering the school that fired them!! .........

Desmonlon Edwoodson

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From what I understand, they are going to run the spread over there at Pittsburgh.  Hench it is a "national" program that can win National Championships.  Right?  Because pro formation offenses are strictly regional, and only capable of competing for conference championships.  That's what I've been told.  And told.  And told.  I sure hope someone has told that to Chris Bryant.  Would hate for him to go to a regional school.


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... then recruits ought to love the Great Brandon. I can't turn on the TV or radio, read a newspaper or glance at the Internet without being blessed with the latest Dave Brandon image or quote. Good thing he hasn't discovered Twitter yet.


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His teammate, Jordan Diamond, was one of the (if not the) top offensive lineman at the All-American combine last week. Getting Bryant on board will certainly help, but Diamond would be a huge pull next year.


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Thanks for the info.  I think once he talks with Hoke he'll be cmfortable on commiting to UM.  Pitt seems sketchy, since, you know, they fired 2 coaches within a month.


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At this point I think I'll be happy if we can keep the 12 commits we have, let alone add any others.

Seems to be a lot of noise about Fisher, Countess, Jones, Goudis, Posada, and even Beyer.

Should be an interesting 2-1/2 weeks.