Chesson named team MVP + other team awards announced

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From the Michigan Football Bust in Livonia-


Bo Schembechler Award (Team MVP): Jehu Chesson, RS Junior

Dr. Arthur D. Robinson Scholarship Award: Michael Jocz, TE, RS Junior

Hugh J. Rader, Jr. Memorial Award (Top lineman): Graham Glasgow, 5th Year

Richard Katcher Award (Top DL): Ryan Glasgow & Chris Wormley, RS Juniors

Roger Zatkoff Award (Top LB): Desmond Morgan, 5th Year

Robert P. Ufer Bequest: Joe Bolden, Senior



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Who is JD? I must be getting old.

Jake was very important to the team's success, but it's hard to vote for a guy who has only been with the team for a short time. I think Jehu won for his on-the-field contributions as well as the off-the-field stuff. Don't forget that Jehu was a big contributor on special teams. Jabril received notoriety for how many plays he was in, but Jehu was probably in just as many considering he was on all four special teams (punt, punt return, kick, kick return,) iirc.


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Chesson was not only a great player for this team, but by all accounts I've heard is a really good person and very smart.  I think that put him over the top here, which I am more than OK with.

I remember at media days thinking he sounded like the kind of guy I'd want to represent this team.


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I love that Chesson won mvp. Not only did Jehu deserve the honor, but the confidence it will give to him will undoubtedly assist him in getting better next year.

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I think it's obvious based on this that Chesson will be named as one of the captains next season. I'm curious to see who emerges on the defensive side. Peppers seems like a likely candidate if they'll vote for a junior (soph eligibility.) A lot of times the defensive captain is a linebacker. That probably won't happen next season with the lack of a returning starter. I could see Ryan Glasgow get it (Kerridge was a walk-on who was captain this season) or J. Lewis, but I think Peppers is the favorite. I remember seeing a game this season where he led the team out from the tunnel to the banner. That's not something that a RS Frosh usually does, but he's Peppers.


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I could definitely see Lewis getting the nod. I think both he and Peppers give that D a lot of its swagger. Both also play special teams, but Lewis is the guy that said he was going to break Penn State's back and then proceeded to do so on the kick return. I'd err towards JD and seniority. You don't always want to give more responsibility to your most talented player. I'd let Jabrill continue to lead by example, personally.


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He's without question the most valuable. That said, most teams (college and pro) would suffer severely if you took away their starting QB. Nature of the position.

In other words, a guy shouldn't be MVP just because there's nobody behind him. It's not the other players' fault that their positions are better stacked.

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How Chesson earned that award. That kid stepped up his game every chance he got. Darboh had these amazing practices and Chesson just worked at becoming more about possession and more 'under the radar' Chesson emerged as that 'deep threat' late in the year along with if you threw it beat him, he was catching it... When you needed it. I love the kid!


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I love the choice of Chesson as MVP. Would've been happy with Rudock, Lewis or either Glasgow too, but appreciate the contributions Chesson made, especially in some of the often under-appreciated ways like blocking and special teams coverage.