Chase: PFF Fave Rave

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Pulled this graphic off of Twitter. Damn, Chase.

Would love for pressures to become a standardized metric in box scores. Sacks are cool and fun but they're not great as standalone measurements of relative pass rush success.

FWIW Gary was actually getting more pressures on a per-snap basis than Chase to start the year with 18 through 4 full games and whatever portion of NW he played. I know we're bummed he never got a Godzilla season in but he was more productive than he gets credit for around these parts. 

Still will always wonder what Gary would have looked like as a fully healthy junior. Rashan's 2017 OSU Game But All Year would have been so fun. 





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I'm really happy for Chase. He's the ideal "college player". He was a try-hard guy who never had anything handed to him, and he came back when he didn't need to. I hope he makes a fortune in the NFL. 


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Where did that article say Gary was generating more pressures than Chase? And some have been critical of Gary on this board but we are more than balanced by those that treat him like the greatest d lineman in Michigan history. So he was a lot less productive than many give him credit for.


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Reading is FUNdamental. I misread the piece - there's a yet in there that threw me. Chase's per-snap was better. Would edit if I could.

I don't see anyone saying Gary is the greatest DL in Michigan history or anything like that. I'm certainly not saying that.

Top 10 in the country in per-snap pressures while playing injured is pretty good though. 

4th and Go For It

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Not bad for a kid who got moved around as much as he did from position to position in his career. He's also on a short list of players our rivals love to hate, which makes him that much more endearing. Barely cracked the top 300 and was a very low four star (right on border of 3 star) as an OLB recruit coming in, switched to offense, switched back again, and ends up rated in and amongst the very top of an elite group of pass rushers across the country this year. Wish him a successful pro career and hope he remains an ambassador for the program. Would love to see him end up back in Ann Arbor someday coaching young guys to work and play like he does.


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A. We have no idea how hurt he really was.

B. What about Gary? How hurt was he? Didn't do much of anything against OSU.

C. What about Kwity? He at least had decent PR during the season, yet also did nothing.

D. What about Uche? He was a PR machine! Yet he also did nothing?

I find it unbelievable that, if close to full health, none of these guys got so much as a sniff of a pass-rush against OSU. Did OSU OL really just play so completely out of their damn minds, an OL that had been much maligned the entire season against every other opponent, that they completely and utterly dominated UM's DL? Maybe. It's CFB, which is weird sometimes. Were all of UM's DE's banged up to some extent? Maybe. The whole thing is still boggling to me.



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Mesh, pick plays, jet sweep ... the ball was out of Haskins hand in less than 3 seconds. So those outside rushers could never get pressure. The OSU game plan and Parris Campbell torched us not really their OL vs. our DL.  On the longer pass plays, the RB stayed in to pick up the blitz which was very effective. The only real DL issue was the season long issue - no great push up the middle.  We really missed the havoc from Mo Hurst as he would have been in on Haskins enough to disrupt some of those big plays.

The 2018 defense had a couple of weaknesses that OSU exploited with their game plan.  They turned it into a track meet in which they had the superior speed to win. 

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I've been trying to forget that game like a bad dream, but from what I do remember you have nailed it. They out-schemed our defense and Haskins was surgical in hitting open ninjas on the fly. While Michigan's offense did score enough to win this game, by comparison to OSU's offense Michigan's looked ponderous and conservative.


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I can't wait to see how Chase does at the combine/pro day.

Hope he does well for his sake but I'm also just curious. He plays so damn hard it was often hard to tell what was hustle and what was speed for me. I think he'll do well but he could run a 4.9 and I'd still bet on him to succeed in the league. 


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Chase was the player I enjoyed watching the most the past couple of years. We attended a few games this season and always got there early enough to go down to the first row end zone seats to watch the guys warm up. Our grandkids would yell to him and he’d always smile & wave back or give a thumbs up.

Great guy. I hope he makes a ton of money in the NFL.


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Chase probably will not grade as high as some, but he'll bring it on every play. There will be no plays off, extremely high motor. Thats a more valuable metric to me.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you're playing a 4-man front you can only double one of them unless the second blocker is a RB or TE. Ask yourself how confident would you be with Higdon and Runyan doubling Bosa? Gary and Chase healthy should have been able to beat thay. Just have to assume neither healthy.