Chengelis: Harbaugh makes big push for Weber

Submitted by StephenRKass on January 29th, 2015 at 12:16 AM

Angelique Chengelis has a brief article up tonight at the News entitled Harbaugh making a big push for Mike Weber, Wilcher says. There isn't much new in the article. The one thing I find interesting is that Wilcher, a former Michigan RB, is no longer making predictions on where Weber will end up. Previously, Wilcher thought Weber was going to OSU. Chengelis writes:

Cass Tech coach Thomas Wilcher said Wednesday he doesn't know where Weber stands on his football future right now.

"Harbaugh has been calling Weber since he got here," Wilcher said.

EDIT:  They are following this very closely over at Eleven Warriors. Reading through the comments, they are all over the place (We want him. We have other backs who are better anyway. He wants to go to Michigan. His heart is at OSU but Harbaugh won't leave him alone.)

Eleven Warriors LINK:  Weber signs with UofM?

My two cents: Weber himself doesn't know which way to go. Neither school is jumping out to him in a clear and undeniable way. Both schools have pros and cons. He will choose with his gut and maybe those closest to him on Feb. 4. No way to know which way that will be.



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Spanky reminds you of RR? No, I think your avatar reminds you of RR. Which raises the question:  why do you keep an avatar of RR? It seems like a masochistic self-flagellation to keep an avatar of RR. There are things I block out of my memory. Like RR's tenure. To see a picture of him every time I post seems like a painful exercise.


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The guy killed our program. Why would you ever want his dumb ass face on here. He was the head coach and not the Free Press, not Dave Brandon, not Gerg or anyone else. Had he controlled things and ran Greg like other coaches do we would have won. He crashed the ship and he was the captain of it. Fuck Rich Rod! nice guy or not.


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When I think about how RR's tenure was sabotaged by so-called "Michigan men" and how seven years of Michgan football were tossed down the crapper by David Brandon, it is definitely a "painful exercise."

Maybe it's time to stop shitting on RR and concentrate on the great things Jim Harbaugh is going to do.


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Brandon was hired in 2010 so I'm not sure how he is already solely responsible for 7 years of bad Michigan football.

RR may have had some forces going against him but blaming others for all of his problems here is as delusional as holding Brandon responsible for all of it. RR did a lot of damage on his own. It appears he has learned at Arizona so far. That doesn't mean he was the right fit here.

The_Mad Hatter

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Is all you need to know about RR at Michigan.  Would Lloyd have gone 3-9 that year if he returned?  Even with the 2 transfers and the same staff that RR had?

No way in hell.  

They should have fired RR after that year, paid out his contract, and sent a Brinks truck down to LSU for Les.

A Michigan team should NEVER have a 3-9 season.

The_Mad Hatter

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I'm absolutely not sure.  What I am sure of is that Mallett thought he wouldn't fit in RR"s system, and RR either wasn't able, or didn't attempt, to convince him otherwise.

Great coaches adjust their strategies to fit the players they have.  RR was unable or unable to do that.  As was Hoke to a lesser extent.  You can't turn a pocket passer into a dual-threat QB, or vice-versa, overnight.

I'm sorry, but there is just no excuse for Michigan going 3-9.  Ever.


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How about bringing back 1 offensive starter? Or how about problems from within the program? Jim Harbaugh gave Oakland one of their 3 wins this year, so I'd think the problems within the athletic department is a huge problem being glossed over by anyone who still thinks RichRod is a bad coach.

Also, it wasn't a problem with adjustments that led to a 3-9 season. It was a lack of talent. Running any offense with threet and Sheridan behind 4 new starters on the offensive line was going to be disastrous.


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No, that isn't the question. Lloyd fucking retired, so him coming back to hypothetically coach the team in 08 isn't a question. I could argue that Lloyd stopped coaching the team before the 07 season. Why else would that team filled with that amount of NFL talent, lose to Appy State and be down 4 scores at the half to Oregon if Lloyd wasn't trying to just out-talent teams. Why didn't you ask if bill Martin hadn't wanted Lloyd to coach longer than he wanted to, could we have gotten a different coach?

But to answer your insanely stupid question, it is a good possibility that Lloyd doesn't go bowling with all the departures in 2008.

Durham Blue

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That 2008 team was pathetic from a talent and experience perspective, especially when considering the type of offensive system RR was trying to implement.  It has all been well documented by this blog.  That said, the only thing that amazes me about these types of debates is that a 3-9 aberration continues to shock and upset people almost 7 years later.  I think the history books have been written: RR was and is a good coach but unfortunately the timing of his hire and his fit at Michigan were horrendous.


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is what it took to get Harbaugh, then I think it was well worth it! The worse scenario would be just having years of 8-4 Michigan teams! The coach would never do a poor enough job to get fired but they would often lose the big games! That was my worry with Hoke as coach!

The_Mad Hatter

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It never should have happened in the first place.  Believe me, I'm as happy as anyone that JH is here to right the ship.  But it never should have been allowed to capsize in the first place.

RR was a mistake, followed by another mistake.  If Martin didn't have his head in his ass, Miles would have won us at least one NC by now.


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RR at the time was not a mistake. He was one of the hottest coaching commodities in college football. He was a great hire at the time. 

Too bad the old guard couldn't change their ways or give the support we gave Hoke cuz RR was "different."

The Hoke hire was a horrible hire. Any objective person saw that one. Shit even Brian saw that one 4 years prior to hiring the guy. 

The_Mad Hatter

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for Michigan.  He didn't understand Michigan history and did not fit in culturally.

His hire seemed like a desperation move on the AD's part.  Michigan was getting beat by Tressel every year and so the AD decided to blow up the program and start from scratch with a completely new system.

There is plenty of blame to go around, but you don't change a program with Michigan's traditions just for the sake of change.  Michigan is like a battleship.  It can turn in a different direction, but it is going to take some time and planning to make the turn.

Oh how I wish RR would have taken the Alabama job the year before.


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tradition does not win games or rings - talented coaches and players do.  tradition is sweet and cozy if youre touring the facilities and admiring all the old white dudes with leather helmets holding trophies - maybe it intrigues several kids per class but talented athletes want to win big games, receive great coaching and then earn their shot at the pros.  tradition has very little do with that, enough of the tradition


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This blog is resourceful enough that I would not be at all surprised to open the blog to find a thread with a webcam fixed on the fax machine which will be accepting the letters of intent. Of course, all the better to potentially watch some pleasant news come off the fax machine if a few of these late pushes end up going our way.