Chengelis book: Michigan Man, early reviews?

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Has anyone read Angelique Chengelis's new book Michigan Man? Any early reviews? I don't know that I've read anything of Chengelis's longer than a tweet, definitely not any longform pieces. I'm curious if this is worth picking up. It has a couple 5 star reviews on Amazon, but both offer zero insight into the book itself.



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but I never find much that's real news, let alone controversial or daring, in her work. She's at her best, and most candid, when she takes questions from readers. 

EDIT: Maybe this was misinterpreted; trying to say that I don't want to be down on her just cuz she's a woman writing about sports. 


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Good for Angelique.

It's been a minute since I've read either Detroit paper so I'm not super familiar with her work but from everything I can gather, she's stuck around as long as she has because she's a genuinely decent person who gives M football a fair shake and doesn't throw people under the bus to push a narrative or get headlines.

I'm sure this won't be the Grapes of Wrath but it'll be a fun diversionary read for M fans.  That's Fine - goodness knows the world could use more non-Rosenbergs.


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was a character, and also a great recruiter. Remember it was his 89 team that won. I love that he beat Knight regularly.

Angelique, I find her writing in the news meh average, uninspiring.  

I hope the book is more than a rehash of what every Mgoblogger already knows. But, yes, she is a nice person, professional in her job and we all wish her well w the book.


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I just finished it in 2.5 days on the beaches of SC. Pretty good book. Nice refresher on the early days of 2015 Harbaugh, off season Harbaugh, the progression through the 2016 season, great stories about Bo, and a hopeful look ahead to the future of Michigan Football. Do recommend!