Chengelis: hoke says Hopkins

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Chengelis tweeted that Hoke says Hopkins has been the most consistent back so far



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I think if he can hold onto the ball he makes the most sense as a downhill runner. (Unless Rage 2.0 Shaw can get healthy quick and be a factor in the passing game.)


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I'm not concerned.  I've seen enough of Vincent Smith to know (er...uhhh...*think*) that Smith isn't the best option.  So whether it's Cox, Hopkins, Shaw, or Toussaint that passes him up, I don't really care, as long as the new RB is better than what we had previously.


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I know it's not a lot to go on but from all the MGoBlue Spring videos, Hopkins is always busting off big plays. I haven't really seen Shaw or Toussaint too many times, and when Smith is featured he's getting tackled for a loss of making a minor gain. Cox has had a few nice long runs, again I'm taking this all with a grain of salt because there's still along way to go until the opener.


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Not sure why anybody would be anything other than supportive about that selection.  If the guy has worked the hardest and we have the best chance of winning with him, why would anyone want to disagree with their choice.  After all, I’ll go with the coaches choice.  They’re the folks who are at the practice and run the weight room/conditioning programs.  Positivity folks!!!


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All I want to see is someone win the job instead of getting it by default.  In other words, I want to feel like the the guy who gets the job was the guy who played the best, not the guy who sucked the least.  If anyone steps up and does a great job, more power to them.  I will be ecstatic.  But I am keeping a totally open mind about it.

I'm not writing anyone off, nor do I think anyone is a lock.  I won't be surprised if it's Hopkins but I won't be surprised if it's Smith, either.  I don't trust Hoke's ability to win at the BCS level yet, but I feel very confident in saying that Hoke is a very good motivator and that whoever gets the job will have definitely earned it.  

At this point, you can't ask for much more, no matter who your preference or favorite is.


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...the DetNews has posted Angelique's article on the subject

Michigan coach Brady Hoke said he's not ready to announce a hierarchy of tailbacks, but he gave every indication that big back Stephen Hopkins has the edge as spring practice winds down.  "I think Hopkins right now has been probably the most consistent," Hoke said Wednesday while meeting with local reporters. "I would say Hopkins (has stood out) as much as anybody."  Hoke also said Fitz Toussaint (5-10, 200) has had a good spring, as has Mike Cox (6-0, 211), who has missed most Tuesday practices because of a class conflict.  "I don't think we're ready to say, 'This is the guy,'" Hoke said. "We'll go into fall camp with a depth chart, but you never know what those freshman (Justice Hayes and Thomas Rawls) are going to do also. (The running backs) know they're being evaluated in everything they do from the academic side to how they perform, what they do in the weight room, how they act, all those things."


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I am kind of tired of the holding onto the ball problem.  If I remember correctly he had one real fumble.  Other than that he was running a bunch of draws and Denard was handing him the ball too high.  On draws he is not supposed to be looking at the ball, he is supposed to be looking at the holes that are opening up.  He is the best back, and it really pissed me off when we didn't use him more last year.  He could block and go Brandon Minor on people.  I am expecting big things out of him.


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Obviously, Hopkins needed more experience last year.  I don't remember any fumbles that were his fault.  I think a couple Denard handed off high as you said.  IMHO, I think RR took Hopkins off because of missed assignments.  To my amateur eye, I saw him miss some blocks while pass protecting and one on a reverse.  I think it was the Perdue game, he missed a block on a reverse and we fumbled. 


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I feel that it is worth it to go out on a limb and say Thomas Rawls will see the field this year. If I'm wrong, I can live with a redshirt. I think the timing is right for a back like him to make an impact.  I will say that I'm very intrigued as to what a few of the freshman will bring to the squad when they get on campus. Specifically Rawls, Kellen Jones,  and Blake Countess.


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It might not happen this fall, but of all the RBs on the roster this fall, Rawls will graduate as being the most heralded.  Again, he might not earn that heralding as a freshman, but he'll get it. 


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Just out of curiousity, what do you think happens with Justice Hayes early on, and over his career. He is a versatile offensive threat, but I'm not sure if he is as physically ready as Rawls is as a freshman. I love what both of them bring to the table though.


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Eh I don't think that's an issue.  Ronnie Hillman was about Hayes' size when he was absolutely lighting it up as a true freshman at SDSU last season.  Any size back can work in this system.