Chengelis Interviews GMAT

Submitted by MGoShoe on January 20th, 2011 at 6:58 PM

Angelique Chengelis has a new Big Ten Blog entry with quotes from Greg Mattison that didn't make an upcoming article she's writing. Here they are for your reading pleasure:

  • On Hoke: "He's completely sincere. There's no B.S. in him. What it is, is what it is. This is the Brady Hoke way " full-bore, straight ahead. They're getting a real guy. When I heard his comment that he would crawl to Michigan ... Michigan is one of those places that you put all the other stuff aside, and you say I'm going to go there because it's Michigan. That's what he's bringing back."
  • On the Michigan coach staff: "Michigan running backs coach Fred (Jackson) and I came to Michigan together from Navy. (Linebackers coach) Mark Smith, I've always had great respect for him. (Offensive coordinator) Al Borges ... I coached against him in the SEC. He's tough."
  • On keeping tabs on Hoke: "I watched San Diego State (where Hoke was head coach the last two seasons), because I'm such a Brady Hoke fan. My wife and I got the (television) package so we could watch games, and we were able to watch three games this year. We'd put the alarm on so we could watch the San Diego State games. One time, I said,'Ah, man, the guy's doing an unbelievable job,' and my wife look at me and said, 'Of course, why wouldn't he?'"
  • On Michigan hiring Hoke: "When they were deciding who to hire, I kept saying to myself, 'What did they think when Bo came? They probably said the same thing about Bo."
  • On encountering Bo Schembechler: "I remember when I was there and Bo would come down to the copy room and you'd be nervous when you'd walk in there. Then he'd say something like, 'You're doing a really good job, and you'd walk out like you're eight-feet tall."
  • On what to expect from Michigan's defense: "You've got to have tremendous pride in your defense and not give up points. That's the backbone."

If those were the quotes that ended up on the cutting room floor, the article should be chock full of some really good stuff.



January 20th, 2011 at 7:08 PM ^

I say we refer to the entire staff as the Brady Bunch and develop the nicknames accordingly.  So Greg Mattison's nickname is......Greg.  Damnit, it seemed like a good idea.


January 20th, 2011 at 7:21 PM ^

This interview would have been better if she actually used GMAT-style answering:

A only

B only

A and B

A, B, C but not D

A, B, C, and D

Damn, I'm 7 years removed from GMAT studying and I still hate that test.


January 20th, 2011 at 7:57 PM ^

Lesson to all newspapers out there: if one of your writers supports something for the right reasons, eventually they will enjoy the fruits of his/her labor.

Really enjoy that AC is getting all this access. She deserves it.


January 20th, 2011 at 9:44 PM ^

watching the vids on This staff will do great things at Michigan, and I think they're going to turn Denard into an even better QB. That kid's accuracy is not something people talk about very often, but I distinctly remember a game where he should have won the all-time completion percentage record and missed a meaningless pass in garbage time. Dudz gat Skillz.